Monday, July 28, 2014

Hey hey up there in the States!
I hope you lives are going fantastic. We had a very busy week. We started out with another division in São José de Rio Preto, which is a four hour bus ride away. We went up there with our great new companion Síster Beck. (I think I didn´t mention this yet but we are now in a trio with Síster Beck until the end of the transfer. Her companion went home sick this week :( ) Síster Beck is from New York and is super tranquila e maravilhosa. She goes home at the end of the next transfer, as does Síster Hoggan. I talked to her almost all the way to SJRP and all the way home. She is a genius and has lots of wonderful stories of all the great adventures she has had, like foreign exchange in Romania. She is also going to BYU so I will see her lots when I get home! I think we will only be in this trio until the end of this week but it has been a great time so far.
We also had the big Caipira ward party on Saturday. It is actually supposed to be the Festa Juninho that is this huge holiday celebration that they have every year. It is like a big hick/cowboy party where we dress up in plaid with straw hats and they had square dances. They also had tons of awesome food, especially food made of corn, like corn on the cob, popcorn, and this special corn drink (like arroz doce but made from corn). Everything was delicious and perfect. There is a lot of unity in this ward. We have the richest people in the mission here and also some of the poorest in government housing. There is a large mix of people but they are all really great. There were tons of people there and it was a huge sucess. We helped out a little bit with the kid´s carnival games and also got a caught with a few more freckles. I think I drank some freckle juice (ring any bells, Mom?).
Carlos is doing well and progressing. He already had his interview and should get baptized this weekend, but is getting nervous and also might move to another city due to work. I hope he stays here long enough to get baptized and confirmed! He said he will probably come home for the weekends então he can still attend church here. It is kindof complicated and up in the air right now but we are figuring it out.
We also had our big zone conference this week. It was great and the spirit was strong. Nothing new happened but we did a lot of practices and learned a lot about helping our investigators to feel the Spirit and pray. I have a huge respect for Presidente Brum and know that he was called of God. He is exactly what this mission needs and is leading us with power and authority. I want to be more like him.
The members are helping out a lot here in Irajá this week and we are getting to know them a lot better. I hope I don´t get transfered right now! Sheila and her girls are doing great too. They have a huge desire to do what is right and to know the truth. They are learning slowly but keep commitments well and are very acceptive. We also found a new investigator Lucas who is very smart and is learning tons about the Book of Mormon. He has already researched many religions and has a huge desire to find the true Church of Jesus Christ. We have what he needs and are very excited to see him progress.
Other than that life is good here and moving quickly. I love these Sísteres who I live with here in Irajá and am learning a lot ainda. I want to stay and continue teaching these wonderful people. This is a very blessed area and there is so much to do! I am excited to see my friends make the covenant of baptism and move their lives for the better. This gospel is so true and so good. It makes me want to be better every day.
Love ya all,
Síster Marchant

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