Monday, January 26, 2015

Well hello there!
Life is so good and I am super feliz. I am also super exhausted but I feel like we are truly doing the will of the Lord and following the Spirit each day. This week we walked a ton in the blasting sun and then rain but hey, I survived until agora, I can handle any weather this mission has to offer. I am loving Brazil more and more and enjoy getting to know new people every day. Síster Palomino is a hoot and makes me laugh every moment. She is super tranquila and I cannot imagine her ever possibly being stressed or angry about anything. It is going to be a great, fast transfer.
Divisions were great this week--back to Campos Elíseos! I was able to see a few people that I knew and we taught the whole day long. We passed in the três meninas na verdade (remember Geovanna, Bianca, e Mariana?) for a recent convert lesson. They have been going to church uma semana sim, uma semana não, então I was a little worried about them. But when we got there they seemed great and...miracle of the week...their mom Marisa stopped being Espírita! She said that she is interested in looking into the Mormon Church more now and is willing to receive the missionary lessons. It was a huge blessing for me to hear that because she was so closed before. She always said, this is for my kids but not for me, I´m happy onde estou. Espiritismo is very different from our religion (I don´t remember if it exists much in the states), and I know that the restored truth of the gospel would bring great alegria em her life. If she got baptized I really think she would stay firm and make her girls go strong every week as well. She has huge will power and does what she says she will. I love this family so much and would cry tons with joy if they all entered into the fold of God!
The rest of the week was great and went fast. There are some great people here with great potential (especially João Paulo, see below) and we are starting to teach a lot of new people. The ward is helping out a ton and we are getting lots of references. I am very happy and learning more about the Savior and the Atonement each day. I want to take advantage of each day. You only serve a mission once.
Love you tons!
Síster Marchant
P.S. Sorry the time was short today. All of my mission friends went home this week and are sending emails. They all (Síster Sperry, Shipp, and G. França) look so good! I love these Sísteres to death.

Bom dia Presidente!

Muito obrigada pelas suas palavras de amor. Estas três linhas significam mais para mim do que qualquer email que já recebi! Agradeço por tudo que o senhor faz para nós, especialmente as coisinhas extras que o senhor não precisa fazer mas faz mesmo porque o senhor nos ama. Durante toda a minha missão consegui sentir seu amor para conosco. Vou aproveitar todo o tempo que tenho ainda na missão porque sei que vou sentir-me muito falta depois.
Esta semana foi excelente. Trabalhamos bastante até quase morremos. Domingo anoite quando chegamos em casa colapsamos na chão com exaustão! Mas estamos dormindo muito bem estes dias e sempre levantamos sentindo fortes e melhor. Foi interessante porque honestamente, esta semana deveria ter sido muito difícil. Fomos rejeitadas muitas vezes, mas conseguimos ficar animadas e felizes de novo rapidamente. Sou muito grata estar com a Síster Palomino neste momento. Tenho um bom sentimento que esta transferência será muito boa e muito rápida. A Síster Palomino é maravilhosa. Ela me faz rir cada momento e estamos muito felizes juntas. Somos diferentes em muitas maneiras mas também semelhantes, especialmente na nossa ética de trabalho. Sinto muito em paz e com muito esperança para esta transferência e também para o resto da minha vida. Sei que o Senhor vai cuidar conosco em cada fase da vida, especialmente agora e nas próximas transições.
Fizemos uma divisão com as Sísteres em Campos Elíseos esta semana. Eu saí com a Síster Gutierrez e a Síster Palomino saiu com a Síster Iris. Foi uma ótima divisão. A Síster Gutierrez tem muita energia e muita animação pelo trabalho. Ela está disposta a fazer qualquer coisa, e está fazendo a transição para a nova área muito bem. Ela recebe correção facilmente com humildade e vai ser uma força grande na casa de Campos Elíseos. Posso ver ela como um líder muito eficaz. A Síster Gutierrez ensina muito bem e simples. A divisão passou rápido demais. Tenho um amor muito grande pelas nossas Sísteres. Espero que cada uma veja sucesso.
Tivemos uma milagre pequena ontem que me fez muito feliz. No fim do dia sentimos que devíamos andar até o fim de nossa área para fazer uma lição com um de nossos novos pesquisadores, João Paulo, mesmo que nossas pernas não aguentaram muito mais. Nunca o ensinamos em casa, só na loja dele. Achamos a casa bem, mas ele não estava e a mãe dele falou que ele estava passeando. Começamos para casa e na próxima rua, quem nós achamos? O João Paulo mesmo! Ficamos tão felizes e fizemos uma lição com ele lá na rua e marcamos uma data para voltar. Ele se comprometeu ler mais do Livro de Mórmon antes que nós voltemos. Ele parece muito interessado e sei que ele precisa do evangelho para fazer mudanças maravilhosas na vida dele. Sinto que ele é eleito e que vai ser a milagre de nossa transferência. Estou muito animada voltar lá!
Obrigada por tudo. Estou muito feliz!
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Good Morning President!
Thank you for your words of love. These three lines mean more to me than any email I have ever received! Thank you for all that you do for us, especially the extra little things that you do not need to do but do it because you love us. Throughout my mission could feel his love for us. I will take all the time I have still in the mission because I know I will feel very lack later.
This week was excellent. We work quite up to almost die. Sunday anoite when we got home colapsamos the ground with exhaustion! But we are sleeping well these days and always get up feeling strong and better. It was interesting because honestly, this week should have been very difficult. We were rejected many times, but managed to stay lively and happy again quickly. I am so grateful to be with Sister Palomino at this time. I have a good feeling that this transfer is very good and very fast. The Sister Palomino is wonderful. She makes me laugh every now and are very happy together. We are different in many ways but also similar, especially in our work ethic. Sorry alone and with much hope for this transfer and also for the rest of my life. I know the Lord will take care of us in every phase of life, especially now and in the coming transitions.
We did a split with Sisters in Champs Elysees this week. I left with Sister Gutierrez and Sister Palomino went with Sister Iris. It was a great division. The Sister Gutierrez has lots of energy and lots of fun at work. She is willing to do anything, and is making the transition to the new area very well. She gets easily fix with humility and will be a major force in home Champs Elysées. I can see it as a very effective leader. The Sister Gutierrez teaches very well and simple. The division went too fast. I have a great love for our Sisters. I hope each see success.
We had a small miracle yesterday that made me very happy. At the end of the day we feel that we should walk to the end of our area to take a lesson with one of our new researchers, John Paul, even if our legs did not hold much. Never teach at home, only in his shop. We found the house well, but he was not and his mother said he was walking. We started home and in the next street, who do we think? The same John Paul! We were so happy and did a lesson with him there on the street and we set a date to return. He pledged read more Book of Mormon before we get back. He seems very interested and I know he needs the gospel to make wonderful changes in his life. I feel he is elected and that will be the miracle of our transfer. I'm very excited to go back there!
Thanks for everything. I am very happy!
Sister Marchant

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wow, what a week,
This has been a rollercoaster of a week! It started out well in Araraquara here as Síster G. França and I finished up our last few days together. We planned a ward activity that went super well. It was called Bolo Superman (the Superman of Cake), where all the men baked up a cake em casa and we had a huge competition together. All the cakes were very different and there was great variety. It all went super well and was great integration for the ward! I am super excited to keep doing activitieslike this and to keep the excitment growing in this ward. The frequency of church attendance has grown each and every week this last transfer! Great things are happening here.
Then on Thursday we already packed up and traveled to Ribeirão to get Síster França all settled up. She had the final interview and lunch with the Presidente and a training and all sorts of great things to finish off the mission. I cannot believe it has already been a year and a half! It was hard to see Síster França go, but I know I will keep in contact with her. She has a great life ahead of her.
Aí! I don´t have a lot of time to write today but I want you to know that all is well and I am healthy and happy. Thanks so much for all of you who answered about my callings question. It really lifted me up. Feel free to keep them coming! So as to your question about the blessing from last week--I always edit out some parts of my email to the Presidente and so maybe sometimes it doesn´t completely make sense what I say, but all is well. I actually just had the stomach flu over the weekend (remember that one time I was flying home from BYU and had stomach flu on the plane? Yeah, same ideia). But I am already fully recovered--actually even better than I was before I got the bug--and everything está seguindo em frente. Everything is going great.
I got to see Síster Sperry again this weekend and talked A LOT to her before I sent her off to the big states. It was so great to chat like old times and thing about our lives. You meet so many wonderful people on the mission, and I have made friendships that will last forever. There were a lot of mixed emotions as I sent all of my best friends away (like Sister Sperry, G. França, and Shipp), but I know that this is were I need to be for the next six weeks. I will rely muito on the Lord to stay strong and firm until the end and I know that He will carry me. Life is good. When we trust in Him we cannot fail. 
Thanks so much for everything! Love you lots!
Síster Marchant

P.S. I received so much great mail this week! I received Kent´s wedding announcement--the good ole man--and also our Christmas card. You are always super creative mom! Thanks for sending me one. I also received your package of sunscreen in glue sticks (the coolest thing I have ever seen--claro que já está em minha bolsa), peanut butter, and oatmeal. It was actually an answer to prayers because there was no food in the house. Whenever we travel on divisions for some crazy reason the sisters don´t buy food. So when we were hanging out in Ribeirão for a week we were saved and well fed graças a Mom! Thanks so much for sending so much love. I think I am one of the missionaries that receives the most love from back home. You are wonderful!

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi muito diferente mas muito boa. Nós terminamos a transferência aqui em Araraquara muito bem com uma atividade na ala. Foi a primeira atividade que ela teve faz meses. Deu muito certo! Tivemos uma competição de bolos (se chama Bolo Superman) onde todos os homens fizeram bolos em casa e trouxeram para a capela. Tinha mais ou menos 10 bolos e muitos pessoas. Nós quatro missionários foram os jurados, e foi muito divertido. Eu amo atividades na ala. Nós começamos com esta ideia para incentivar a ala para fazer mais atividades, e agora temos planos que cada organização vai fazer rodízio e vamos ter uma atividade cada 15 dias! Espero muito que continue tão bem. Estou amando esta ala muito. Estamos vendo mudanças nesta ala e (especialmente com a ajuda do Élder Crawford) está crescendo. Esta transferência passada nossa freqüência aumentou cada e toda semana! Estamos ganhando a confiança do bispado e trabalhando muito com ele. Quando a gente voltou para cá depois da semana em Ribeirão, fique muito feliz; me sinto em casa aqui agora.
Os quatro dias com a Síster Clement foram muito bons. Conheci-a muito melhor, e acho que conseguirei ajudá-la mais esta transferência por causa disso. Ela está começando a mudar e a trocar a perspectiva dela. Falei muito sobre perspectiva e optimismo com ela. Ela fez muitas perguntas e queria saber sobre todas as coisas, por exemplo, técnicas de ensino e como ter um relacionamento bom com a sua companheira e como perseverar bem.
Foi difícil despedir de a Síster G. França e todas minhas outras amigas lá. Amo muito todas as Sísteres que foram embora, especialmente a Síster Sperry. Mas estou muito animada ser com a Síster Palomino agora (que milagre!) e começar com uma nova visão. Quero dar toda a minha alma ao Senhor esta transferência e focalizar meus estudos na vida e especialmente Expiação de Cristo. Quero conhecê-Lo o maior possível antes de ir para casa. Sinto-me quase completa com minha missão mas sei que tem alguma coisa mais que o Senhor precisa me ensinar aqui. Vou fazer uma santificação grande e dedicar-me completamente à vontade do Senhor. Estou animada para começar.
Obrigada pela transferência boa e tranquila,
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Hello President!
This week was very different but very good. We finish the transfer here in Araraquara very well with an activity in the ward. It was the first activity she had for months. It went very well! We had a cake competition (called Superman cake) where all the men made cakes at home and brought to the chapel. Was about 10 cakes and many people. All four missionaries were the jury, and it was fun. I love activities in the ward. We started with this idea to encourage the ward to do more activities, and now we have plans that each organization will be rotated and we will have an activity every 15 days! I very much to continue as well. I'm loving this wing too. We are seeing changes in this wing and (especially with the help of Elder Crawford) is growing. This our last transfer rate increased each and every week! We are winning the trust of the bishopric and working a lot with him. When we came back here after the week in Ribeirão, be very happy; I feel at home here now.
The four days with Sister Clement were very good. I knew her very best, and I think I will get more help her this transfer because of it. She is beginning to change and to change her perspective. I talked a lot about perspective and optimism with her. She asked many questions and wanted to know about all things, for example, teaching techniques and how to have a good relationship with his partner and persevere as well.
It was hard to say goodbye to Sister G. France and all my other friends there. Love all very Sisters who left, especially Sister Sperry. But I'm very excited to be with Sister Palomino now (what a miracle!) And start with a new vision. I want to give all my heart to the Lord this transfer and focus my studies in life and especially Christ's Atonement. I want to know Him as many as possible before going home. I almost feel complete with my mission but I know there's something more that the Lord has to teach me here. I will make a great sanctification and devote myself completely to God's will. I'm excited to get started.
Thank you for the good and quiet transfer,
Sister Marchant

Monday, January 12, 2015

What a week,
We traveled to Ribeirão at the beginning of the week to have Conselho da Liderança de novo! It has been awhile since we have had Conselho (it was canceled last transfer due to the Christmas Conference) and I didn´t realize how much I missed it. The Spirit was super forte this time and it was one of my favorite conselhos. We did four new, different practices and I learned a ton. I love working with the other missionaries here, especially the leaders of the mission because they are all super focused and driven. I am very humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to attend so many conselhos. I am strengthened way more than I could imagine.
I was able to see Síster Sperry there which brought great alegria into my life. I didn´t realize how much I missed her until I saw her again. What a blessed companion. We also had a huge miracle during lunch (see below). I love this work. Even during difficulties, the blessings never stop coming.
Síster G. França is so great. She is firme até o fim and is a wonderful companion to me. I wish I didn´t have to get another one and could stay with her until the end! But I know that her home needs her and that I have a few more things to learn before coming home. Transfers are next week já! Can you believe this time is flying by so fast? I can´t. I am exhausted but happy and feel like I have almost fulfilled everything that I need to do here. I had a dream yesterday that I came home this transfer. After being with the fam for a few minutes I said, "so when is my flight back to Brasil to finish my mission after this quick visit? I still have more work to do there!" I know that Heavenly Father needs me here for some reason one more transfer and He wants to see if I will fulfill His call. It was a difficult decision to make, but I know this is where I need to be and that I would feel incomplete without it. Thank you for holding on and letting me stay here in my new home for a few more weeks. Don´t worry--it will zoom by as well and then we have eternity! (I have also been having some weird dreams about the Hill Cumorah Pageant this week. Don´t know where that came from especially since we are no where near applications or the show. Are there any changes happening in that area? You guys should definitely do it again if you can!)
I love you tons! Have a wonderful week!
Sìster Marchante
P.S. I was studying Preach My Gospel today in chapter 11. There is a Personal Study idea (número 2, pg 219 if you study PME in portuguese...sorry its the best I can do) that I wanted to ask your help with. Anyone who is interested in analyzing your life and helping me out, think back to the many years of service you have had in the Church and answer this question for me in an email: How were you blessed or continue to be blessed by your faithful fulfillment of your callings? Thanks so much for your insights!
P.P.S. It is so nice to type without accents. Life is easy in the States.

Olá Presidente,
Esta semana foi muito ocupada! Corremos em todo lugar. Começamos com o Conselho de Liderança que nos inspirou muito. Eu adorei tantas práticas novas, e aprendi muito. Senti-me o Espírito forte e fique animada sair e trabalhar de novo. Tenho muitas memórias preciosas por causa dos Conselhos. Sempre é uma experiencia muito espiritual para mim.
Tivemos uma milagre no Conselho também. Um pesquisador antigo da Síster Sperry e eu que mora no Centro se chama Brianda (não sei se você lembra aquela noite que ligamos para o senhor depois do conselho retrasado para contar nossa milagre do prática da Restauração? Foi a mesma mulher). Ela é maravilhosa e tem muito potencial. Ela viajou recentemente e perdi contato com as Sísteres em Irajá, mas ela estava lá no Bat Caverno quando almoçamos lá terça!! Ela falou que quase nunca come lá, mas decidiu de nada ir lá (no mesmo horário de nós) este dia. Conseguimos almoçar com ela e seu marido e incentivamos ela buscar mais sobre a igreja de novo. Foi tão coincidência, que eu sei que realmente foi planejada por Pai Celestial, e que Ele vai guiá-la até o evangelho restaurado completo. A única hora quando a Síster Sperry e eu estamos nas ruas de Ribeirão Preto juntas nós encontramos nossa melhor pesquisadora de Irajá sem querer. Pai Celestial está mandando muitas ternas misericórdias em minha vida agora mesmo.
Fizemos divisões em Jaboticabal de novo esta semana. Saí com a Síster Paiva. Ela é ótima. Ela é nova e tem uma animação grande para o trabalho. Ela sabe a doutrina importante bem e como funciona cada parte do trabalho missionário. A Síster Soares a treinou bem. As vezes ela ensina muito profundamente e rapidamente. Fizemos a prática de 70 palavras e um minuto por cada tópico e a incentivei continuar a praticar assim com a Síster Soares. Gostei muito desta prática, e sei que vai ajudar ela e a Síster Soares muito. A Síster Paiva faz práticas e 12 semanas bem e está disposta a tentar coisas novas. As vezes ela fala demais e não escuta bem, mas está animada sobre tudo.
Recebi uma bênção muito simples e poderoso do Élder Booth que me ajudou muito. Tenho um testemunho muito grande do sacerdócio e sei que funciona cada vez quando temos fé. Estou muito grata ter sempre bênçãos do sacerdócio disponíveis na minha vida.
A Síster G. França é ótima! Ela está trabalhando firme até o fim e tem olhos realmente fixados na glória de Deus. Ela tem metas muito boas pelo futuro e vai ter uma vida ótima depois da missão. Estou TÃO grata ter a oportunidade servir com ela por esta transferência rápida. Eu amo a Síster G. França e quer ficar em contato com ela para sempre! Obrigada por este presente de servir ao lado dela por tantos dias. Tenho a melhor missão no mundo!
Com amor,
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President,
This week has been very busy! We run everywhere. We start with the Leadership Council that inspired us a lot. I loved so many new practices, and learned a lot. I felt the strong spirit and be excited to go out and work again. I have many precious memories because of the Councils. It is always a very spiritual experience for me.
We had a miracle in the Council too. A former researcher at Sister Sperry and I who lives in the center is called Brianda (do not know if you remember that night we turn to you after the council before last to tell our practice of the miracle of the Restoration? It was the same woman). She is wonderful and has a lot of potential. She recently traveled and lost contact with Sisters in Irajá, but she was there at the Bat cavernosa when we had lunch there Tuesday !! She said she almost never eat there but decided anything go there (at the same time of us) this day. We were able to have lunch with her and her husband and encourage her to seek more about the new church. It was so coincidentally, I know it was really planned by Heavenly Father, and He will guide her to complete the restored gospel. The only time when Sister Sperry and I are in Ribeirão Preto streets together we find our best researcher Irajá unintentionally. Heavenly Father is sending many tender mercies in my life right now.
We divisions in new Jaboticabal this week. I left with Sister Paiva. She's great. It is new and has a great animation to work. She knows the important doctrine well and how each part of the missionary work. The Sister Soares trained her well. Sometimes she teaches too deeply and quickly. We practice 70 words and one minute for each topic and encouraged to continue to do so with Sister Soares. I really enjoyed this practice, and I know that will help her and Sister Soares much. The Sister Paiva makes practical and 12 weeks as well and is willing to try new things. Sometimes she talks too much and not listening well, but is excited about everything.
I got a very simple and powerful blessing of Elder Booth that helped me a lot. I have a very great testimony of the priesthood and I know that works every time when we have faith. I am very grateful always have priesthood blessings available in my life.
The Sister G. France is great! She is working hard to the end and really has eyes set on the glory of God. She has very good goals for the future and will have a great life after the mission. I am SO thankful to have the opportunity to serve with her for this rapid transfer. I love Sister G. France and want to stay in touch with her forever! Thank you for this gift of serving beside her for so many days. I have the best mission in the world!
With love,
Sister Marchant


Monday, January 5, 2015

Boom! Bang! SHABAM!
That is the sound of the fireworks that I heard from dentro our first floor apartement 12:00 Quinta-feira. But sadly it was the first new years passover that I spent alone. Silly Síster G. França didn´t even wake up! But I enjoyed the fireworks from the window:). And what a new years it was. We spent New Years Eve na casa de Irmã Sara e Irmão Éder. O irmão is the first counselheiro do bispado. His family is great and funny. I just love the bispado nesta ala. They are taking care of us so well and are helping us to work hard. Thanks to the support of the ward the frequancia na ala está aumentando each week. This week there were more people at Church then they have had in years! The ward is helping us a lot and as such we are able to work super hard every day. We come home exhausted each night and I am so grateful for my comfy bed and sheets and pillow. I like doing missionary work this way.
Anyways, I´m getting distracted. The New Years Eve party was excelente. They started early for us but actually nobody really got there until 8:30 (and then two more people showed up:)). There was lots of great food and we ate until we burst and laughed tons. It was the first new years party that I left before 9:30. Although it was small all of my favorite people were there. It was one to remember for sure.
I love Síster G. França. She is quiet and doesn´t talk even as much as me (if you can imagine someone assim) but she has a big heart and is working hard until the very end. We are having a lot of great lessons and teaching well together. I know I can trust her with anything durante qualquer lição. She is really smart and we are loving life.
We went to Jaboticabal de novo esta semana por divisões. We had a bit of an adventure getting there actually. When we arrived at the Rodoviária the only onibus was sold out! Things are super busy with the turn of the year and everyone was trying to get back home. So we made a contact with the onibus casheir and he became our friend. He walked all the way down to the entrance platforms with us and started talking with the motorista. They talked for a while and decided to let us sit on the stairs in the front of the bus until the next stop where passengers would leave and we could get seats. It was such a blast. We made great friends with the driver named Bruno and just chatted away scrunched up on the steps for half an hour. It was a great experience. Bruno actually lives near São José do Rio Preto but we were able to get his address and will send missionaries his way! It is great to be a missionary in any situation you find yourself. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I´ve been feeling a little under the weather this week, but the Lord is helping me so much! I feel a lot better now and think that it already passed. Just when I think I have reached my limit He says, "Just a little farther" and He gives me the strength to make it through the whole day. Especialmente during our division this week I felt the Lord working em nosso frente and His angels round about us to bear us up. I know that He leads this work. He can heal any doença that we have fisicamente ou spiritualmente. I trust in Him completely and know that He will help me to be strong until the very last day of my mission. He is my Savior and King. I know He lives.
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente,
Está semana foi muito boa e rápida de novo. Estamos trabalhando até colapsamos todo dia e dormimos muito bem. Sinto-me que nesta transferência estou realmente conseguindo aplicar todos os princípios e habilidades que aprendi durante toda minha missão. É muito gratificante.
Achamos um novo pesquisador se chama Marcos esta semana. Ele é muito inteligente, e é uma jóia ensiná-lo porque ele entende tudo rapidamente e tem muitas perguntas. Ensinamos a Restauração esta semana com muitas detalhes e ele só continuou a perguntar e perguntar até tivemos que pará-lo. Ele é casado e tem dois filhos, mas eles não são muito interessadas como ele é. Ele cumpriu os compromissos e tinha perguntas quando voltamos. Estamos muito animados trabalhar mais com ele e envolver a ala com ele. Jejuamos pelo Marcos ontem.
O bispado aqui em Ala 1 é ótimo. Eles estão nos ajudando muito em tudo que eles podem. Atualmente, não temos um LMA, mas o primeiro conselheiro do bispado assumou esta posição por enquanto e estamos tendo reuniões sim. Eles estão fazendo entrevistas e estão em busca de um LMA. Tenho muito confiança na liderança aqui.
Fizemos uma divisão em Jaboticabal esta semana. Eu saí com a Síster Rodriguez e a Síster G. França saiu com a Síster Huamani. As duas são sísteres boas que têm muito desejo e energia para fortalecer esta obra. Síster Rodriguez tem uma personalidade forte e não tem medo de nada. Ela fala com todas as pessoas na rua e faz convites muito bem durante as lições. Esta fez foi melhor no aspeito que ela ensinou muito focalizada e não conversou tanto antes das lições. Ela gosta da Síster Huamani e elas estão felizes juntas. A Síster Rodriguez ensina muito bem e tem perguntas inspiradas excelentes. Ela também é humilde para receber correção. Estava um pouco resfriada durante a divisão mas a Síster Rodriguez me ajudou ter motivação para continuar. Trabalhamos juntas todo o dia e tivemos muito sucesso incluendo novos pesquisadores e 3 datas marcadas (também ganhamos um pouco churrasco:) ). Eu não estou preocupada com esta dupla. A Síster Paiva e a Síster Soares estão muito bem juntas também. Acho que tem muito paz na casa.
O resto da semana foi tranquilo. Tivemos algumas lições e contatos muito especial. A Síster G. França é um exemplo ótimo para mim. Ela está trabalhando diligentemente até o fim e não está trunky. Agredeço muito por isso. Estamos tendo uma transferência de milagres.
Até amanha,
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President,
This week was very good and fast again. We are working to colapsamos all day and slept very well. I feel that this transfer'm getting really apply all the principles and skills learned throughout my mission. It is very rewarding.
Found a new investigator is called Marcos this week. He is very smart, and is a gem teach him because he understands everything quickly and have many questions. We teach the Restoration this week with many details and he just kept asking and asking until we had to stop it. He is married and has two children, but they are not very interested as it is. He fulfilled the commitments and had questions when we returned. We are excited to work with him more and involve the wing with him. We fast by Marcos yesterday.
The bishopric here in Ala 1 is great. They are helping us much at all that they can. Currently, we have no AML, but the first counselor in the bishopric assumou this position for now and we're having meetings yes. They are doing interviews and are in search of an LMA. I have much confidence in the leadership here.
We made a division in Jaboticabal this week. I left with Sister Sister G. Rodriguez and France came out with Sister Huamani. Both are good sisters who have much desire and energy to advance this work. Sister Rodriguez has a strong personality and is not afraid of anything. She speaks to all people on the street and make calls very well during lessons. This has been the best aspeito she taught very focused and did not talk much before the lessons. She likes of Sister Huamani and they are happy together. The Sister Rodriguez teaches very well and has excellent inspired questions. She is also humble to receive correction. It was a bit cold during the division but Sister Rodriguez helped me have motivation to continue. We work together all day and had much success incluendo new researchers and 3 marked dates (also got a little barbecue :)). I'm not concerned about this double. The Sister Sister Soares Paiva and are very well together too. I think that has much peace in the house.
The rest of the week was quiet. We had a few lessons, and special contacts. The Sister G. France is a great example for me. She is working diligently to the end and is not Trunky. Agredeço much so. We are having a transfer of miracles.
See you tomorrow,
Sister Marchant