Monday, March 31, 2014

Date: 3/31/2014 12:34:37 PM
Subject: Miracles Galore
Hey hey!
This has been an amazing week. We have been super busy doing tons of different things! First of all, we had a Zone Conference this week that was really motivating and helpful. Presidente Brum is so great. He gave a "treinamento de poder" like usual that got me really excited to go out working strong again. He is an ex-military colonel, so he is a little strict and straightforward, but he always throws in a bunch of surprises and jokes. I feel very safe and loved with him as our Presidente. He really is like a father to us during this year and a half.
On Saturday we had a huge Relief Society fireside/party to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society. The RS President gave a long, inspiring talk and Debora and us four sisters sang a special musical number called "filhas de um Rei" that turned out really well. The Stake RS President was there and asked us to sing in the next Stake RS program they are having. I hope I will still be here in Ribeirão Preto!
We had a lot of investigators at this party too: Marisa, Debora, and Kayla. Kayla is the owner of the sorveteria across the street from the Chapel. She has been coming to our Aula de Inglês and is super sweet. She is a little timid but still showed up even when we told her last minute. I think this was the first Church activity she has even been to. After we finished with our closing musical number we went down and talked to her. She was crying and said she felt really peaceful and different. Music really can have a lot of power! I am very grateful that all of those long years of piano lessons and choir are really paying off every week here in Brazil. We are very excited to start really teaching Kayla the gospel. We continue to give them lots of business too because we have a lot of missionaries who eat a lot and like ice cream and especially açaí a LOT. Wow, açaí is the best thing in the world.
Speaking of music, Elder Ruberson is at it again. He put together an audition choir of about 28 missionaries to create a program for julho with songs about the Restoration. We have rehearsals once a month on a Preparation Day. He has chosen some hard but beautiful music that I am very excited to work on. I am also excited because this time I will be able to sing alto instead of play piano. Don´t get me wrong, I LOVE the piano, but it will be a nice change to sing in a choir again. I Love to sing! Our first rehearsal was today, and we have a really fun group. Elder Ruberson asked me and Sister Sperry to be his assistent directors. I don´t do very much except help during sectionals but I am really enjoying it.
Sunday was a great day at Church again! (see below). We had a new investigator Nathali at Church who is a 20 year old college student. We actually haven´t ever taught her a real lesson yet but keep running into her in the street. We invited her to Church and said a prayer with her on the sidewalk this week. We went to pick her up and even though it was raining super hard she came with us through the rivers in the streets. She really liked Church and is excited for General Conference!
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for General Conference. I have been waiting for this for months! We taught Carlos our cemetary gaurd friend about prophets and General Conference this week and he also thought it was really cool that we have modern prophets. He also promised to come to a few sessions this weekend. His only problem is that he works on Sunday. But if he can change his schedule around somehow I think he would start coming to Church every week and could get baptized and confirmed quickly. He is a diamond in the rough!
Marisa and her girls continue to progress a lot as well. Marisa is a little stubborn and very Espítita, but I think she is going to start changing a lot too with the help of the gospel. She committed to stop drinking beer and coffee this week. It will be difficult for her to give up coffee but we have plans and I know she will succeed.
Everything is going really well! I love you all and really could write for hours if I had the time. Keep living life strong!
Sister Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Estou continuando aprender e crescer cada dia um pouco mais. Esta semana foi um pouco diferente com a Conferência de Zonas e uma atividade grande do Sociedade de Socorro em nossa ala e o novo coral, mas tivemos muito sucesso também. Debora foi confirmada! A reunião foi muito boa e a bênção foi exatamente o que ela precisava. As outras Sísteres e nós e Debora também cantamos uma música especial durante a reunião sacramental. O Espiríto foi forte e tudo mundo estava feliz. Foi um ótimo dia.
Nós também estamos ensinando um Carlos quem é o chefe do cemitério aqui em Campos Eliseos. Ele é MUITO chique e quer mudar sua vida muito. Ele é inteligente e entende tudo que nós ensinamos. Está animado assistir Conferência Geral e achou que profetas modernos são bem legais. Ele está disposto ser batizado também, o único problema é que ele trabalha todos os domingos. Seria muito difícil mudar o horário dele mas vamos trabalhar mais com ele e enfocar no Dia do Senhor.
Na verdade, aquela prática que nós fizemos no Conferência sobre o Dia do Senhor foi muito útil já o próximo dia. Nós encontramos uma moça na rua com quem tivemos falado algumas vezes antes, mas nunca deu certo ensinar ela. Nós falamos sobre a Igreja e convidou ela ir esta semana. Nós andamos a sua casa ontem e apenas de muito chuva, ela andou conosco para a Igreja! Ela gostou MUITO e esta animada sobre Conferência Geral também. Nossos pesquisadores são progredindo muito e nós estamos muito animadas por eles.
Nós estamos felizes e saudáveis. O coral vai ser muito bom também e é uma honra ser uma parte dele. Temos muitas bênçãos de ser missionários e o Senhor está nos cuidando.
Obrigada por uma Conferência maravilhosa!
Hello President !I am continuing to learn and grow every day a little more . This week was a little different with the Conference of zones and a large activity of the Relief Society in our ward and new coral, but we had a lot of success too. Debora was confirmed ! The meeting was very good and the blessing was exactly what she needed . The other Sisters and Debora and we also sing a special song during sacrament meeting. The spirit was strong and everything else was happy. It was a great day.We are also teaching a Carlos who is the head of the cemetery here at Elysian Fields. He is VERY chic and want to change your life much . He is smart and understands everything we teach . Is excited to watch General Conference and found that modern prophets are pretty cool . He is willing to be baptized too, the only problem is that he works every Sunday . It would be very difficult to change his schedule but we will work with it and focus more on the Sabbath .In fact , this practice we did in the Conference on the Lord's Day was very useful since the next day. We found a girl in the street who had spoken a few times before but never worked teach her. We talked about the church and invited her to go this week . We walked home yesterday and just really rain, she walked us to the Church ! She liked this and VERY excited about General Conference too. Our researchers are making great progress and we are very excited for them .We are happy and healthy . The choir will also be very good and it is an honor to be a part of it . We have many blessings to be missionaries and the Lord is watching us.Thank you for a wonderful conference !
Síster Marchant

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