Monday, March 31, 2014

Date: 3/31/2014 12:34:37 PM
Subject: Miracles Galore
Hey hey!
This has been an amazing week. We have been super busy doing tons of different things! First of all, we had a Zone Conference this week that was really motivating and helpful. Presidente Brum is so great. He gave a "treinamento de poder" like usual that got me really excited to go out working strong again. He is an ex-military colonel, so he is a little strict and straightforward, but he always throws in a bunch of surprises and jokes. I feel very safe and loved with him as our Presidente. He really is like a father to us during this year and a half.
On Saturday we had a huge Relief Society fireside/party to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society. The RS President gave a long, inspiring talk and Debora and us four sisters sang a special musical number called "filhas de um Rei" that turned out really well. The Stake RS President was there and asked us to sing in the next Stake RS program they are having. I hope I will still be here in Ribeirão Preto!
We had a lot of investigators at this party too: Marisa, Debora, and Kayla. Kayla is the owner of the sorveteria across the street from the Chapel. She has been coming to our Aula de Inglês and is super sweet. She is a little timid but still showed up even when we told her last minute. I think this was the first Church activity she has even been to. After we finished with our closing musical number we went down and talked to her. She was crying and said she felt really peaceful and different. Music really can have a lot of power! I am very grateful that all of those long years of piano lessons and choir are really paying off every week here in Brazil. We are very excited to start really teaching Kayla the gospel. We continue to give them lots of business too because we have a lot of missionaries who eat a lot and like ice cream and especially açaí a LOT. Wow, açaí is the best thing in the world.
Speaking of music, Elder Ruberson is at it again. He put together an audition choir of about 28 missionaries to create a program for julho with songs about the Restoration. We have rehearsals once a month on a Preparation Day. He has chosen some hard but beautiful music that I am very excited to work on. I am also excited because this time I will be able to sing alto instead of play piano. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE the piano, but it will be a nice change to sing in a choir again. I Love to sing! Our first rehearsal was today, and we have a really fun group. Elder Ruberson asked me and Sister Sperry to be his assistent directors. I don´t do very much except help during sectionals but I am really enjoying it.
Sunday was a great day at Church again! (see below). We had a new investigator Nathali at Church who is a 20 year old college student. We actually haven´t ever taught her a real lesson yet but keep running into her in the street. We invited her to Church and said a prayer with her on the sidewalk this week. We went to pick her up and even though it was raining super hard she came with us through the rivers in the streets. She really liked Church and is excited for General Conference!
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for General Conference. I have been waiting for this for months! We taught Carlos our cemetary gaurd friend about prophets and General Conference this week and he also thought it was really cool that we have modern prophets. He also promised to come to a few sessions this weekend. His only problem is that he works on Sunday. But if he can change his schedule around somehow I think he would start coming to Church every week and could get baptized and confirmed quickly. He is a diamond in the rough!
Marisa and her girls continue to progress a lot as well. Marisa is a little stubborn and very Espítita, but I think she is going to start changing a lot too with the help of the gospel. She committed to stop drinking beer and coffee this week. It will be difficult for her to give up coffee but we have plans and I know she will succeed.
Everything is going really well! I love you all and really could write for hours if I had the time. Keep living life strong!
Sister Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Estou continuando aprender e crescer cada dia um pouco mais. Esta semana foi um pouco diferente com a Conferência de Zonas e uma atividade grande do Sociedade de Socorro em nossa ala e o novo coral, mas tivemos muito sucesso também. Debora foi confirmada! A reunião foi muito boa e a bênção foi exatamente o que ela precisava. As outras Sísteres e nós e Debora também cantamos uma música especial durante a reunião sacramental. O Espiríto foi forte e tudo mundo estava feliz. Foi um ótimo dia.
Nós também estamos ensinando um Carlos quem é o chefe do cemitério aqui em Campos Eliseos. Ele é MUITO chique e quer mudar sua vida muito. Ele é inteligente e entende tudo que nós ensinamos. Está animado assistir Conferência Geral e achou que profetas modernos são bem legais. Ele está disposto ser batizado também, o único problema é que ele trabalha todos os domingos. Seria muito difícil mudar o horário dele mas vamos trabalhar mais com ele e enfocar no Dia do Senhor.
Na verdade, aquela prática que nós fizemos no Conferência sobre o Dia do Senhor foi muito útil já o próximo dia. Nós encontramos uma moça na rua com quem tivemos falado algumas vezes antes, mas nunca deu certo ensinar ela. Nós falamos sobre a Igreja e convidou ela ir esta semana. Nós andamos a sua casa ontem e apenas de muito chuva, ela andou conosco para a Igreja! Ela gostou MUITO e esta animada sobre Conferência Geral também. Nossos pesquisadores são progredindo muito e nós estamos muito animadas por eles.
Nós estamos felizes e saudáveis. O coral vai ser muito bom também e é uma honra ser uma parte dele. Temos muitas bênçãos de ser missionários e o Senhor está nos cuidando.
Obrigada por uma Conferência maravilhosa!
Hello President !I am continuing to learn and grow every day a little more . This week was a little different with the Conference of zones and a large activity of the Relief Society in our ward and new coral, but we had a lot of success too. Debora was confirmed ! The meeting was very good and the blessing was exactly what she needed . The other Sisters and Debora and we also sing a special song during sacrament meeting. The spirit was strong and everything else was happy. It was a great day.We are also teaching a Carlos who is the head of the cemetery here at Elysian Fields. He is VERY chic and want to change your life much . He is smart and understands everything we teach . Is excited to watch General Conference and found that modern prophets are pretty cool . He is willing to be baptized too, the only problem is that he works every Sunday . It would be very difficult to change his schedule but we will work with it and focus more on the Sabbath .In fact , this practice we did in the Conference on the Lord's Day was very useful since the next day. We found a girl in the street who had spoken a few times before but never worked teach her. We talked about the church and invited her to go this week . We walked home yesterday and just really rain, she walked us to the Church ! She liked this and VERY excited about General Conference too. Our researchers are making great progress and we are very excited for them .We are happy and healthy . The choir will also be very good and it is an honor to be a part of it . We have many blessings to be missionaries and the Lord is watching us.Thank you for a wonderful conference !
Síster Marchant

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bom dia família!
Biggest news of the week is that the newbies have arrived! The American Sisteres and Elderes for this transfer came in last Wednesday. They are doing great and moving right in. One of them is Sister Casperson! She is living in our apartment now as companions to Sister Rodriguez.They are really great and hardworking. They are in charge of Campos Eliseos A now. The office elderes are also training an Elder Johnson now too so we have 7 missionaries in our ward! Our ward is so full. This Sunday we had 95 people in Sacrament Meeting which was even more than last week. I thought last week was a once in a lifetime opportunity but once again our chapel was way full! Bispo Fabio e Irmã Sueli are very on top of things and never stop working. They are so excited to work every second and are willing to help with anything we need. I am never going to find another ward quite like this one. Part of me wants to stay in this area until the end of my mission!
I also saw this week...Sister Shipp!!! It was SO great to see her again! She is such a strong missionary and will be so great here in Brazil. The night she arrived she actually stayed with us in Campos Eliseos (we have lots of extra beds and there was a zone conference in our chapel the next day) so I got to talk to her a little bit and catch up on the past 5 months. She loved California and is also excited to start here in Brazil. I could really see myself in her as we interacted with the other missionaries and a few members that first day. I was so scared and silent when I arrived here too! I feel like I have changed SO much since being here in Brazil and have really grown since that first day. Moving to Brazil after getting your visa is kind of like starting all over again as a missionary for the first few weeks. You really can hardly contribute at all and have no idea what is going on. I am so grateful I survived through that stage and that I can be a true part of the work now every day. I understand this language better every day and it is not holding me back from anything anymore. Eu amo Portuguese demais!
The sad news was that Debora was unfortunately not baptized this week. Her husband has CRAZY work schedules (basically he doesn´t ever stop working either) and doesn´t find out when he will be off until the day before. Debora really wants him to be present at her baptism which we are all up for, it just makes it hard to plan. But she said for sure during this week or next Sunday it will happen. I know how important this is and how much she needs the gospel in her life! We will continue to visit her often and encourage her to stay strong and committed even amongst any struggles she may have with support from family or personal motivation. She is such a happy person and is SO prepared to be a member of the Church its not even funny.
We have worked a lot with Marisa too this week. Her daughters are on fire and attend basically any reunião the Church has. When we told them they could be clean of all of their sins and worries through baptism this week they said they wanted to get baptized tomorrow. They would be very ready if only their mother was as excited. We have a rule in the mission that you cannot baptize kids under 18 without their mom or dad being baptized as well. They have had lots of problems with kids going inactive fast and then still being responsible for this covenant they made. I think it is a great rule. It is a little sad in this situation though because the girls are so righteous and ready! Marisa really likes the Church too and is super supportive of us coming over and her daughters learning everything possible, she is just super active in her current religion still and has no desire to switch. But she is coming to Church almost every week as well and is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. I think the gospel will touch her life and she will be able to feel the difference between her religion and the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as she studies more and truly prays in faith.
I love these investigators so much and really love the ward members and other missionaries here. Life is great and I continue to learn a lot about the gospel and about myself each day. Every single youth in the Church should serve a missionary. It changes you SO much.

I love you all tons!
Sister Marchant

P.S. Last night I had a dream in Portuguese that I was at Subway trying to buy a sandwhich, but they would only give me white bread, cheese, and meat. All of the vegetables were just sitting right there in front of me but they wouldn´t give me any! I begged and begged until they said I could pay extra for the veggies. Story of Brazil. Be happy for every single green thing on your plates and eat your fruits and veggies with pride. They have a lot of great fresh produce here but no one ever serves it. The food is super good though, just not very healthy. :)

Olá Presidente,
Foi uma semana boa e corrida. Nós tivemos oito Sisteres em nossa casa uma noite esta semana com a transição com os novas Americanas. O dia depois a reunião de zona foi muito boa. Eu amo nossos reuniões aqui. Nós temos líderes de zona e distrito muito bons e eu sempre aprender muitas coisas em nossas reuniões semanais. As praticas são muito eficaz, e nós estamos aplicando elas mais agora em nossos estudos em casa também. Eu estou gostando as temas dos treinamentos destes meses passados e agora me sinto muito mais confortável com todas as lições e com Pregar Meu Evangelho. Eu sei que tem muito poder e dedicação nesta missão.
Nós trabalhamos muito com Debora e a família de Marisa de novo esta semana. Debora esta progredindo ainda mas não foi batizada este domingo passado. Ela quer que o marido dela possa assistir, que seria muito maravilhoso, e ele só tem folga o próximo domingo. Ela prestou um testemunho forte esta semana conosco que ela quer ser renascido e começar uma vida melhor. Vai ser difícil sem muito apoia de sua família mas ela esta determinada ainda. Vamos continuar a ajudar ter um testemunho mais forte do Livro de Mórmon e de perseverar até o fim.
As filhas de Marisa são progredindo muito rápido. Elas vão a todas as reuniões e atividades da Igreja e estão fazendo boa amizade com as Moças aqui. Nossa lição passada foi o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo e as duas filhas mais jovem falaram, "Quero ser batizada amanhã!" Nós ainda tem muitas coisas ensinar, mas elas estão aprendendo rápido. Nossa ala continua ajudar muito, especialmente a Presidência das Moças e o Presidente do Sociedade de Socorro, Irmã Sueli. Marisa continua ler o Livro de Mórmon muito e ir a Igreja, mas ela não está mudando muito como as filhas dela. Ela está muito animada que suas filhas estão melhorando e mudando, mas ela ainda gosta de sua religião Espirita. Ela frequenta as duas agora e acha que Espiritismo é certo para ela e nossa religião é certa para as filhas dela. Não faz muito sentido para mim que ela pode acreditar em as duas, mas estamos tendo ensinar muito sobre autoridade e que realmente só tem uma lugar com toda a verdade.
Estou tentando muito para receber revelação por nossa área esta semana. Eu posso sentir-se o Espírito forte e estou recebendo respostas a minhas orações. Eu amo esta obra!

Boa semana,
Sister Marchant

Monday, March 10, 2014

What a great week. We have been working até o pó. Our ward is so fantastic! We had an awesome Domingo this week at Church and had tons of investigators and less actives we have been working with there too. I have never seen that chapel so full in my life. It did my heart so good to sit up there on the stand (I played the piano every week) and see so many happy souls there soaking in the truth. There were so many people there that they ran out of sacrament bread! They had to run out real fast and find some more and rebless it. I personally have never seen that before but it was a pretty great problem to have.:)
We also had our first stake choir practice this Sunday. Sister Brum asked us to participate in the Stake Womens Choir. They are having a big fireside event for the birthday of Relief Society this month and we get to be a part of it! It is super fun to sing in a choir again. I always miss singing in choirs after a long break of not having one. I love to sing!
Debora is getting baptized!!! We have her interview this Thursday and then our planning her baptism for Saturday. Things are going really well and we have become really great friends. She seems to really understand what we teach and is eager to improve her life through Christ.
A lot of great things have happened with Debora and Marisa and her family this week. I wrote most of them below so you can read it in broken Portuguese. Sorry I don´t have much time today--so many people wrote this week I have just been reading up a storm! Thanks so much to all of you dedicated email writers! They are very appreciated!

Love ya,
Sister Marchant

Olá Presidente Brum,
Esta semana foi uma outra maravilhosa. Nós estamos trabalhando duro e vendo sucesso. A parte melhor do que tudo com certeza foi Domingo. A capela foi cheia! Nunca em minha tempo aqui em Campos Eliseos tenho visto tantas pessoas lá. Tivemos oito pesquisadores na capela (woo!), e os Élderes tinham alguns também. Sou grata que vamos receber uma outra dupla esta semana por que tem muito trabalho fazer aqui! Nós sempre temos pessoas visitar ou contatos contatar. A liderança nesta ala é ótima. Bispo Fabio e o Presidente da Sociedade de Socorro, Irmã Sueli nunca param. Eles sempre querem visitar pessoas e nos ajuda. Eles têm muitas ideias boas para resgatar menos ativos e são muito dispostos trabalhar com nossos pesquisadores. Os outros membros da ala estão ajudando muito com reuniões familiares e fazendo amizade com nossos pesquisadores na Igreja. Eu AMO esta área!
Nós estamos preparando um batismo esta semana para Debora! Ela tem estado preparando-se para batismo toda a vida dela. Ela nunca fumou, nunca tinha enamorados antes de casamento, quer pagar dízimo--todas as coisas que geralmente são difícil para vencer ela já está fazendo certo. Nós amamos ensinar ela porque ela escuta bem e entende bem. Ela tem o desejo melhorar e ser nascida de novo. Ela tem algumas dificuldades com a família dela não dando muito apoia, mas o marido dela aprova e a filha (com seis anos) gosta da Igreja também. Ela vai ter uma entrevista Terça, e se isso vá bem, eu acho que ela vai ser batizada Sábado!
Marisa e as filhas dela estão progredindo bem também. Marisa não foi para a Igreja esta semana porque ela estava passando mal, mas todas suas trés filhas foram, e elas gostaram muito. As Moças foram muito boas e muito simpáticas. Nós também tinham um reunião familiar ontem anoite com Irmão Mateus e Irmã Natali. Foi muito bom especialmente para fazer amizades. Marisa e duas filhas dela foram. Quando fomos a casa dela para levar elas para a reunião, o Presidente das Moças da ala e o marido dela, o Presidente das Moças da Estaca, e uma Moça da ala estava saindo da casa! Nós não sabíamos mas eles fizeram uma visita também. Esta família recebeu muitas visitas da Igreja ontem, e também aceita tudo. Nossa ala é ótima. Marisa e suas filhas ainda tem algumas coisas mudar e coisas aprender, mas eles estão progredindo para com batismo esta transferência também! O Senhor é tão bom. Nós estamos recebendo MUITAS bênçãos de Deus em Campos Eliseos.
Tudo é bom e melhorando também! A vida missionária ainda é difícil mas com certeza vale a pena todos os dias. Sou muito grata por esta oportunidade servir meu Senhor. Isto é a obra Dele, e é uma honra ser uma parte dela.

Obrigada por tudo!
Sister Marchant
Translation into English:
Hello President Brum
This week was another wonderful . We're working hard and seeing success. The best part of all was certainly Domingo . The chapel was crowded ! Never in my time here in Campos Eliseos have seen so many people there. We had eight researchers in the chapel ( woo! ) , and Elders had some too. I am grateful that we will receive another double this week that has much work to do here ! We always have people visit or contact contacts . The leadership in this wing is great . Fabio Bishop and the President of the Relief Society , Sister Sue never stop . They always want people to visit and help us. They have many good ideas to rescue less active and are very willing to work with our researchers . The other ward members are helping a lot with family gatherings and making friends with our researchers in the Church . I LOVE this area!
We are preparing a baptism this week to Debora ! She has been preparing for baptism throughout her life . She never smoked , never had lovers before marriage, wants to pay tithing - all things that are usually hard to win she's doing right now . We love to teach her ​​because she listens well and understands well . She has the desire to improve and be born again . She has some difficulties with her family not giving much support , but her husband and adopted daughter ( six years old ) loves the Church as well. She will have a Tuesday interview, and if that goes well , I think she will be christened Saturday !
Marisa and her daughters are also progressing well . Marisa did not go to church this week because she was sick , but all his three daughters were , and they loved . The girls were very good and very friendly. We also had a family gathering yesterday anoite with brother Matthew and sister Natali . It was very good especially for making friends . Marisa and her two daughters were . When we went to her house to take them to the meeting , the ward Young Women president and her husband, Stake Young Women president , ward and a young woman was leaving the house ! We did not know but they made a visit too . This family received many visits from church yesterday, and also accepts everything. Our ward is great . Marisa and her daughters still have some things to change and learn things , but they are progressing toward baptism this transfer too! The Lord is so good . We are receiving many blessings of God in Elysian Fields.
Everything is good and improving too! The missionary life is still difficult but definitely worth every day. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve my Lord . This is His work , and it is an honor to be a part of it .


Translation into Dutch:

Hallo President Brum
Deze week was een andere prachtige . We werken ER hard aan en het zien van het succes . Het beste deel van alles was zeker Domingo . De kapel was druk ! Nooit in mijn tijd hier in Campos Eliseos zo veel mensen daar hebben gezien . We hadden acht onderzoekers in de kapel ( woo! ) , en ouderlingen had wat ook. I ben dankbaar dat we zullen ontvangen nog een dubbele deze week dat veel werk te doen hier heeft ! We hebben altijd mensen bezoeken of contact contacten . De leiding van deze vleugel is geweldig . Fabio bisschop en de voorzitter van de ZHV , Sister Sue nooit stoppen . Ze willen altijd mensen te bezoeken en ons te helpen . Ze hebben veel goede ideeën om minder actief te redden en zijn zeer bereid om samen met onze onderzoekers . De andere leden van de wijk zijn het helpen van een veel met familiefeesten en vrienden maken met onze onderzoekers in de kerk . I hou van deze streek!
We bereiden een doop deze week om Debora ! Ze is de voorbereiding op de doop door haar leven . Ze heeft nooit gerookt, nooit minnaars had voor het huwelijk , wil om tiende te betalen - alle dingen die meestal moeilijk om te winnen ze nu aan het doen . Wij houden van haar te leren omdat ze luistert goed en begrijpt goed . Ze heeft de wens om te verbeteren en wedergeboren . Ze heeft wat problemen met haar familie niet geven veel steun , maar haar man en geadopteerde dochter ( zes jaar) houdt van de Kerk ook. Ze zal een dinsdag interview , en als dat goed gaat , i denk dat ze zullen worden gedoopt zaterdag !
Marisa en haar dochters zijn ook voorspoedig. Marisa ging niet naar de kerk deze week omdat ze ziek was , maar al zijn drie dochters waren , en ze vonden . De meisjes waren zeer goed en zeer vriendelijk . We hadden ook een familiebijeenkomst gisteren anoite met broer Matthew en zus Natali . Het was zeer goed, vooral voor het maken van vrienden . Marisa en haar twee dochters waren . Toen gingen we naar haar huis om ze naar de vergadering , de afdeling jongevrouwenpresidente en haar man , Stake jongevrouwenpresidente , wijk en een jonge vrouw werd verlaten van het huis ! We wisten niet maar ze maakten ook een bezoek . Deze familie zijn bezocht door vele kerk gisteren , en ook accepteert alles . Onze wijk is groot . Marisa en haar dochters hebben nog een aantal dingen te veranderen en te leren dingen, maar ze gaan vooruit in de richting van de doop deze overdracht ook! De Heer is zo goed. We krijgen vele zegeningen van God in Elysian Fields .
Alles is goed en te verbeteren ! De zendeling leven is nog steeds moeilijk, maar zeker elke dag waard . I ben zeer dankbaar voor deze gelegenheid om mijn Heer te dienen . Dit is Zijn werk , en het is een eer om een deel van te zijn .

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oi Oi Família!
I cannot believe you all are STILL having huge snow storms. I don´t really remember what snow is like. But actually we did have an experience this week where I got a glimpse of what my memories of snow. Slowly over the transfer our freezer froze over with big ice chunks so that eventually we couldn´t fit anything in it. We had to unplug our fridge/freezer for a day and let all the ice melt down to nothing. I was scraping away at the solid layer of ice and it reminded me a little of snow:) Broken freezers are the closest I can get.
This week we have been in a trio! This is all three of our´s first experiences in a trio. It is quite different but I am learning A LOT. There is a lot you have to organize and straighten out to keep everything equal between three people. But our new companion Sister Rodriguez is great so it´s not that hard. She is 27 and is from Porto Alegre. It is great to be serving with a Brazilian again too. She used to be a Portuguese teacher so she knows the grammer and everything about Portuguese really well. We are also starting to teach her English which is great. She doesn´t know anything right now so we are starting from the very beginning. It is neat to see her and imagine what it must have been like to try to teach me Portuguese from the beginning. Vish! There is a lot to learn about a language.
Debora is doing great. We visit her almost every day and she always has news stories about her life to tell us. It will be SUPER hard to give her up next week. So we are currently working in all of Campos Eliseos until Sister Rodriguez´s novinha comes from the MTC next week. Then we will split Campos Eliseos in half and give them half of our area like we did before with the Elderes. Debora is in their area (nooooo!) so after this week we will not be able to teach her much. I´ve never been so sad to leave an investigator but I know she is going into good hands and that Sister Rodriguez will take care of her well. We will still see her every week at our English class and of course at Church every Sunday :). She has a baptismal date for this Saturday. I don´t know if she will make it then but either this week or next week for sure. I really hope and pray she can get baptized while I am here.
Marisa´s family is doing great too! We are becoming good friends with them and developing a trust that will make it easier to teach. Marisa, Giovana, and Mariana (Bianca was in a different city visiting relatives this weekend) came to Church this week! I think the girls were a little bored in Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine (see below) but they said they liked it and I think they will come back again to try out as Moças when all of the young women come back from their trip. They are eager to learn and we are eager to teach. I love working with them! And yes, they are in our area for good.
I have been studying a lot about and trying to apply charity into my actions and work more this week. As I study the example and life of the Savior, I am learning that their really is always so much more we can give to help others. He gave every second of His life to teaching and helping us, and I want to be able to gain a sliver of the charity He shows for us. I know that just a little bit of charity can go a long way and that our service in the Church does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much to all of you who are fulfilling your callings willing and giving of yourselves to build the kingdom of God. Blessings overflowing (literally more than we can count) are available to us when we live the Gospel of Christ with all of our hearts. I love you all tons!
Sister Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi ótima. Estou aprendendo muitas coisas. Ter Sister Rodriguiz em um trio conosco é muito bom. Ela é muito inteligente e sábia e nos ajuda muito. E diferente ensinar e planejar com trés pessoas, mas Sister Rodriguiz é muito fácil. Nós estamos felizes e aprendendo coisas diferentes juntas. É uma oportunidade muito grande para aprender novas coisas. Sister Rodriguez está me ajudando muito com Português também. Nós falamos Português 24/7 e é muito mais fácil agora falar o que eu quero. Eu amo esta idioma! É muito bonita e muito legal finalmente entender quase tudo que todos os pessoas falam. Para mim falar é ainda a parte mais difícil, mas estou melhorando pouco por pouco. Tenho um desejo muito grande ser completamente fluente nesta língua.
Nosso pesquisador Debora está progredindo rápido. Ela foi para a Igreja esta semana de novo e gostou. Ela não trabalha então nós podemos visitar ela quase todos os dias. Ela entende o que nós ensinamos e já tem um testemunho que a Igreja é verdadeira. Sua dificuldade é que ela não tem a apoia de sua família. O irmão dela é um pastor de uma outra igreja e não quer que ela entre nossa Igreja. Mas ainda, eu acho que ela vai ter as forças para seguir Cristo e ser batizada ainda com desafios. Ela sabe que este evangelho está trazendo mais felicidade na vida dela. Ela está preparando ser batizada o próximo sábado.
A família de Marisa também foi para a Igreja esta semana! Foi sua primeira vez, e infelizmente todas as Moças estavam no acampamento durante Carnaval, mas eu acho que a família ainda gostaram e vão voltar. Nós vamos tentar ter mais lições com membros esta semana com esta família e com Debora para que eles possam ter amigos na igreja e ter mais incentivo frequentar. Temos uma reunião familiar planejada para anoite com Bispo Fabio que vai ser muito boa e especial. Estamos animadas para o progresso de nossos pesquisadores!
Tudo é bom aqui. Estamos trabalhando duro e estamos cansadas, mas felizes. É muito bom ser missionária.
Obrigada por tudo,
Sister Marchant