Monday, July 14, 2014

Olá Olá!
This week was excellent. We are running from one end of our area to the next. There is never enough time as a missionary! We are visiting lots of different people and found lots of novos this week. I love visiting and teaching people who will listen to us! Our amazing investigator Carlos is doing super great. We teach him in the street out in front of his house because he is single but it has been working really well and we have been able to have lots of lessons with him this week. We taught the first three lessons and also about Prophets and then the Word of Wisdom. He accepts everthing well and is very elect. He was unemployed when we met him but just got a new job (after about only 2 weeks of looking) where he has folga (his day off) EVERY Sunday (WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) doing delivery of frozen chicken. He was able to see the blessings of God and related that he was able to find work so fast because he is choosing to listen more to the teachings of Jesus Christ and apply them in his life. When we taught him the third lesson he basically covered the Word of Wisdom, law of Chastity, and temple marraige. He said "I want to find a wife who will be faithful, like a sealing before God". We were like, yep, we can help with that! During the Word of Wisdom lesson he called his neighbor over and had him witness that whenever his neighbor offers him coffee he always says no. The only thing left to teach him that I think might be difficult for him would be tithing, but I think that his testimony is strong enough to accept that too. In Gospel Princípios on Sunday, the teacher asked him in front of everyone why he wanted to be baptized, and he said he wanted to follow the commandments of God and to be saved in the kingdom of God. Well I´m thinking he´s getting baptized soon! We are very excited to see his progression come so fast. He is accepting everything and is a great example to me how to willingly follow the teachings of God. He also speaks english super well and likes to practice with us. My favorite quote: "I like to pray at night before going to bed. When I pray before bed, I sleep so sweet! So sweet! I sleep like a bird." One of my favorite parts of missionary work is really finding and teaching smart people who understand what you teach and know your purpose. Carlos is a golden investigator for us and a blessing in this area when we started off with very little.
We had another really neat experience with a contact this week. We found a man named Rumundo sitting on the curb by himself earlier in the week. He told us that he recently had heart surgery and was living alone. He wasn´t feeling super well and was having difficulty recovering. He wasn´t very receptive of our message but accepted a prayer from us and we went on our way. Later in the week during divisões, Síster Sena and I found him again when we were trying to visit another investigator. He told us that that day earlier he was almost ready to ask a homeless person or someone walking in the street to help him home because he was feeling really weak. After we came and said a prayer of faith with him he said he was able to go home without a problem and felt a lot better. He said that he recognized that God was aware of him and sent us to help out. It was a really neat experience for me to hear that some of the things that seem so insignificant to us are making a difference. He still wasn´t very interested in changing religion and said it would be impossible for him to come to Church, but he was grateful for our help.
The World Cup is finally over! Brazil burned down to the ground. Everyone here was pretty depressed (and actually a little mad) for the week but I think they will get over it fast. I am just so happy it is over because we can finally get back to work. We ended up staying inside every game day of Brazil for just three hours studying durante os jogos, but Brasil ended up playing lots of games and we lost a lot of time. I am glad to get back into the normal groove of things. Tchau, tchau copa do mundo! I was proud of Holanda doing so well. I will always be super Dutch!
Things are going great just super busy! I love this work.
Beijos e beijos,
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi muito melhor. Nós conseguimos ensinar muitas lições, tivemos divisões ótimas, e temos um pesquisador que esta progredindo muito. Fizemos divisões com Síster Sena e Síster Kunkel aqui em Jd. Irajá. Elas estão fazendo muito bem e é um prazer muito grande morar e trabalhar com elas. Eu saí com Síster Sena e na verdade trabalhamos aqui no Centro. Tivemos muitas lições boas e encontramos alguns novos chiques, especialmente um família com duas filhas que quer visitar a Igreja e vai por todas as  atividades. Eles querem uma atmosfera e amigos bons por suas filhas. Só encontramos eles uma vez até agora mas estamos animadas voltar e realmente ensinar muitas coisas boas que vão mudar suas vidas. Síster Sena está feliz e crescendo no treinamento. Ela ama Síster Kunkel e elas trabalham muito bem em união. Síster Kunkel ensina com muito poder e autoridade. Falamos sobre expressando gratitude com elas e também marcamos metas para Síster Sena começar mais contatos. Eu amo trabalhando perto a estas Sísteres e sei que elas estão trabalhando muito e são muito obedientes.
Nós temos um pesquisador se chama Carlos agora que é maravilhoso. Ele já assistiu duas vezes na Igreja e esta fazendo amizades com os membros MUITO rápido. Ensinamos as três primeiras lições e profetas e também a Palavra de Sabedoria até agora. Ele aceita tudo e já está vivendo a Palavra de Sabedoria completa! Estamos muito animadas ver ele progredir tão rapidamente. Um membro, Irmão Rodrigo Ferriera, está ajudando muito. Tivemos uma lição em sua casa esta semana. Ele convidou Carlos a sentar com sua família durante reunião sacramental e também a comer almoço em sua casa depois! Esta ala Irajá está muito receptiva aos pesquisadores que trazemos e os membros estão ajudando muito. Nosso LMA vai ser desobrigado porque ele realmente mora em Vila Virginia, mas ele estava ajudando e trabalhando conosco também. Acho que temos muitos membros aqui que fariam muito bem com este chamado também. Nossa área é grande e temos muitas coisas fazer com tantos membros!
Nossas vidas são ocupadas e boas. O tempo está passando super rápido!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President!
This week was much better. We could teach many lessons, we had great divisions, and we have a researcher who is progressing too. We did divisions with Sister and Sister Sena Kunkel here in Jd. Irajá. They are doing very well and is a great pleasure to live and work with them. I went out with Sister Sena and actually work here at the Center. We had many good lessons and found some new chic, especially a family with two daughters who want to visit the church and go through all activities. They want a good atmosphere and friends for their daughters. We only find them once so far but we are back and really Animated teach many good things that will change their lives. Sister Sena is happy and growing in training. She loves Sister Kunkel and they work very well in marriage. Kunkel Sister teaches with great power and authority. We talked about expressing gratitude to them and also mark targets for Sister Sena get more contacts. I love working close to these Sisters and know they are working hard and are very obedient.
We have a search engine called Carlos now which is wonderful. He has watched twice in this church and making friends with members VERY fast. Teach the first three lessons and the prophets and also the Word of Wisdom so far. He accepts everything and is already living the Word of Wisdom complete! We are very excited to see him progress so quickly. One member, Brother Rodrigo Ferriera, is helping a lot. We had a lesson in his home this week. He invited Carlos to sit with his family during sacrament meeting and also to eat lunch at home then! This wing Irajá is very receptive to bring researchers and members are helping a lot. Our AML will be exonerated because he actually lives in Vila Virginia, but he was helping and working with us too. I think we have many members here that would do well with this call too. Our area is large and we do many things with so many members!
Our lives are busy and good. Time is going by super fast!
Thank you,
Sister Marchant

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