Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hello Fam!

This week has gone so fast! I feel like it was twice as short as my half week the first week. So many great things have happened. I'm still loving my companion and we now understand how most things at the MTC work and where everything is. There is so much to learn. At one of the devotionals this week, I think it was the MTC president Pres. Nally who said that the MTC is not only a place of higher education, it is a place of education from on high. That couldn't be more true. I am continually humbled by all of the wonderful teaching skills they have to teach us and all the great ways to preach the gospel. They know every trick in the book.
So a lot of big news this week. First of all, we were just sitting in our classroom one day waiting for class to start and in walks Lucas! Yep, our ex-investigator turns out to be our new teacher. We were all super excited because we have already grown to love and care about him a lot in every prayer and every study session. Now he is teaching us. His real name is Irmao Taylor, and his lessons are always jam packed with helpful information and spiritually uplifting ideas. I know I will learn a ton from him. The last lesson we taught Lucas turned out super great. We taught him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and then a bit about baptism. When we committed him to baptism he said yes! I'm glad they gave us some success for our first investigator because it was very motivating. We are now teaching two new investigators: Manuel, who is a 40ish year old Brazilian whose son just got baptized three weeks ago (aka Irmao Taylor in disguise again) and Vander, who was a street contact from the last elders in our area (aka Irmao Chamberlain in disguise). We taught our first lesson to Manuel yesterday. The lesson didn't go as well as I was hoping, and I was really frustrated at first, but I definitely learned a lot from it. We talked a lot in class about focusing our entire lessons to be directed to the commitment we want to extend at the end, and I think that will help us a lot. We teach Vander for the first time next Thursday. The first lessons are the hardest for us so far but I think this next one will be better. We are getting a little used to teaching entire 20-30 lessons in Portuguese. It still scares me a bit every time but its getting better. I know that if we teach with the Holy Ghost, He will help our investigators to understand what we are trying to say and teach regardless of how good our Portuguese is.
The other really exciting news is that my music skills are coming to some good use! I auditioned for a piano solo at one of the devotionals (new-missionary meeting, mission conference, senior missionary meeting, etc.), and I was accepted! I played that Joseph Smith Medley that I love so much. Sis. Nally, the MTC Relief Society President, was directing the tryouts. It was really neat to meet her personally. She said I was very musical and should find out within a week or two when I was going to play. I probably won't perform until near the end of my MTC stay so I'll let you know if and when it actually happens. I am super excited to get the chance to do this! I didn't even know music additions were possible at the MTC but I'm glad I brought my music. I miss the piano already and this is a good chance for me to practice maybe on Preparation days if I have time.
This Sunday for Mission Relief Society Meeting the Primary President Sister Wixom came! She is so sweet and happy all the time. I love hearing her speak. She told us that to be a better missionary we need to get to know the Lord better, understand the scriptures better, and love the members more. She also said to love and think often about the children of your investigators for her, and also for the Lord. So I was sitting there thinking, well I won't have a problem with that because I just received a great package full of some ridiculously amazing action figures! Thanks so much Uncle Jan! I know my investigators are going to love those in Brazil. Today for our Tuesday devotional rumor has it that someone pretty important is coming to speak to us. The devotional is being broadcasted to all the MTCs around the world (19 last time I checked), so we're setting our hopes high. All the girls in our district our actually singing in the MTC choir too (which is huge) so we might be sent all over the world tonight! We're singing an arrangement of Jesus, Once of Humble Birth that is super gorgeous. It feels amazing to sing out strong with hundreds of other worthy, motivated misssionaries. The future looks bright in the missionary force from the way I see it from here!
This week in class and at least too other devotionals they brought up D&C 84:88. This is my plaque scripture so it means a lot to me. It's been fun to hear about it over and over again and to really analyze every word. I think I finally chose the right verse for me. Even Sis. Wixom thinks its great!
Funny story of the week: it's interesting to sit in a room full of hundreds of missionaries. You always know when the meeting is supposed to end because you hear dozens of little beeps! at the same time. Everyone has one of those cheap watches that go off on the hour. Watch out for missionary watches.
So my companion is telling me we need to go to dinner (yeah we eat at 4:00, I'll tell you about that next week) so I better get going. Sorry I haven't responded to all of your emails but thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO much for those of you who sent some! I'll get back to you in paper. And honestly paper letters are always way more exciting because I get them throughout the week so even if its just two sentences, feel free to send it in the mail. Thanks for all of your love and support! I have really felt it this week. I love you all!
Sister Marchant

P.S. I'm trying to get picture uploaded but its not working for me on these computers. Hopefully I can figure it out for next week.

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