Monday, January 19, 2015

Wow, what a week,
This has been a rollercoaster of a week! It started out well in Araraquara here as Síster G. França and I finished up our last few days together. We planned a ward activity that went super well. It was called Bolo Superman (the Superman of Cake), where all the men baked up a cake em casa and we had a huge competition together. All the cakes were very different and there was great variety. It all went super well and was great integration for the ward! I am super excited to keep doing activitieslike this and to keep the excitment growing in this ward. The frequency of church attendance has grown each and every week this last transfer! Great things are happening here.
Then on Thursday we already packed up and traveled to Ribeirão to get Síster França all settled up. She had the final interview and lunch with the Presidente and a training and all sorts of great things to finish off the mission. I cannot believe it has already been a year and a half! It was hard to see Síster França go, but I know I will keep in contact with her. She has a great life ahead of her.
Aí! I don´t have a lot of time to write today but I want you to know that all is well and I am healthy and happy. Thanks so much for all of you who answered about my callings question. It really lifted me up. Feel free to keep them coming! So as to your question about the blessing from last week--I always edit out some parts of my email to the Presidente and so maybe sometimes it doesn´t completely make sense what I say, but all is well. I actually just had the stomach flu over the weekend (remember that one time I was flying home from BYU and had stomach flu on the plane? Yeah, same ideia). But I am already fully recovered--actually even better than I was before I got the bug--and everything está seguindo em frente. Everything is going great.
I got to see Síster Sperry again this weekend and talked A LOT to her before I sent her off to the big states. It was so great to chat like old times and thing about our lives. You meet so many wonderful people on the mission, and I have made friendships that will last forever. There were a lot of mixed emotions as I sent all of my best friends away (like Sister Sperry, G. França, and Shipp), but I know that this is were I need to be for the next six weeks. I will rely muito on the Lord to stay strong and firm until the end and I know that He will carry me. Life is good. When we trust in Him we cannot fail. 
Thanks so much for everything! Love you lots!
Síster Marchant

P.S. I received so much great mail this week! I received Kent´s wedding announcement--the good ole man--and also our Christmas card. You are always super creative mom! Thanks for sending me one. I also received your package of sunscreen in glue sticks (the coolest thing I have ever seen--claro que já está em minha bolsa), peanut butter, and oatmeal. It was actually an answer to prayers because there was no food in the house. Whenever we travel on divisions for some crazy reason the sisters don´t buy food. So when we were hanging out in Ribeirão for a week we were saved and well fed graças a Mom! Thanks so much for sending so much love. I think I am one of the missionaries that receives the most love from back home. You are wonderful!

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi muito diferente mas muito boa. Nós terminamos a transferência aqui em Araraquara muito bem com uma atividade na ala. Foi a primeira atividade que ela teve faz meses. Deu muito certo! Tivemos uma competição de bolos (se chama Bolo Superman) onde todos os homens fizeram bolos em casa e trouxeram para a capela. Tinha mais ou menos 10 bolos e muitos pessoas. Nós quatro missionários foram os jurados, e foi muito divertido. Eu amo atividades na ala. Nós começamos com esta ideia para incentivar a ala para fazer mais atividades, e agora temos planos que cada organização vai fazer rodízio e vamos ter uma atividade cada 15 dias! Espero muito que continue tão bem. Estou amando esta ala muito. Estamos vendo mudanças nesta ala e (especialmente com a ajuda do Élder Crawford) está crescendo. Esta transferência passada nossa freqüência aumentou cada e toda semana! Estamos ganhando a confiança do bispado e trabalhando muito com ele. Quando a gente voltou para cá depois da semana em Ribeirão, fique muito feliz; me sinto em casa aqui agora.
Os quatro dias com a Síster Clement foram muito bons. Conheci-a muito melhor, e acho que conseguirei ajudá-la mais esta transferência por causa disso. Ela está começando a mudar e a trocar a perspectiva dela. Falei muito sobre perspectiva e optimismo com ela. Ela fez muitas perguntas e queria saber sobre todas as coisas, por exemplo, técnicas de ensino e como ter um relacionamento bom com a sua companheira e como perseverar bem.
Foi difícil despedir de a Síster G. França e todas minhas outras amigas lá. Amo muito todas as Sísteres que foram embora, especialmente a Síster Sperry. Mas estou muito animada ser com a Síster Palomino agora (que milagre!) e começar com uma nova visão. Quero dar toda a minha alma ao Senhor esta transferência e focalizar meus estudos na vida e especialmente Expiação de Cristo. Quero conhecê-Lo o maior possível antes de ir para casa. Sinto-me quase completa com minha missão mas sei que tem alguma coisa mais que o Senhor precisa me ensinar aqui. Vou fazer uma santificação grande e dedicar-me completamente à vontade do Senhor. Estou animada para começar.
Obrigada pela transferência boa e tranquila,
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Hello President!
This week was very different but very good. We finish the transfer here in Araraquara very well with an activity in the ward. It was the first activity she had for months. It went very well! We had a cake competition (called Superman cake) where all the men made cakes at home and brought to the chapel. Was about 10 cakes and many people. All four missionaries were the jury, and it was fun. I love activities in the ward. We started with this idea to encourage the ward to do more activities, and now we have plans that each organization will be rotated and we will have an activity every 15 days! I very much to continue as well. I'm loving this wing too. We are seeing changes in this wing and (especially with the help of Elder Crawford) is growing. This our last transfer rate increased each and every week! We are winning the trust of the bishopric and working a lot with him. When we came back here after the week in Ribeirão, be very happy; I feel at home here now.
The four days with Sister Clement were very good. I knew her very best, and I think I will get more help her this transfer because of it. She is beginning to change and to change her perspective. I talked a lot about perspective and optimism with her. She asked many questions and wanted to know about all things, for example, teaching techniques and how to have a good relationship with his partner and persevere as well.
It was hard to say goodbye to Sister G. France and all my other friends there. Love all very Sisters who left, especially Sister Sperry. But I'm very excited to be with Sister Palomino now (what a miracle!) And start with a new vision. I want to give all my heart to the Lord this transfer and focus my studies in life and especially Christ's Atonement. I want to know Him as many as possible before going home. I almost feel complete with my mission but I know there's something more that the Lord has to teach me here. I will make a great sanctification and devote myself completely to God's will. I'm excited to get started.
Thank you for the good and quiet transfer,
Sister Marchant

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