Monday, January 5, 2015

Boom! Bang! SHABAM!
That is the sound of the fireworks that I heard from dentro our first floor apartement 12:00 Quinta-feira. But sadly it was the first new years passover that I spent alone. Silly Síster G. França didn´t even wake up! But I enjoyed the fireworks from the window:). And what a new years it was. We spent New Years Eve na casa de Irmã Sara e Irmão Éder. O irmão is the first counselheiro do bispado. His family is great and funny. I just love the bispado nesta ala. They are taking care of us so well and are helping us to work hard. Thanks to the support of the ward the frequancia na ala está aumentando each week. This week there were more people at Church then they have had in years! The ward is helping us a lot and as such we are able to work super hard every day. We come home exhausted each night and I am so grateful for my comfy bed and sheets and pillow. I like doing missionary work this way.
Anyways, I´m getting distracted. The New Years Eve party was excelente. They started early for us but actually nobody really got there until 8:30 (and then two more people showed up:)). There was lots of great food and we ate until we burst and laughed tons. It was the first new years party that I left before 9:30. Although it was small all of my favorite people were there. It was one to remember for sure.
I love Síster G. França. She is quiet and doesn´t talk even as much as me (if you can imagine someone assim) but she has a big heart and is working hard until the very end. We are having a lot of great lessons and teaching well together. I know I can trust her with anything durante qualquer lição. She is really smart and we are loving life.
We went to Jaboticabal de novo esta semana por divisões. We had a bit of an adventure getting there actually. When we arrived at the Rodoviária the only onibus was sold out! Things are super busy with the turn of the year and everyone was trying to get back home. So we made a contact with the onibus casheir and he became our friend. He walked all the way down to the entrance platforms with us and started talking with the motorista. They talked for a while and decided to let us sit on the stairs in the front of the bus until the next stop where passengers would leave and we could get seats. It was such a blast. We made great friends with the driver named Bruno and just chatted away scrunched up on the steps for half an hour. It was a great experience. Bruno actually lives near São José do Rio Preto but we were able to get his address and will send missionaries his way! It is great to be a missionary in any situation you find yourself. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I´ve been feeling a little under the weather this week, but the Lord is helping me so much! I feel a lot better now and think that it already passed. Just when I think I have reached my limit He says, "Just a little farther" and He gives me the strength to make it through the whole day. Especialmente during our division this week I felt the Lord working em nosso frente and His angels round about us to bear us up. I know that He leads this work. He can heal any doença that we have fisicamente ou spiritualmente. I trust in Him completely and know that He will help me to be strong until the very last day of my mission. He is my Savior and King. I know He lives.
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente,
Está semana foi muito boa e rápida de novo. Estamos trabalhando até colapsamos todo dia e dormimos muito bem. Sinto-me que nesta transferência estou realmente conseguindo aplicar todos os princípios e habilidades que aprendi durante toda minha missão. É muito gratificante.
Achamos um novo pesquisador se chama Marcos esta semana. Ele é muito inteligente, e é uma jóia ensiná-lo porque ele entende tudo rapidamente e tem muitas perguntas. Ensinamos a Restauração esta semana com muitas detalhes e ele só continuou a perguntar e perguntar até tivemos que pará-lo. Ele é casado e tem dois filhos, mas eles não são muito interessadas como ele é. Ele cumpriu os compromissos e tinha perguntas quando voltamos. Estamos muito animados trabalhar mais com ele e envolver a ala com ele. Jejuamos pelo Marcos ontem.
O bispado aqui em Ala 1 é ótimo. Eles estão nos ajudando muito em tudo que eles podem. Atualmente, não temos um LMA, mas o primeiro conselheiro do bispado assumou esta posição por enquanto e estamos tendo reuniões sim. Eles estão fazendo entrevistas e estão em busca de um LMA. Tenho muito confiança na liderança aqui.
Fizemos uma divisão em Jaboticabal esta semana. Eu saí com a Síster Rodriguez e a Síster G. França saiu com a Síster Huamani. As duas são sísteres boas que têm muito desejo e energia para fortalecer esta obra. Síster Rodriguez tem uma personalidade forte e não tem medo de nada. Ela fala com todas as pessoas na rua e faz convites muito bem durante as lições. Esta fez foi melhor no aspeito que ela ensinou muito focalizada e não conversou tanto antes das lições. Ela gosta da Síster Huamani e elas estão felizes juntas. A Síster Rodriguez ensina muito bem e tem perguntas inspiradas excelentes. Ela também é humilde para receber correção. Estava um pouco resfriada durante a divisão mas a Síster Rodriguez me ajudou ter motivação para continuar. Trabalhamos juntas todo o dia e tivemos muito sucesso incluendo novos pesquisadores e 3 datas marcadas (também ganhamos um pouco churrasco:) ). Eu não estou preocupada com esta dupla. A Síster Paiva e a Síster Soares estão muito bem juntas também. Acho que tem muito paz na casa.
O resto da semana foi tranquilo. Tivemos algumas lições e contatos muito especial. A Síster G. França é um exemplo ótimo para mim. Ela está trabalhando diligentemente até o fim e não está trunky. Agredeço muito por isso. Estamos tendo uma transferência de milagres.
Até amanha,
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President,
This week was very good and fast again. We are working to colapsamos all day and slept very well. I feel that this transfer'm getting really apply all the principles and skills learned throughout my mission. It is very rewarding.
Found a new investigator is called Marcos this week. He is very smart, and is a gem teach him because he understands everything quickly and have many questions. We teach the Restoration this week with many details and he just kept asking and asking until we had to stop it. He is married and has two children, but they are not very interested as it is. He fulfilled the commitments and had questions when we returned. We are excited to work with him more and involve the wing with him. We fast by Marcos yesterday.
The bishopric here in Ala 1 is great. They are helping us much at all that they can. Currently, we have no AML, but the first counselor in the bishopric assumou this position for now and we're having meetings yes. They are doing interviews and are in search of an LMA. I have much confidence in the leadership here.
We made a division in Jaboticabal this week. I left with Sister Sister G. Rodriguez and France came out with Sister Huamani. Both are good sisters who have much desire and energy to advance this work. Sister Rodriguez has a strong personality and is not afraid of anything. She speaks to all people on the street and make calls very well during lessons. This has been the best aspeito she taught very focused and did not talk much before the lessons. She likes of Sister Huamani and they are happy together. The Sister Rodriguez teaches very well and has excellent inspired questions. She is also humble to receive correction. It was a bit cold during the division but Sister Rodriguez helped me have motivation to continue. We work together all day and had much success incluendo new researchers and 3 marked dates (also got a little barbecue :)). I'm not concerned about this double. The Sister Sister Soares Paiva and are very well together too. I think that has much peace in the house.
The rest of the week was quiet. We had a few lessons, and special contacts. The Sister G. France is a great example for me. She is working diligently to the end and is not Trunky. Agredeço much so. We are having a transfer of miracles.
See you tomorrow,
Sister Marchant

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