Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One more day...
One more email home...
One more almoço brasileiro...
Everything is coming to an end já!! I cannot believe it has already ended so fast. This last week in Irajá was one of the best weeks of my mission. We saw so much success and saw so many miracles. I cannot believe how blessed I am with everything that worked out here in the very end. I was able to visit lots of old members and friends as well and sad my goodbyes in BOTH alas Irajá and Campos Elíseos. Who gets to visit ALL of their areas´ sacrament meetings in the last three weeks? Nobody! I am so blessed. I´ll tell you lots of details of this great week in a few hours...
I am feeling every emotion possible all de uma vez. I´m excited, anxious, sad to leave, worried about the flight--tudo. But I am mostly just jumping out of my skin to see you all again! Time slips by without you even noticing it.
I am extremely grateful for everything that happened here these last 19 months. My mission changed everything about me. I love the Lord with all my heart and will be true to Him til the day I die. I know my Savior lives and that I am a representative of His true Church led by true and living prophets. What a wonderful honor and responsibility is has been to serve under my Savior and King 24-hours per dia. I love Him and love you all. I can´t wait to unite all the people that I love so much de novo.
Com MUITO amor e muitos beijos (vão ser reais aqui logo) eu me dirijo a ti mais uma vez,
Síster Marchant

Monday, February 23, 2015

Date: 2/23/2015 10:40:36 AM
Subject: Facing the truth...with still lots of surprises!
So here we are.
But don´t worry, I´ll still have one last email next week. It´s not over yet! Actually this week kindof já threw me for a loop and switched up lots of things...I am in Jd. Irajá!!! Surprise! They can never pull my heart out of Ribeirão. I returned here a week early and will work here until o fim. I switched places with a Síster Sena who was here so that she can get to know the area in Araraquara a little bit (where she will start the next transfer) before she has to whitewash there as Síster Palomino and I are both leaving. What a gift from Presidente that she doesn´t have to completely whitewash. What a gift for me as well that I can spend my last few nostalgic days teaching in João Rossi! I LOVE this little barrio SO much and am very grateful to return and get a few last special moments there. We have already had a lot of really spiritual lessons and are teaching a lot. João Rossi is the perfect place. I have so many wonderful memories de lá.
It was hard to leave Síster Palomino and Araraquara, but I know they are in good hands. There are a few members there that really stole my heart as well and I will miss serving and almoçando with them. Thank goodness for facebook. And for eternal life. I know I´ll see all of these great people de novo um dia!
I was able to go to Church yesterday in Irajá and see everyone de novo também. Jd. Irajá is a very big ward and I have so many friends there. It was so great to see everyone again and get lots of hugs and take pictures and say my final goodbyes. In Sacrament Meeting Bispo Caio gave me a surprise oportunidade to bear my testimony de repente mais uma vez for the ward. It was great and I could really feel their love and the love I have for them. Ribeirão Preto is a very special place.
My new companion for a week is Síster Andersen. She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and is just a hoot. We are laughing all day long and having a ball. She has actually been out for just under three months now so I am able to finish the last week of her training! I got my wish to be a trainer, if at least for a week! She is a great missionary and we are working hard. I have felt the Spirit super strong the last few days and am able to see with a greater perspective how my mission is coming full circle. It is SO awesome to teach Portuguese to this dear and to see how much she has learned in just a few days. She actually went to BYU as well and learns quickly. I think for me it is a lot easier to teach Portugues like this than it would be to teach my own language. I know what the challenges are common mistakes are. I feel like I have a lot to give as a missionary now now that it is time to leave! We have had some great experiences knocking doors and teaching current investigators as well. I am very grateful for this extra little gift of Irajá at the very end. It was a little tender mercy from Presidente and from the Lord. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord loves us and wants to bless us and make us happy even in the littlest things. I have had only tons of blessings on the missão. My life is so great.
I feel like my mission is finally coming full circle. I feel very close to the Lord now and have much more meaningful prayers than ever. I want to give my all to Him, and my will doesn´t matter anymore. I am so happy all the time and have never been more blessed! He continues to show little ways why He loves me and how my work is sufficient. I am not close to perfect, but I finally feel like I am enough. I love the Sacrament and am extremely grateful for it every week. I know our Savior lives. He is aware of everything that we are going through and will help us to overcome every trial that comes our way. He leads this work and this Church. We will never fail if we keep our values and choices in the firm foundation of the gospel. I will love and serve my Savior and King forever. A mission is only the beginning to the rest of my life. I can´t wait to get started!
Com muito amor, até encontramos de novo,
Síster Marchante

Olá Presidente Brum!
Esta semana passou muito rapidamente. Veio com muitas surpresas! Voltei para Irajá na quinta-feira. Despedindo de Araraquara e especialmente da Síster Palomino (por um pouco tempo) foi difícil, mas estou muito animada estar aqui em Irajá de novo. Senti completa realmente quando fui embora de Araraquara, e estou pronta para continuar a dar tudo de mim até o fim.
Já vimos muito sucesso aqui em Irajá em João Rossi. Síster Andersen e Síster Sena fizeram um trabalho bom e temos muitas pessoas para visitar. Parece um pouco como voltando em tempo para mim, e sinto que meu conhecimento desta área ainda pode ajudar. Sei que é só uma semana que vou estar aqui, mas também sei que aqui é onde precisar estar até o fim.
Tivemos algumas experiências legais buscando novos também. Decidimos bater portas e entramos muitas casas. Ontem oramos e escolhemos um prédio em João Rossi e depois alguns apartamentos específicos daquele prédio. Todos as três primeiras portas que batemos convidamos a gente para entrar e ensinar. Elas foram pessoas muito especiais e vamos voltar para todas as três. Gosto muito de trabalhar com a Síster Andersen. Ela é muito gente boa e divertida, mas sabe trabalhar arduamente e obedece com exatidão. Estamos ensinando e aprendendo uma à outra muitas coisas. Tenho sido abençoada com todas as melhores companheiras na missão. Amo servir com as Sísteres aqui.
Estou ligando daqui para as Sísteres e espero que possa ajudá-las em alguma maneira esta semana. Amo estas Sísteres muito e amo passar tempo ensinando com elas e aprendendo delas. Foi uma responsabilidade e bênção muito grande de servir com tantas Sísteres diferentes durante a minha missão. Elas afeitaram a minha missão em muitas maneiras maravilhosas.
Estou muito animada para servir bem até o fim. Amo minha missão e não consigo expressar tudo como eu aprendi e mudei. Nunca vou ser a mesma em nenhum aspeito da minha vida. Nunca vou perder este testemunho que ganhei ou esquecer-me do Espírito que senti durantes estes 19 meses. Estou uma pessoa completamente diferente. Quero trazer tudo isto para casa e para minha família e amigos. Eu amo esta Igreja e sei que é verdadeira. Amo meu Salvador e quero servi-Lo com todo meu coração pelo resto da minha vida. Minha vida no evangelho Dele apenas começou! Muito obrigada Presidente por tudo que o senhor sempre fez para nos incentivar e ensinar. Aprendi muito de seus treinamentos, especialmente sobre liderança e amor. Quero ser um líder como o senhor. Que privilégio e bênção grande foi para servir meu Salvador e servir em Ribeirão Preto! Vou amar o Brasil para sempre!
Com amor,
Síster Marchant

English Translation
Hello President Brum!
This week passed very quickly. Came with many surprises! I went back to Irajá on Thursday. Firing of Araraquara and especially Sister Palomino (for some time) was difficult, but I'm very excited to be here in Irajá again. I felt really full when I left in Araraquara, and I am ready to continue to give my all to the end.
We have seen much success here in Irajá in John Rossi. Sister Andersen and Sister Sena did a good job and we have many people to visit. Looks a bit like going back in time for me, and I feel that my knowledge of this area can still help. I know it's only been a week since I'll be here, but I also know that this is where you need to be to the end.
We had some nice experiences seeking new too. We decided to slam doors and entered many houses. Yesterday we pray and we chose a building in John Rossi and then some specific apartments that building. All the first three doors that hit invite us to come and teach. They were very special people and we will return to all three. I really like working with Sister Andersen. She is very good and fun people, but knows how to work hard and obey exactly. We are teaching and learning each other many things. I have been blessed with all the best companions in the mission. Love serve with Sisters here.
I'm calling here for the Sisters and hope you can help them in some way this week. Love these very Sisters and love spending time with them teaching and learning from them. It was a great blessing and responsibility to serve with so many different Sisters during my mission. They afeitaram my mission in many wonderful ways.
I am very excited to serve well to the end. I love my mission and I can not express everything as I learned and changed. I'll never be the same in any aspeito of my life. I'll never lose this testimony I won or forget me I felt the Spirit during these 19 months. I'm a completely different person. I want to bring all this home to my family and friends. I love this church and I know that is true. I love my Savior and want to serve Him with all my heart for the rest of my life. My life in His gospel just begun! Thank you President for everything you did for us always encourage and teach. I learned a lot of their training, especially on leadership and love. I want to be a leader like you. What a privilege and a blessing was to serve my Savior and serve in Ribeirão Preto! I will love the Brazil forever!
With love,
Sister Marchant

Monday, February 16, 2015

Here we are at the end of another week,
These weeks are zooming by! Every time I look it is another pday and another set of emails for ya. Our days are full of bliss and we continue to learn a lot. I love being a missioary.
This week we actually didn´t travel at all (its been a while) but were able to stay the whole week in our area. Araraquara is really growing on my and I am loving the area. The members here are so sweet as well and are helping us out a lot. I actually got a little sick as well but it passed quickly and now I am ready to go again strong until the end. Things are going great and the Lord is taking care of us each day.
We are teaching a woman named Eunice right now who has a lot of potential. She is a young single grandma and has about 15 people living with her in her crowded house. She is very intelligent and has a lot of good, hard questions. She has already visited a lot of churches and thinks that they are all currupt, but is willing to read and learn, although she doesn´t remember very well. I am excited to see how she will grow with the true gospel.
Síster Palomino is the best. We laugh every day and are just enjoying the moment. I never thought I would be finishing the mission with someone else who is also finishing. It is a fun adventure! We are learning a lot until the end.
The exciting news for me this week is that I started an intense final study of the Atonement. I am using every resource that I have (the missionary library, PME, the scriptures, conference talks, my patriarchal blessing etc.). I have much greater understanding and appreciation for all that the Lord has done for me because of my mission, but there is still so much more to learn. I am excited to get to attend the temple often when I get back so that I can really build upon my tiny understanding of the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation. I have never felt so close to my God then I have during these past months, especially these past few weeks. I know that He is there and that He is willing to listen to everything we have to say. I love Him so much and want to do Him proud every day that I have.
Love you lots,
Síster Marchant
P.S. I´m not sending President´s email this week because there wasn´t a lot of new news there. Next week will be bigger I promise!
P.S.S. Mom, could you please ask the bishop what will be my homecoming talk topic? I´d like to start spewing about it for the last week. Thanks for organizing everything out so well for my homecoming. I cannot believe it is so close já.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Well hello there,
So as I am able to write easier in Português now sometimes I get carried away and write tons to the Presidente now. But things are going great for us here. The week went by really fast. We focused more on menos ativos esta semana and we had 4 menos ativos that came to Church this Sunday! We had lots of miracles this week. We also found this wonderful couple named Renata and Marcelo descendents from Italy. They were super funny and super receptive and let us right in and gave us a full dinner after knowing us for 5 minutes (see below). We honestly were stuffed from lunch já, but the Lord gave us extra strength to eat lots of their food and they became super excited to talk to us more and to hear our message and change their lives. Batendo portas as vezes é difícil but we have seen many miracles from our persistent efforts there. We honestly rarely bater portas here in Brazil but when we need to almost every day we have at least one miracle.
Conselho da Liderança was wonderful this week as well. I love the missionaries in this mission so much. I always look forward to Conselho e o treinamento do Presidente. I learn so much and always fico animada and reenergized to go out there and give it my all again. I always somehow find 5 minutes beforehand surprises of my name on the program (leading music or playing). I am very grateful for the music education I received throughout my life so that I could serve in this unexpected way many times on the mish. I will miss conselho A LOT. Presidente showed a small part of the clip Conhecer os Mórmons this time (Meet the Mormons) about a missionary leaving for a mission and his mom. I teared up a little bit and thought a lot about you guys. It is such a different world in the States, especially in Utah. I don´t know if I´ll be able to adjust.
Life is great. It gets better every day. Síster Palomino is a hoot and makes me laugh every day. She never gets desanimated and we are able to work excitedly todo o dia. We are traveling like crazy still and I think I spend more time outside of my area than in it, but we are receiving MUITAS bênçãos for this and are always very protected in our travels. I am getting to know the motoristas and everyone in the Rodoviária pretty well by now. It is fun to return to Ribeirão for a few hours each week as well because I always run into someone that I met while serving there. It really is a small world.
I was studying a talk by Presidente Monson this week and came across this quote that I agree with 100%: "It is the work of your parents that sustains you, their faith that encourages you, their prayers that inspire you. A mission is a family issue." Thanks for always supporting me so much! After serving with the other Sìsteres and getting to know their families a little bit through them, I have come to see how remarkably blessed I am with mine. I literally have the best family in the world. Stay strong and love each other tons! Do whatever you can to have a strong and temple-focused family. It is worth whatever it takes and is very rare in this world. I love you guys to the states and back.
Até a próxima semana,
Síster Marchante

Olá Presidente Brum,
Eu amo minha companheira. Ela é tão diligente e trabalhamos muito bem juntos, nunca tendo nenhum problema entre nós duas. Estou muito abençoada ter ela como minha companheira na última transferência. Ajudamos uma à outra, e quando uma de nós estamos tristes, levantamos a outra. Então, sempre estamos felizes. Que semanas boas!
Adorei o Conselho esta semana de novo e me senti o Espírito muito forte. Sempre é uma das experiencias mais espirituais de minha transferência. Sou muito grata pela oportunidade assistir tantas reuniões assim. Aprendo muitas coisas cada vez e sempre sair de lá querendo ser melhor e trabalhar mais arduamente.
Vimos muitas milagres esta semana. Primeiro, em divisões. Visitamos as Sísteres em Franca! Saí com a Síster Lima da Silva e a Síster Palomino saiu com a Síster Araújo. Síster Lima da Silva está um pouco doente com uma gripe pequena e diarreia, mas conseguiu trabalhar bem todo o dia mesmo. Durante toda a divisão continuei a perguntar se ela estava bem e ela realmente pareceu melhor. Estas duas Sísteres são muito diligentes e trabalham muito bem. Amei-as desde o começo. Tivemos uma milagre batendo portas em divisões. Todos os nossos compromissos caíram então oramos e escolhemos uma rua para bater. Depois de algumas quarterões sem muito sucesso, começamos a pedir referências também. A primeira casa nos apontou para uma casa na próxima quarterão de uma senhora doente. Fomos lá e ela entendeu tudo muito bem e na verdade não era tão doente. Perguntamos o que ela perguntaria de Deus se Ele estivesse aqui, e ela falou "como posso obter salvação" e falou sobre a família dela. Falamos que têm respostas por todas as perguntas dela e falamos com ela por um bom tempo. Ela quer que as Sísteres voltem logo e vai ler o panfleto que deixamos. Realmente quando seguimos todos os instruções de Pregar Meu Evangelho, sempre temos sucesso. Sempre hão pessoas prontas para ouvir a mensagem de Cristo.
A Síster Lima da Silva trabalha muito bem até o fim e é obediente. Em fim, foi uma divisão muito gostosa e tenho muito respeito por ambos a Síster Lima da Silva e a Síster Araújo. Ela é muito forte, especialmente por só ter alguns anos como membro. A Síster Araújo sempre está animada e amorosa. Ela está engraçada e já é uma líder boa nas responsabilidades dela. Amo estas Sísteres.
Ontem tivemos uma milagre em nossa área também. Nós estávamos buscando novos e oramos para decidir uma rua para bater portas. Senti que devemos subir até uma rua onde nunca trabalhamos antes. Começamos a bater e logo achamos um casal bem legal. Falamos com eles por um pouco na janela deles e eles pediram se queríamos água. Ficaram muito animados quando aceitamos e não só deram água mas um jantar inteira! Foi uma oportunidade ótimo nesta ocasião para conversar muito sobre nosso trabalho e a Igreja. Tiveram MUITAS perguntas ÓTIMAS sobre nossa doutrina e nosso propósito. Falamos um pouco sobre famílias, profetas, oração, o Livro de Mórmon, o Espírito Santo, e a Palavra de Sabedoria (eles bebem e fumam mas querem parar). Eles ficaram muito interessados e queriam que voltássemos logo. Foi uma bênção para nós porque estávamos buscando eleitos e o Senhor mandou dois em uma vez. Também foi uma milagre porque nós duas estavam muito cheias do nosso almoço já, mas o Senhor nos ajudou a comer muito que fez com que eles ficassem muito felizes (eles são italianos e falaram que sempre quer que as pessoas comam muito). Realmente acho que não conseguiríamos entrar e conversar tanto com eles se não fosse por isso. Estou muito animada voltar lá e deixar pesquisadores bons pelas próximas Sísteres na nossa área. Amo Araraquara e estou muito abençoada trabalhar aqui.
Tivemos uma outra milagrinha batendo portas também porque tinha uma tempestade chegando, prestes a chover muito. Estava preocupada porque não tivemos guarda-chuvas e não é muito fácil bater portas nas tempestades. Orei toda a tarde, e o que o Senhor mandou? Não chuva mais um arco-iris! Foi uma coisa muito simples mas mostrou para mim de novo que o Senhor sempre responde ás nossas orações e importa mesmo com as coisas tão pequenas em nossas vidas. Eu amo servir e amo meu Salvador. Ele sempre nos ajuda.
Viajamos muito esta semana mas conseguimos muitas coisas boas e estou feliz com nosso trabalho. Sinto que estamos fazendo nosso melhor e realmente dando tudo que podemos ao Senhor. Estamos tentando seguir o Espírito Santo em todos os aspeitos do trabalho.
Obrigada por tudo,
Síster Marchante
English Translation:
Hello President Brum,
I love my companion. She is so diligent and work very well together, never having any problems between us. I am very blessed to have her as my companion in the last transfer. We help each other, and when one of us are sad, we raise the other. So, we are always happy. What good weeks!
Loved the Council this week again and I felt the Spirit so strongly. It is always one of the most spiritual experiences of my transfer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to watch many meetings as well. Learn many things each time and always leave there wanting to be better and work harder.
We have seen many miracles this week. First, in divisions. We visited the Sisters in France! I left with Sister Lima DA Silva and Sister Palomino went with Sister Araújo. Sister Lima DA Silva is a little sick with diarrhea and a small flu, but could work well all day even. Throughout the division continued to ask her out and she really looked better. These two Sisters are very diligent and work very well. Loved them from the start. We had a miracle slamming doors in rooms. All our commitments fell pray and then chose a street to hit. After a few blocks west without much success, we begin to ask for references too. The first house pointed to a house next quarterão of a sick lady. We went there and she got it all very well and actually was not that sick. Asked what she would ask God if He was here, and she said "how can I get salvation" and talked about her family. We talked to have answers for all the questions her and spoke to her for a long time. She wants the Sisters come back soon and will read the pamphlet left. Really when we follow all instructions of Preach My Gospel, we always have success. Where will people ready to hear the message of Christ.
The Sister Lima DA Silva works very well to the end and is obedient. In the end it was a very hot division and have much respect for both Sister Lima DA Silva and Sister Araújo. She is very strong, especially only have a few years as a member. The Sister Araújo is always lively and loving. She is funny and it is a good leader in her responsibilities. Love these Sisters.
Yesterday we had a miracle in our area as well. We were looking for new and pray decide to hit a street doors. I felt that we should climb to a street where ever worked before. We started to hit and soon found a very nice couple. We talked to them for a bit in their window and they asked if we wanted water. Were very excited when we accept and not only gave water but a full dinner! It was a great opportunity on this occasion to talk a lot about our work and the Church. MANY GREAT had questions about our doctrine and our purpose. We talked a little about families, prophets, prayer, the Book of Mormon, the Holy Spirit and the Word of Wisdom (they drink and smoke but want to stop). They were very interested and wanted us to come back soon. It was a blessing for us because we were seeking elected and the Lord sent two at once. Also it was a miracle because we were both too full from our lunch already, but the Lord helped us eat too much which caused them to stay very happy (they are Italian and said that always wants people to eat a lot). I really think that we could not go in and talk to them as much if not for that. I'm very excited to go back there and let good researchers for the next Sisters in our area. Love Araraquara and I am very blessed to work here.
We had another milagrinha slamming doors also because it had a storm coming, about to rain a lot. I was worried because we had no umbrellas and it is not very easy slam doors in the storms. I prayed all afternoon, and what the Lord commanded? No more rain a rainbow! It was a very simple thing but showed me again that the Lord always answers our prayers and cares even with such small things in our lives. I love to serve and love my Savior. It always helps us.
We traveled a lot this week but we got a lot of good things and I'm happy with our work. I feel we are doing our best and really giving everything we can to the Lord. We are trying to follow the Holy Spirit in all aspeitos work.
Thanks for everything,
Sister Marchante

Monday, February 2, 2015

Boa tarde gente!
So that statement in my email title could apply to almost every other person here in Brazil, but this week we really did have a miracle with an Irmã Maria. She is a menos ativo that we have been working with for about a month now. She is a small, old widow who still has a lot of spunk. This week she finally came to Church! She was baptized about two years ago and doesn´t remember much of what she learned, but she is super sweet and wants to do just what God asks. We are starting over from the beginning and teaching all of the 5 lessons very simply. She trusts us a lot and always lets us right in (and has the best tasting water da cidade. I would know, we try the water at pretty much every person´s house. Yes, this was a hot week). It is so rewarding to see people progress. I almost died seeing her out in the congregation this Sacrament Meeting (I was up on the stand playing piano), I was so happy. I might not be changing cities or nations, but I am helping to change individuals.
The Lord is so good to us. He keeps us safe and sends lots of little blessings to always let me know that He is there and cares a ton about us. I have been VERY blessed over my mission to have been very protected physically. I have never been assaulted and I have stayed in three apartments, not houses, which are some of the safest mission housing on the mission. I also haven´t been sick much and have never had any major problems with health like many other missionaries have. I couldn´t count how many missionaries that I know have already gone and continue to go home for health reasons. This mission beats you up a little physically, but the Lord is really blessing me to continue strong until the end, and then some. I am very grateful for this blessing and do not take it for granted.
We are traveling up a storm. This week we have our final Conselho de Liderança. I love those so much! I will miss it a lot. If there is anything I will miss tons from the mission, it is the other missionaries. We have such great missionaries on this mission that just makes every day a great day. I love working with Síster Palomino and all of the other Sísteres. It is sometimes exhausting (and it is always good to come home to "lar, doce lar" at the end of a divisão), but so worth it. I have had so many wonderful experiences from traveling that I will never forget. I know these onibus like the back of my hand. I am very excited to learn from the wisdom of Presidente Brum mais uma vez in this setting. There is something very special and sacred about meeting with all of the leaders of the mission assim. I have been very blessed to have this responsibility for so long.
This week in Fast and Testimony Meeting at Church I bore my testimony about alegria. The gospel truly brings more happiness and joy than anything else in the whole world. It is true happiness that cannot be found as deep anywhere else. I am so happy every day as a missionary. Yes, it is for sure the hardest thing that I have ever done, but it is as well the best thing that I have ever done and I have never felt such deep, true happiness so many times. I will keep this testimony and the experiences that I have had here for the rest of my life. D%C 128:19--new favorite scripture.
I love this work! I love you guys!
Síster Marchante

Olá Presidente,
Esta semana foi tranquila e muito boa. Estamos trabalhando muito, mas não tanto em nossa própria área na verdade. Fizemos uma atividade com a zone aqui em Araraquara onde visitamos muitos menos ativos de Ala 2 com todas as duplas. Foi muito boa e conseguimos visitar muitas pessoas em pouco tempo. Foi cansativo mas sinto que nós realmente ajudamos Ala 2 muito. Senti mais união na zona também. Temos líderes muito bons. Élder Jake é um Líder de Distrito muito bom também. Quando ele dá treinamentos e ligações para nós posso ver que ele realmente importa conosco. Ele importa mais com nosso progressão espiritual e nossos necessidades do que se nossos números são incríveis. Com isso estou ainda mais motivada alcançar metas pessoais e nas números. Esta transferência está trazendo muito esperança e paz para mim. Sinto que realmente Síster Palomino e eu estamos fazendo a vontade do Senhor até nosso melhor.
Visitamos as Sísteres em Iguatemi esta semana. Saí com a Síster Illu e a Síster Palomino saiu com a Síster Sousa. Síster Illu está fazendo a transição até a vida missionária muito bem. Acho que ela está um pouco em choque como qualquer novinha, mas está muito calma e tranquila. Não reclamou de nada e está se esforçando muito para fazer coisas novas e difíceis. Vai ser difícil, mas vai ajudá-la a crescer muito e ser um bom líder pelo resto da missão dela. Ela tem muito amor pela Síster Illu e quer fazer tudo certo. As duas vão crescer bastante esta transferência.
Tudo está bom e tranquilo aqui. Estamos de boa saúde e continuando normal. Vamos viajar muito esta próxima semana (para Franca! wahoo!). A Síster Palomino é muito boa para mim e nós rimos todos os dias. Não consigo imaginar a Síster Palomino tendo raiva. Tenho muito respeito e amor por ela. É uma bênção grande tê-la como minha companheira. Ela é muito pura de coração e quer fazer sempre o certo. Estamos muito bem aqui.
Com amor,
Síster Marchante
Englisth Translation
Hello President,
This week was quiet and very good. We're working hard, but not so much in our own area actually. We did an activity with the zone here in Araraquara where we visited many less Winger 2 assets with all double. It was very good and managed to visit many people in a short time. It was tiring but I feel that we really help Ala 2 much. I felt more unity in the area too. We have very good leaders. Elder Jake is a District Leader also very good. When he gives training and links to us can see that he really cares about us. He cares more about our spiritual progression and our needs than our numbers are incredible. With so I'm even more motivated to achieve personal goals and in numbers. This download is bringing much hope and peace for me. I feel really Sister Palomino and I are doing the Lord's will to our best.
We visited the Sisters in Iguatemi this week. I left with Sister Illu and Sister Palomino went with Sister Sousa. Sister Illu is making the transition to the missionary life very well. I think she's a bit in shock as any young, but is very quiet and peaceful. Not complained about anything and is working hard to make new and difficult things. It will be difficult, but it will help you grow a lot and be a good leader for the rest of her mission. She has so much love for Sister Illu and want to do everything right. The two will grow quite this transfer.
Everything is nice and quiet here. We are in good health and continuing normal. We go traveling this next week (for France! Wahoo!). The Sister Palomino is very good for me and we laugh every day. I can not imagine Sister Palomino with anger. I have much respect and love for her. What a blessing to have her as my mate. She is very pure of heart and always wants to do right. We are very well here.
With love,
Sister Marchante

Monday, January 26, 2015

Well hello there!
Life is so good and I am super feliz. I am also super exhausted but I feel like we are truly doing the will of the Lord and following the Spirit each day. This week we walked a ton in the blasting sun and then rain but hey, I survived until agora, I can handle any weather this mission has to offer. I am loving Brazil more and more and enjoy getting to know new people every day. Síster Palomino is a hoot and makes me laugh every moment. She is super tranquila and I cannot imagine her ever possibly being stressed or angry about anything. It is going to be a great, fast transfer.
Divisions were great this week--back to Campos Elíseos! I was able to see a few people that I knew and we taught the whole day long. We passed in the três meninas na verdade (remember Geovanna, Bianca, e Mariana?) for a recent convert lesson. They have been going to church uma semana sim, uma semana não, então I was a little worried about them. But when we got there they seemed great and...miracle of the week...their mom Marisa stopped being Espírita! She said that she is interested in looking into the Mormon Church more now and is willing to receive the missionary lessons. It was a huge blessing for me to hear that because she was so closed before. She always said, this is for my kids but not for me, I´m happy onde estou. Espiritismo is very different from our religion (I don´t remember if it exists much in the states), and I know that the restored truth of the gospel would bring great alegria em her life. If she got baptized I really think she would stay firm and make her girls go strong every week as well. She has huge will power and does what she says she will. I love this family so much and would cry tons with joy if they all entered into the fold of God!
The rest of the week was great and went fast. There are some great people here with great potential (especially João Paulo, see below) and we are starting to teach a lot of new people. The ward is helping out a ton and we are getting lots of references. I am very happy and learning more about the Savior and the Atonement each day. I want to take advantage of each day. You only serve a mission once.
Love you tons!
Síster Marchant
P.S. Sorry the time was short today. All of my mission friends went home this week and are sending emails. They all (Síster Sperry, Shipp, and G. França) look so good! I love these Sísteres to death.

Bom dia Presidente!

Muito obrigada pelas suas palavras de amor. Estas três linhas significam mais para mim do que qualquer email que já recebi! Agradeço por tudo que o senhor faz para nós, especialmente as coisinhas extras que o senhor não precisa fazer mas faz mesmo porque o senhor nos ama. Durante toda a minha missão consegui sentir seu amor para conosco. Vou aproveitar todo o tempo que tenho ainda na missão porque sei que vou sentir-me muito falta depois.
Esta semana foi excelente. Trabalhamos bastante até quase morremos. Domingo anoite quando chegamos em casa colapsamos na chão com exaustão! Mas estamos dormindo muito bem estes dias e sempre levantamos sentindo fortes e melhor. Foi interessante porque honestamente, esta semana deveria ter sido muito difícil. Fomos rejeitadas muitas vezes, mas conseguimos ficar animadas e felizes de novo rapidamente. Sou muito grata estar com a Síster Palomino neste momento. Tenho um bom sentimento que esta transferência será muito boa e muito rápida. A Síster Palomino é maravilhosa. Ela me faz rir cada momento e estamos muito felizes juntas. Somos diferentes em muitas maneiras mas também semelhantes, especialmente na nossa ética de trabalho. Sinto muito em paz e com muito esperança para esta transferência e também para o resto da minha vida. Sei que o Senhor vai cuidar conosco em cada fase da vida, especialmente agora e nas próximas transições.
Fizemos uma divisão com as Sísteres em Campos Elíseos esta semana. Eu saí com a Síster Gutierrez e a Síster Palomino saiu com a Síster Iris. Foi uma ótima divisão. A Síster Gutierrez tem muita energia e muita animação pelo trabalho. Ela está disposta a fazer qualquer coisa, e está fazendo a transição para a nova área muito bem. Ela recebe correção facilmente com humildade e vai ser uma força grande na casa de Campos Elíseos. Posso ver ela como um líder muito eficaz. A Síster Gutierrez ensina muito bem e simples. A divisão passou rápido demais. Tenho um amor muito grande pelas nossas Sísteres. Espero que cada uma veja sucesso.
Tivemos uma milagre pequena ontem que me fez muito feliz. No fim do dia sentimos que devíamos andar até o fim de nossa área para fazer uma lição com um de nossos novos pesquisadores, João Paulo, mesmo que nossas pernas não aguentaram muito mais. Nunca o ensinamos em casa, só na loja dele. Achamos a casa bem, mas ele não estava e a mãe dele falou que ele estava passeando. Começamos para casa e na próxima rua, quem nós achamos? O João Paulo mesmo! Ficamos tão felizes e fizemos uma lição com ele lá na rua e marcamos uma data para voltar. Ele se comprometeu ler mais do Livro de Mórmon antes que nós voltemos. Ele parece muito interessado e sei que ele precisa do evangelho para fazer mudanças maravilhosas na vida dele. Sinto que ele é eleito e que vai ser a milagre de nossa transferência. Estou muito animada voltar lá!
Obrigada por tudo. Estou muito feliz!
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Good Morning President!
Thank you for your words of love. These three lines mean more to me than any email I have ever received! Thank you for all that you do for us, especially the extra little things that you do not need to do but do it because you love us. Throughout my mission could feel his love for us. I will take all the time I have still in the mission because I know I will feel very lack later.
This week was excellent. We work quite up to almost die. Sunday anoite when we got home colapsamos the ground with exhaustion! But we are sleeping well these days and always get up feeling strong and better. It was interesting because honestly, this week should have been very difficult. We were rejected many times, but managed to stay lively and happy again quickly. I am so grateful to be with Sister Palomino at this time. I have a good feeling that this transfer is very good and very fast. The Sister Palomino is wonderful. She makes me laugh every now and are very happy together. We are different in many ways but also similar, especially in our work ethic. Sorry alone and with much hope for this transfer and also for the rest of my life. I know the Lord will take care of us in every phase of life, especially now and in the coming transitions.
We did a split with Sisters in Champs Elysees this week. I left with Sister Gutierrez and Sister Palomino went with Sister Iris. It was a great division. The Sister Gutierrez has lots of energy and lots of fun at work. She is willing to do anything, and is making the transition to the new area very well. She gets easily fix with humility and will be a major force in home Champs Elysées. I can see it as a very effective leader. The Sister Gutierrez teaches very well and simple. The division went too fast. I have a great love for our Sisters. I hope each see success.
We had a small miracle yesterday that made me very happy. At the end of the day we feel that we should walk to the end of our area to take a lesson with one of our new researchers, John Paul, even if our legs did not hold much. Never teach at home, only in his shop. We found the house well, but he was not and his mother said he was walking. We started home and in the next street, who do we think? The same John Paul! We were so happy and did a lesson with him there on the street and we set a date to return. He pledged read more Book of Mormon before we get back. He seems very interested and I know he needs the gospel to make wonderful changes in his life. I feel he is elected and that will be the miracle of our transfer. I'm very excited to go back there!
Thanks for everything. I am very happy!
Sister Marchant

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wow, what a week,
This has been a rollercoaster of a week! It started out well in Araraquara here as Síster G. França and I finished up our last few days together. We planned a ward activity that went super well. It was called Bolo Superman (the Superman of Cake), where all the men baked up a cake em casa and we had a huge competition together. All the cakes were very different and there was great variety. It all went super well and was great integration for the ward! I am super excited to keep doing activitieslike this and to keep the excitment growing in this ward. The frequency of church attendance has grown each and every week this last transfer! Great things are happening here.
Then on Thursday we already packed up and traveled to Ribeirão to get Síster França all settled up. She had the final interview and lunch with the Presidente and a training and all sorts of great things to finish off the mission. I cannot believe it has already been a year and a half! It was hard to see Síster França go, but I know I will keep in contact with her. She has a great life ahead of her.
Aí! I don´t have a lot of time to write today but I want you to know that all is well and I am healthy and happy. Thanks so much for all of you who answered about my callings question. It really lifted me up. Feel free to keep them coming! So as to your question about the blessing from last week--I always edit out some parts of my email to the Presidente and so maybe sometimes it doesn´t completely make sense what I say, but all is well. I actually just had the stomach flu over the weekend (remember that one time I was flying home from BYU and had stomach flu on the plane? Yeah, same ideia). But I am already fully recovered--actually even better than I was before I got the bug--and everything está seguindo em frente. Everything is going great.
I got to see Síster Sperry again this weekend and talked A LOT to her before I sent her off to the big states. It was so great to chat like old times and thing about our lives. You meet so many wonderful people on the mission, and I have made friendships that will last forever. There were a lot of mixed emotions as I sent all of my best friends away (like Sister Sperry, G. França, and Shipp), but I know that this is were I need to be for the next six weeks. I will rely muito on the Lord to stay strong and firm until the end and I know that He will carry me. Life is good. When we trust in Him we cannot fail. 
Thanks so much for everything! Love you lots!
Síster Marchant

P.S. I received so much great mail this week! I received Kent´s wedding announcement--the good ole man--and also our Christmas card. You are always super creative mom! Thanks for sending me one. I also received your package of sunscreen in glue sticks (the coolest thing I have ever seen--claro que já está em minha bolsa), peanut butter, and oatmeal. It was actually an answer to prayers because there was no food in the house. Whenever we travel on divisions for some crazy reason the sisters don´t buy food. So when we were hanging out in Ribeirão for a week we were saved and well fed graças a Mom! Thanks so much for sending so much love. I think I am one of the missionaries that receives the most love from back home. You are wonderful!

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi muito diferente mas muito boa. Nós terminamos a transferência aqui em Araraquara muito bem com uma atividade na ala. Foi a primeira atividade que ela teve faz meses. Deu muito certo! Tivemos uma competição de bolos (se chama Bolo Superman) onde todos os homens fizeram bolos em casa e trouxeram para a capela. Tinha mais ou menos 10 bolos e muitos pessoas. Nós quatro missionários foram os jurados, e foi muito divertido. Eu amo atividades na ala. Nós começamos com esta ideia para incentivar a ala para fazer mais atividades, e agora temos planos que cada organização vai fazer rodízio e vamos ter uma atividade cada 15 dias! Espero muito que continue tão bem. Estou amando esta ala muito. Estamos vendo mudanças nesta ala e (especialmente com a ajuda do Élder Crawford) está crescendo. Esta transferência passada nossa freqüência aumentou cada e toda semana! Estamos ganhando a confiança do bispado e trabalhando muito com ele. Quando a gente voltou para cá depois da semana em Ribeirão, fique muito feliz; me sinto em casa aqui agora.
Os quatro dias com a Síster Clement foram muito bons. Conheci-a muito melhor, e acho que conseguirei ajudá-la mais esta transferência por causa disso. Ela está começando a mudar e a trocar a perspectiva dela. Falei muito sobre perspectiva e optimismo com ela. Ela fez muitas perguntas e queria saber sobre todas as coisas, por exemplo, técnicas de ensino e como ter um relacionamento bom com a sua companheira e como perseverar bem.
Foi difícil despedir de a Síster G. França e todas minhas outras amigas lá. Amo muito todas as Sísteres que foram embora, especialmente a Síster Sperry. Mas estou muito animada ser com a Síster Palomino agora (que milagre!) e começar com uma nova visão. Quero dar toda a minha alma ao Senhor esta transferência e focalizar meus estudos na vida e especialmente Expiação de Cristo. Quero conhecê-Lo o maior possível antes de ir para casa. Sinto-me quase completa com minha missão mas sei que tem alguma coisa mais que o Senhor precisa me ensinar aqui. Vou fazer uma santificação grande e dedicar-me completamente à vontade do Senhor. Estou animada para começar.
Obrigada pela transferência boa e tranquila,
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Hello President!
This week was very different but very good. We finish the transfer here in Araraquara very well with an activity in the ward. It was the first activity she had for months. It went very well! We had a cake competition (called Superman cake) where all the men made cakes at home and brought to the chapel. Was about 10 cakes and many people. All four missionaries were the jury, and it was fun. I love activities in the ward. We started with this idea to encourage the ward to do more activities, and now we have plans that each organization will be rotated and we will have an activity every 15 days! I very much to continue as well. I'm loving this wing too. We are seeing changes in this wing and (especially with the help of Elder Crawford) is growing. This our last transfer rate increased each and every week! We are winning the trust of the bishopric and working a lot with him. When we came back here after the week in Ribeirão, be very happy; I feel at home here now.
The four days with Sister Clement were very good. I knew her very best, and I think I will get more help her this transfer because of it. She is beginning to change and to change her perspective. I talked a lot about perspective and optimism with her. She asked many questions and wanted to know about all things, for example, teaching techniques and how to have a good relationship with his partner and persevere as well.
It was hard to say goodbye to Sister G. France and all my other friends there. Love all very Sisters who left, especially Sister Sperry. But I'm very excited to be with Sister Palomino now (what a miracle!) And start with a new vision. I want to give all my heart to the Lord this transfer and focus my studies in life and especially Christ's Atonement. I want to know Him as many as possible before going home. I almost feel complete with my mission but I know there's something more that the Lord has to teach me here. I will make a great sanctification and devote myself completely to God's will. I'm excited to get started.
Thank you for the good and quiet transfer,
Sister Marchant