Monday, July 28, 2014

Hey hey up there in the States!
I hope you lives are going fantastic. We had a very busy week. We started out with another division in São José de Rio Preto, which is a four hour bus ride away. We went up there with our great new companion Síster Beck. (I think I didn´t mention this yet but we are now in a trio with Síster Beck until the end of the transfer. Her companion went home sick this week :( ) Síster Beck is from New York and is super tranquila e maravilhosa. She goes home at the end of the next transfer, as does Síster Hoggan. I talked to her almost all the way to SJRP and all the way home. She is a genius and has lots of wonderful stories of all the great adventures she has had, like foreign exchange in Romania. She is also going to BYU so I will see her lots when I get home! I think we will only be in this trio until the end of this week but it has been a great time so far.
We also had the big Caipira ward party on Saturday. It is actually supposed to be the Festa Juninho that is this huge holiday celebration that they have every year. It is like a big hick/cowboy party where we dress up in plaid with straw hats and they had square dances. They also had tons of awesome food, especially food made of corn, like corn on the cob, popcorn, and this special corn drink (like arroz doce but made from corn). Everything was delicious and perfect. There is a lot of unity in this ward. We have the richest people in the mission here and also some of the poorest in government housing. There is a large mix of people but they are all really great. There were tons of people there and it was a huge sucess. We helped out a little bit with the kid´s carnival games and also got a caught with a few more freckles. I think I drank some freckle juice (ring any bells, Mom?).
Carlos is doing well and progressing. He already had his interview and should get baptized this weekend, but is getting nervous and also might move to another city due to work. I hope he stays here long enough to get baptized and confirmed! He said he will probably come home for the weekends então he can still attend church here. It is kindof complicated and up in the air right now but we are figuring it out.
We also had our big zone conference this week. It was great and the spirit was strong. Nothing new happened but we did a lot of practices and learned a lot about helping our investigators to feel the Spirit and pray. I have a huge respect for Presidente Brum and know that he was called of God. He is exactly what this mission needs and is leading us with power and authority. I want to be more like him.
The members are helping out a lot here in Irajá this week and we are getting to know them a lot better. I hope I don´t get transfered right now! Sheila and her girls are doing great too. They have a huge desire to do what is right and to know the truth. They are learning slowly but keep commitments well and are very acceptive. We also found a new investigator Lucas who is very smart and is learning tons about the Book of Mormon. He has already researched many religions and has a huge desire to find the true Church of Jesus Christ. We have what he needs and are very excited to see him progress.
Other than that life is good here and moving quickly. I love these Sísteres who I live with here in Irajá and am learning a lot ainda. I want to stay and continue teaching these wonderful people. This is a very blessed area and there is so much to do! I am excited to see my friends make the covenant of baptism and move their lives for the better. This gospel is so true and so good. It makes me want to be better every day.
Love ya all,
Síster Marchant

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey hey!
The time is zooming by. The days go so fast! This week we had some great lessons and talked to a lot of neat people. The highlight of the week is definitely Sheila and Muhammed´s family. They have two girls (Julia, 13 and Yasmen, 11) and are super great. They live in this little house behind their clothes store in Centro. We found them as a reference from other missionaries. The dad is Muslim but nonpracticing (and he is the first Brazilian Muslim which I have met) and their mom is Christian but doesn´t go to any church because she has never found a demonation that has everything that she is looking for. They speak english really well and actually lived in Lebanon for a while so they speak Arabic as well. What a sweet family. We have taught them a few times this week and have felt the Spirit really strongly. Muhammed was really closed off and I don´t think will accept for a long while, but he is very respectful and one of the funniest people I have met in my life. Sheila and the girls accepted a batismal date for next month and came to Church for Relief Society this week! They left before Sacrament Meeting because the girls were sick but I think they liked it and said they would come back next week. Sheila was so beautiful in a sweater and long skirt and looked like she was right where she belonged. I am very excited to continue teaching them and watch them accept the true gospel that they are searching for.
We also had a sweet lesson with a reference named Lucas. He was a reference também (I think from ourselves actually weeks back in Campos Eliseos...). We found him at the perfect time, the same day when he was researching and watching shows about religion. We came in and taught him the Restoration and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. He understood well and had lots of questions. I LOVE teaching intelligent people. He and Sheila and Muhammed are such a joy to teach because they really understand what you say and you don´t have to teach the same things over and over again. We can teach more deeply, which more details ties all the blessings of the gospel together more and makes more sense. They are ready to choose whether to accept more quickly. I think one of my favorite parts of missionary work is teaching people who understand fast and are willing to act on what they learn.
I also love being a missionary because you have SO many friends. This ward is really accepting us well and is willing to help out whenever we call. We receive SO much food here and people are very sweet. The people we meet in the street here as well with this Brazilian culture are very respectful, and although not always accept are message, think what we do is good and will give us the time of day. I have more friends now than I have in my entire life! Our investigators are excited to see us and the members welcome us warmly into their homes. Our hard work is paying off bigtime with tons of blessings for us.
Love you para sempre e até as eternidades!
Síster Marchant
P.S. I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! I went second and I think spoke for about 15 minutes. I found out the day before so it was a little nerve-wracking to try plan it out so fast, but I spoke on what I have learned so far on my mission, which has lots of material. We are doing crazy things here on the mish! What a great life.

Boa tarde Presidente,
Recebemos um presente ótimo ontem com Síster Beck chegando em nossa porta! Estamos animadas a começar a trabalhar juntas com ela. Ela é uma missionária de muito poder e amor. Ela é muito paciente e quer ajudar tudo mundo. Vai ser uma honra trabalhar com ela e aprender dela. Vamos sair amanhã cedo para viajar para SJRP para visitar agora nossas quatro duplas lá. Temos muitas coisas fazer mas juntas com Cristo tudo vai dar certo.
Esta semana visitamos as Sísteres in Iguatemi. Eu saí com Síster Zapata e Síster Hoggan saiu com Síster Soares. Síster Zapata ama sua área e as pessoas lá. Foi legal ouvir as histórias dela lá e como ela mudou as corações dos membros na ala. Parece que eles realmente confiam nos missionários agora e estão começando a ajudar muito mais. Síster Zapata está fazendo um ótimo trabalho lá. Ela está muito alegre e ri a todas as coisas. Ela faz muito bem com contatos e não tem medo de nada. Foi um dia muito bom e aprendi muitas coisas dela. Falamos muito sobre o propósito de estresse e como vencer. Fizemos nosso treinamento também em gratidão e como usar o Livro de Área melhor. Acho que foi uma divisão muito eficaz.
Aqui em Irajá estamos vendo muito sucesso. Encontramos uma família com uma mãe e pai e duas filhas. É uma família muito feliz e contato, mas eles estão buscando algo mais. Já frequentamos muitas igrejas cristãs mas não encontraram o que elas estavam buscando completamente. Temos o que eles precisam! O pai (Muhammed) é Muçulmano e não quer ouvir nada, mas o resto da família dele é muito receptivo. Mas ele ama elas muito, então eu acho que ao ele ver o evangelho muda as vidas de sua família o coração dele abrandará.
Síster Hoggan e eu somos saudáveis e fazendo bem. Temos muito mais aprender e fazer aqui e estamos fazendo nosso melhor. Eu amo ela muito. Ela é uma missionária maravilhosa e uma bênção grande em minha vida. Aprendi e continuo aprender tantos coisas dela. Estou muito grata sempre ter ela a meu lado e sei que posso confiar tudo com ela. Quero ser mais como ela é.
Obrigada por tudo! Estou animada por esta semana ocupada mas divertida!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Good afternoon Chairman,
Received a great gift yesterday with Sister Beck coming to our door! Animated We are starting to work together with her. She is a missionary of great power and love. She is very patient and want to help all the world. It will be an honor to work with her and learn from her. We will leave early tomorrow to travel to SJRP now to visit our four double there. We do many things together with Christ but everything will work out.
This week we visited the Sisters in Iguatemi. I went out with Sister and Sister Zapata Hoggan left with Sister Smith. Sister Zapata loves your area and the people there. It was nice to hear her stories there and how it changed the hearts of the members in the ward. It seems that they really trust the missionaries and are now starting to help more. Sister Zapata is doing a great job there. She is very cheerful and laughs all things. She does very well with contacts and not afraid of anything. It was a very good day and learned many things from her. We talk a lot about the purpose of stress and how to win. We did our training in gratitude and also how to use the book area better. I think it was a very effective division.
Here Irajá are seeing much success. Find a family with a mother and father and two daughters. It is a very happy and contact family, but they are seeking something more. Have we attend Christian churches but did not find what they were looking through. We have what they need! His father (Muhammad) is Muslim and do not want to hear anything but the rest of his family is very receptive. But he loves them too, so I think when he sees the gospel changes lives of his family his heart softened.
Sister Hoggan and I are healthy and doing well. We have much to learn and do here and we are doing our best. I love her very much. She is a wonderful missionary and a great blessing in my life. Learned and continue to learn so many things from her. I'm always grateful to have her by my side and I know I can trust her with everything. I want to be more like it is.
Thanks for everything! I'm excited by this busy but fun week!
Sister Marchant

Monday, July 14, 2014

Olá Olá!
This week was excellent. We are running from one end of our area to the next. There is never enough time as a missionary! We are visiting lots of different people and found lots of novos this week. I love visiting and teaching people who will listen to us! Our amazing investigator Carlos is doing super great. We teach him in the street out in front of his house because he is single but it has been working really well and we have been able to have lots of lessons with him this week. We taught the first three lessons and also about Prophets and then the Word of Wisdom. He accepts everthing well and is very elect. He was unemployed when we met him but just got a new job (after about only 2 weeks of looking) where he has folga (his day off) EVERY Sunday (WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) doing delivery of frozen chicken. He was able to see the blessings of God and related that he was able to find work so fast because he is choosing to listen more to the teachings of Jesus Christ and apply them in his life. When we taught him the third lesson he basically covered the Word of Wisdom, law of Chastity, and temple marraige. He said "I want to find a wife who will be faithful, like a sealing before God". We were like, yep, we can help with that! During the Word of Wisdom lesson he called his neighbor over and had him witness that whenever his neighbor offers him coffee he always says no. The only thing left to teach him that I think might be difficult for him would be tithing, but I think that his testimony is strong enough to accept that too. In Gospel Princípios on Sunday, the teacher asked him in front of everyone why he wanted to be baptized, and he said he wanted to follow the commandments of God and to be saved in the kingdom of God. Well I´m thinking he´s getting baptized soon! We are very excited to see his progression come so fast. He is accepting everything and is a great example to me how to willingly follow the teachings of God. He also speaks english super well and likes to practice with us. My favorite quote: "I like to pray at night before going to bed. When I pray before bed, I sleep so sweet! So sweet! I sleep like a bird." One of my favorite parts of missionary work is really finding and teaching smart people who understand what you teach and know your purpose. Carlos is a golden investigator for us and a blessing in this area when we started off with very little.
We had another really neat experience with a contact this week. We found a man named Rumundo sitting on the curb by himself earlier in the week. He told us that he recently had heart surgery and was living alone. He wasn´t feeling super well and was having difficulty recovering. He wasn´t very receptive of our message but accepted a prayer from us and we went on our way. Later in the week during divisões, Síster Sena and I found him again when we were trying to visit another investigator. He told us that that day earlier he was almost ready to ask a homeless person or someone walking in the street to help him home because he was feeling really weak. After we came and said a prayer of faith with him he said he was able to go home without a problem and felt a lot better. He said that he recognized that God was aware of him and sent us to help out. It was a really neat experience for me to hear that some of the things that seem so insignificant to us are making a difference. He still wasn´t very interested in changing religion and said it would be impossible for him to come to Church, but he was grateful for our help.
The World Cup is finally over! Brazil burned down to the ground. Everyone here was pretty depressed (and actually a little mad) for the week but I think they will get over it fast. I am just so happy it is over because we can finally get back to work. We ended up staying inside every game day of Brazil for just three hours studying durante os jogos, but Brasil ended up playing lots of games and we lost a lot of time. I am glad to get back into the normal groove of things. Tchau, tchau copa do mundo! I was proud of Holanda doing so well. I will always be super Dutch!
Things are going great just super busy! I love this work.
Beijos e beijos,
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi muito melhor. Nós conseguimos ensinar muitas lições, tivemos divisões ótimas, e temos um pesquisador que esta progredindo muito. Fizemos divisões com Síster Sena e Síster Kunkel aqui em Jd. Irajá. Elas estão fazendo muito bem e é um prazer muito grande morar e trabalhar com elas. Eu saí com Síster Sena e na verdade trabalhamos aqui no Centro. Tivemos muitas lições boas e encontramos alguns novos chiques, especialmente um família com duas filhas que quer visitar a Igreja e vai por todas as  atividades. Eles querem uma atmosfera e amigos bons por suas filhas. Só encontramos eles uma vez até agora mas estamos animadas voltar e realmente ensinar muitas coisas boas que vão mudar suas vidas. Síster Sena está feliz e crescendo no treinamento. Ela ama Síster Kunkel e elas trabalham muito bem em união. Síster Kunkel ensina com muito poder e autoridade. Falamos sobre expressando gratitude com elas e também marcamos metas para Síster Sena começar mais contatos. Eu amo trabalhando perto a estas Sísteres e sei que elas estão trabalhando muito e são muito obedientes.
Nós temos um pesquisador se chama Carlos agora que é maravilhoso. Ele já assistiu duas vezes na Igreja e esta fazendo amizades com os membros MUITO rápido. Ensinamos as três primeiras lições e profetas e também a Palavra de Sabedoria até agora. Ele aceita tudo e já está vivendo a Palavra de Sabedoria completa! Estamos muito animadas ver ele progredir tão rapidamente. Um membro, Irmão Rodrigo Ferriera, está ajudando muito. Tivemos uma lição em sua casa esta semana. Ele convidou Carlos a sentar com sua família durante reunião sacramental e também a comer almoço em sua casa depois! Esta ala Irajá está muito receptiva aos pesquisadores que trazemos e os membros estão ajudando muito. Nosso LMA vai ser desobrigado porque ele realmente mora em Vila Virginia, mas ele estava ajudando e trabalhando conosco também. Acho que temos muitos membros aqui que fariam muito bem com este chamado também. Nossa área é grande e temos muitas coisas fazer com tantos membros!
Nossas vidas são ocupadas e boas. O tempo está passando super rápido!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President!
This week was much better. We could teach many lessons, we had great divisions, and we have a researcher who is progressing too. We did divisions with Sister and Sister Sena Kunkel here in Jd. Irajá. They are doing very well and is a great pleasure to live and work with them. I went out with Sister Sena and actually work here at the Center. We had many good lessons and found some new chic, especially a family with two daughters who want to visit the church and go through all activities. They want a good atmosphere and friends for their daughters. We only find them once so far but we are back and really Animated teach many good things that will change their lives. Sister Sena is happy and growing in training. She loves Sister Kunkel and they work very well in marriage. Kunkel Sister teaches with great power and authority. We talked about expressing gratitude to them and also mark targets for Sister Sena get more contacts. I love working close to these Sisters and know they are working hard and are very obedient.
We have a search engine called Carlos now which is wonderful. He has watched twice in this church and making friends with members VERY fast. Teach the first three lessons and the prophets and also the Word of Wisdom so far. He accepts everything and is already living the Word of Wisdom complete! We are very excited to see him progress so quickly. One member, Brother Rodrigo Ferriera, is helping a lot. We had a lesson in his home this week. He invited Carlos to sit with his family during sacrament meeting and also to eat lunch at home then! This wing Irajá is very receptive to bring researchers and members are helping a lot. Our AML will be exonerated because he actually lives in Vila Virginia, but he was helping and working with us too. I think we have many members here that would do well with this call too. Our area is large and we do many things with so many members!
Our lives are busy and good. Time is going by super fast!
Thank you,
Sister Marchant

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello there lovlies!
We traveled to São José de Rio Preto this week to do divisões. It is a city about 3 hours from here. We left Friday morning and came home late Saturday night. It was an adventurous little trip. We stayed with Síster Mapa, Síster Gusman, Síster Bécar, e Síster Morales. On Friday was another jogo do Brazil, so we had to stay inside for a long time to last out the crazy game. And yes, Brasil won and is on to the semi-finals. Wahoooooooo! This country is going crazy right now. I have never seen so much patriotism in my life, and I want to show that much for my own country. Speaking of which, happy fourth of July! We had our own little celebration with the other Sísteres in SJRP while we were inside with a dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread and patriotic American songs. (there were four of us Americans with Síster Mapa and Síster Bécar, não parece que elas são, mas sim, elas são). I love my country so much! I love Brasil so much too, but I never appreciated so many wonderful blessings that we have in our country. I love America.
We had a little mini miracle on the way home too. It only took 3 hours to get to SJRP by bus so we thought it would probably take the same time to get back, but they made more stops and it ended up taking 4 hours. We got home much later than we would have liked and still had to travel another half hour to get home in Jardim Irajá. We were waiting in the bus station for a long time and the bus was just sitting there without a driver (I guess he got a break at that time). We were waiting and waiting and hoping that he would come soon, because it was dark and starting to get dangerous and we were exhausted. Finally we decided to say a quick prayer, and during the prayer I felt a lot of peace and calmness. Immediately when we opened our eyes the driver was there starting up the bus. I don´t know if I have ever gotten an answer to prayers so quickly. The Lord really is watching out for us. When we do all we can to be obedient, the Lord will make sure that we are safe and protected. I have never had any major instance at all of problems with safety or health really. I am very blessed here as a missionary and I know that we are doing the Lord´s work.

I love you all tons!
Síster Marchant

P.S. We made a movie about missionary work recently with Tiago and the 8 of us missionaries in Campos Elíseos. I heard that it turned out really good and lots of people in Jd. Irajá acutally saw it and were talking about it. I think Tiago put it online on his facebook and he also said he sent it to you Mom and Dad? You should check it out! I haven´t actually seen it yet but I am really looking forward to!

Olá Presidente,

Esta semana foi um pouco diferente para a gente. Tivemos extras reuniões do conselho da liderança e um conselho da ala in Irajá, e conseguinte não trabalhamos tanto como queríamos em nossa área. Porém, encontramos um pesquisador de ouro. Estávamos tentando visitar um velho pesquisador quando encontramos ele na mesmo pensão. Se chama Carlos e conheceu a Igreja só brevemente quando morava em Bahia antes. Ensinamos a primeira lição a ele na rua e entendeu bem. Quando fizemos o convite batismal, ele falou, "Com certeza", e depois marcamos uma data. Nós pegamos uma carona para a Igreja esta semana. Ele nos ligou 8:40 e falou, "Síster, eu não pode ir a Igreja mais hoje--Eu não leu aquela parte que você marcou no Livro de Mórmon ainda!" Nós o acalmamos e falou que ele ainda pôde ir, e ele estava afora da casa esperando quando chegamos. Ele gostou da Igreja e falou que ele quer voltar. Carlos ligou hoje e falou que ele tem perguntas sobre o Livro de Mórmon e não quer esperar até amanhã. Em fim, estamos muito animadas para ele. Só ensinamos uma lição real para ele mas já recebemos muitas milagres. Estamos animadas continuar ensinando e ver ele progredir. Que uma bênção grande e de repente!
No resto de nossa área estamos procurando novos e tentando conhecer todos os membros. Têm muitos membros aqui que são muito alegres e simpáticos. Nós queremos e precisamos trabalhar com eles mais. Também tem alguns recém-conversos que são ótimos também. Eu amo trabalhando com recém-conversos. Eles são tão receptivos e querem fazer tudo possível certinho. Precisamos encontrar mais!
Viajamos a São José de Rio Preto esta semana. As sísteres lá estão fazendo bem. Fizemos divisões com Síster Gusman e Síster Mapa. Eu saí com Síster Mapa, e vimos muitos milagres. Foi um dia MUITO quente e Síster Mapa estava um pouco cansada fisicamente no começo, então fizemos uma oração sincero e começamos procurando um referência se chama Maria. Nós não sabemos qual casa foi esta pessoa dentro um grupo pequeno de casas, então começamos bater portas. A primeira casa deixou que nós entrássemos, e fizemos uma oração por uma senhora que estava bem doente. Foi uma experiência simples mas muito boa. A próxima casa nós batemos também deixou que nós entrássemos, e falamos muito com uma senhora sozinha que recentemente perdeu seus pais. Ensinamos a segunda lição (que acabamos de estudar aquele dia em doze semanas!) e o Espírito foi forte. Eu acho que ela tinha confiança em nós também porque o vizinho dela se chama Maria. Apareceu que não foi o mesmo que estamos buscando, mas esta Maria aparentemente precisa de muita ajuda também. Vimos muitas das ternas misericórdias do Senhor aquele dia. Sou muito grata por minha oportunidade trabalhar com os outas Sísteres aqui na missão. Elas são fortes.
Síster Mapa está fazendo muito melhor. Falamos muito sobre sua dupla. Foi legal que ela falou que ela percebeu que ela precisa amar Síster Gusman mais, e que não foi a culpa de Síster Gusman. Falamos sobre como nós podemos mostrar nosso amor para com um ao outro, e como estar feliz em todas as situações. Síster Mapa tem muito mais esperança agora do que a outra vez eu falei com ela, e acho que elas vão começar trabalhar muito bem juntas. Elas tem personalidades muito diferentes, mas posso ver que elas vão aprender muitas coisas importantes juntas por causa disso. Síster Mapa esta trabalhando bem e conhece a doutrina perfeitamente. Ela ainda tem dificuldade com a idioma. Mostrei como eu gosto de estudar (não só ler o Livro de Mórmon) e expliquei as coisas que sempre me ajudaram na idioma. Eu AMO português! Quero falar e continuar estudar português pelo resto de minha vida. Se ela só fala em português, acho que ela melhorará rápido. Ela tem muito potencial e ensina muito bem. Me trouxe muito paz estar lá com estas Sísteres. Síster Bécar e Síster Morales também estão fazendo muito bem e estão muito feliz. Nós estamos planejando voltar lá em algumas semanas fazer divisões com elas e ver como estão Síster Mapa e Síster Gusman mais pela frente.
Estamos bem e saudáveis aqui! Tenho MUITAS coisas melhorar e mudar. Dia por dia, estou aprendendo e tentando mudar meu coração. Eu amo esta obra.
Obrigada Presidente,
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Hello President,
This week was a bit different for us. We had extra leadership council meetings and council ward in Irajá, and therefore do not work as much as we wanted in our area. However, we found a prospector. We were trying to visit an old researcher when he found the same board. Carlos called and met only briefly when the Church lived in Bahia before. The first lesson taught to him in the street and well understood. When did the baptismal invitation, he said, "Sure," and then set a date. We took a ride to church this week. 8:40 He called us and said, "Sister, I can not go to church anymore today - I did not read that part you marked in the Book of Mormon yet" We calmed down and said that he could still go, and he was apart of the house waiting when we arrived. He liked the church and said that he wants to return. Carlos called today and said he has questions about the Book of Mormon and not wait until tomorrow. In the end, we are very excited for him. Only teach a real lesson for him but already received many miracles. Animated We continue teaching and to see him progress. What a great blessing and suddenly!
In the rest of our area we are looking for new and trying to learn all members. Have many members here that are very cheerful and friendly. We want and need to work with them more. We also have some new converts who are great too. I love working with new converts. They are so receptive and want to do everything possible just right. We need to find more!
We traveled to San Jose de Rio Preto this week. The sisters are doing well there. We did divisions with Sister and Sister Gusman Map. I went out with Sister Map, and saw many miracles. It was a day VERY hot and Sister Map was a little tired physically at first, so we made a sincere prayer and started looking for a reference called Maria. We do not know what this person was home within a small group of houses, so we started knocking doors. The first house left as we entered, and made a prayer for a lady who was very ill. It was a simple but very good experience. The next house we hit also left as we entered, and we talked a lot with a lady alone who recently lost their parents. Teach the second lesson (we just studied that day in twelve weeks!) And the Spirit was strong. I think she had confidence in us too because her neighbor called Maria. Appeared that it was not the same that we are seeking, but this Maria apparently needs a lot of help too. We saw lots of the tender mercies of the Lord that day. I am very grateful for my opportunity to work with the Sisters outas here in the mission. They are strong.
Map Sister is doing much better. We talked a lot about his double. It was nice that she said she realized that she must love Sister Gusman more, and that was not the fault of Sister Gusman. We talk about how we can show our love for one another, and how to be happy in all situations. Sister map has much more hope now than at another time I spoke with her, and I think they will start work very well together. They have very different personalities, but I can see that they will learn many important things together because of it. Sister Map is working well and know the doctrine perfectly. She still has difficulty with language. I showed how I like to study (not just read the Book of Mormon) and explained the things that always helped me in the language. I LOVE Portuguese! I want to talk and continue studying Portuguese for the rest of my life. If she only speaks Portuguese, I think she will improve quickly. She has so much potential and teaches very well. Brought me much peace be there with these Sisters. BECAR Sister and Sister Morales are also doing very well and are very happy. We are planning to go back there in a few weeks doing divisions with them and see how they are Sister Sister Gusman Map and more ahead.
We are well and healthy here! I have MANY things to improve and change. Day by day I am learning and trying to change my heart. I love this work.
Thank President,
Sister Marchant

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Date: 6/30/2014 12:08:13 PM
Subject: Jardim Irajá, Quero ser lá!
Olá, Olá Irajá!
It has been a very different week working downtown Ribeirão Preto. Actually, Campos Elíseos and our area in Irajá touch borders (heehee) so I am really not far from home at all, but the work here is very different. Campos Elíseos was almost a little town separated all on its own without the big city feel. Irajá has tons of huge skyscrapers and we use the ônibus at least twice a day. There are tons of people to talk to in the streets and we work mostly in large apartment buildings instead of houses. There is no way we will be knocking doors here! There wasn´t really any investigators here when we got here but we are working a lot with some awesome menos ativos e recem-conversos. They and lots of references from other missionaries are keeping us busy. We are working in Centro and also a little sleepy town called Bonfim, that is outside of the city a little bit. It is an area much bigger than Campos Elíseos and I know our planners will always be filled with things to do!
We are living with Síster Kunkel from Washington who is training Síster Sena from Acre, Brasil. This is the first time I have really experienced watching another Síster be training fresh, and it is super fun to help her transition into missionary life. Síster Hoggan and I were actually able to attend the welcome ceremony of the novinhos because the mission office is in our area now and we were walking past when the Presidente was walking in. It was super fun and I just love being a missionary! Síster Sena is a little shocked I think to be with three other Americans, but she is handling it well and will be a super forte missionary. I am super excited for this transfer and to live with them both!
I have huge respect for Presidente Brum. He is so wise and kind and wonderful. We are working a lot closer with him now as Síster Treinadoras and because we work in Centro in the area of the office and the mission home. He knows exactly how to give good counsel and knows exactly what we need. I have so much to learn from him. We have interviews with him again this month which I am really excited for. Presidente Brum is very inspired and called of God.
I love you all! Thanks for the wonderful package Emma!
Síster Marchant
P.S. Last week we made a movie of missionary work with Tiago the day before we left Campos Elíseos. I haven´t seen it yet but it sounds pretty amazing!

Muito obrigada Presidente Brum,
Esta semana foi um pouco diferente mas foi boa ainda. Nós ficamos em casa algumas horas extra por causa da copa e porque pessoas vieram para consertar nossa casa. Mas agora graças aos executivos financeiros e o senhor, temos um parede, chuveiro, pia, gás, forno, e luz consertada. Muito obrigada! Nosso apartamento é perfeito agora! Estamos prestes a trabalhar muito arduamente esta semana.
Síster Kunkel e Síster Sena são maravilhosas. Elas são muito dedicadas e sempre estão felizes e divertidas. Eu tenho muito respeito para Síster Kunkel como um treinadora e líder em geral, e Síster Sena está aceitando tudo e aprendendo rápido. Elas vão ter muito sucesso esta transferência eu acho. Vai ser diferente para cuidar todas novas Sísteres e vou sentir falta de nossas outras Sísteres lindas, mas também é uma oportunidade rara e maravilhosa a conhecer tantas Sísteres diferentes e viajar para outra áreas. Estamos orando muito pelas nossas Sísteres, e eu sei que o Senhor ajudará a gente a saber o que falar para ser um instrumento nas mãos Dele, porém pequeno.
Jardim Irajá é uma área maravilhosa! Nós temos TANTOS referências para contatar e estamos dando muitos também. Parece que quase nenhum contato que nós fazemos na rua é para nossa área, mas nós estamos recebendo muitos referências de outras duplas, que nós sempre temos muitos pessoas visitar ainda. Irajá é muito diferente de Campos Elíseos, mas é muito maravilhosa também. Nós estamos buscando muitos novos agora e ainda começando conhecer todos os menos ativos, recém-conversos e membros que estavam aqui antes. Vou demorar MUITO tempo para aprender todos os nomes! Tem sido um pouco difícil determinar todos os horários dos ônibus, mas nós conseguimos chegar em casa no horário certo todas as noites. Temos MUITAS coisas para aprender aqui.
Tivemos uma experiencia bem legal ontem. Estávamos buscando uma referência, Antônio. Ele não estava em casa mas seu vizinho José estava. Ele falou conosco que Antônio provavelmente não seria interessado, e que ele não estava também. Nós começamos falar muito com ele, e ele apareceu muito triste e sem propósito em vida. Ele falou que ele não acredita em Deus ou Jesus Cristo porque ele já sofreu tanto e não pode imaginar um Deus que permitiria que alguém sofresse tanto. Ele tem depressão e não muita esperança com respeito a Deus. Nós prestamos testemunho muito forte e deixamos um Livro de Mórmon marcado com 3 Néfi 17 que mostra o grande amor que Cristo tem para conosco. Foi uma lição simples mas muito poderosa, e senti o Espírito Santo trabalhando em mim mais do que tenho sentido faz tempo. Trabalhando com o Espírito Santo em seu lado é a melhor coisa no mundo. Sempre quero ser digna deste guia e amigo. Não posso fazer nada sem Ele. 
Estou feliz e animada continuar encontrar pessoas de ouro aqui em Irajá e também fazer divisões em outra áreas. Vai ser um transferência maravilhosa!
Síster Marchant

P.S. Eu ouvi falar que a serão da obra missionária foi maravilhosa em Campos Elíseos! Queria estar lá e sou muito grata por meu tempo naquela ala fantástica! Obrigada Presidente!
English Translation
Thank you President Brum
This week was a little different but it was still good. We stayed at home a few extra hours because the canopy and why people came to fix our house. But now thanks to financial executives and you, we have a wall, shower, sink, gas stove, oven, and repaired light. Thank you! Our apartment is perfect now! We are about to work really hard this week.
Sister Sister Kunkel and Sena are wonderful. They are very dedicated and are always happy and fun. I have much respect for Sister Kunkel as a coach and leader in general, and Sister Sena is accepting everything and learning fast. They will have much success this transfer I think. Will be different for all new care Sisters and will miss our other beautiful Sisters, but it is also a rare and wonderful opportunity to meet so many different Sisters and travel to other areas. Praying hard for our Sisters, and I know the Lord will help us to know what to say to be an instrument in His hands, however small.
Irajá Garden is a wonderful area! We have MANY references to contact and we are giving too many. It seems that almost no contact we make on the street is for our area, but we are getting many referrals from other pairs, we always have many people still visit. Irajá is very different from Elysian Fields, but is also very wonderful. We are now seeking many new and still getting to know all less active, new converts and members who were here before. I'll take a long time to learn all the names! It has been a little difficult to determine all the bus schedules, but we managed to get home at the right time every night. We have MANY things to learn here.
We had a cool experience yesterday. We were looking for a reference, Anthony. He was not home but his neighbor was Joseph. He told us that Antonio would probably not interested, and that he was not well. We started talking a lot with him, and he appeared very sad and aimless in life. He said he does not believe in God or Jesus Christ because he has suffered so much and can not imagine a God who would allow someone to suffer so much. He has depression and not much hope about God. We provide very strong testimony and left a Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 17 labeled showing the great love that Christ has for us. It was a simple but very powerful lesson, and I felt the Holy Spirit working in me more than I have felt for a long time. Working with the Holy Spirit on your side is the best thing in the world. Always want to be worthy of this guide and friend. I can do nothing without Him
I am happy and excited to continue to find people here Irajá gold and also make divisions in other areas. It will be a wonderful transfer!
Thank you,
Sister Marchant

PS I heard that the will of missionary work was wonderful in Elysian Fields! Wanted to be there and am grateful for my time on that fantastic cross! Thank you President!