Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Date: 8/4/2014 11:30:19 AM
Subject: Não acredito! Realmente, até o fim
Dearest Fam,
So as we all have heard, all good things must come to an end, parts of the missionary life is no exeption. We had an amazing week (I reached one year this week! Wow, it goes super de duper fast. The Sisters here are so cute. They bought salgadinhos and fruit and sang happy birthday to me. I love them all! Síster Kunkel and Síster Sena are staying in Iraja mais uma transferência), which unfortunately ended in transfers. Transfers always shake up your life no matter what happens. There were a lot of changes--and Sister Hoggan and I were affected. Síster Beck, who was in a trio with us went off to São José do Rio Preto. She will finish her mission there as a Sister Treinadora with another amazing sister, Síster Bécar. And Síster Hoggan...WILL FINISH HER MISSION WITH ME IN IRAJÁ!!! I did not believe it. In the end we will have spent 9 meses, or half of our mission together. I will help her wonederful mission come to an end! We are super excited. What a blessing it is to serve with Síster Hoggan. She is one of my best friends and I have learned SO much with her. We are seeing a lot of success in Irajá and I am super excited to continue serving there até o fim with her. I love missions!
This week we had a lot of amazing lessons. We have found a new family in João Rossi with a Mom of five named Alessaundra. She has kids of 13, 11, 7, e 2 years who are listening to our lessons, and the three of them who really can read are all reading and progressing great! She came to church this week and the ward was SUPER wonderful to give rides and really welcome them in. I think they really liked it. Her kids are absolutely adorable and are super cute. They are all really quiet, but I think the ones who came to church really liked primary and already have friends. It will be a challenge for them to come again because Alessaundra works every other Sunday da manhã, but I have faith that their faith will help them overcome. They are keeping commitments and are feeling the Spirit. I love watching the Spirit work through us to touch these people´s lives.
A membro in the ward (Irmã Vera) who is awesome gave us a reference to visit and teach her family who lives in a barrio we are visiting called Bonfim. They are SUPER friendly and listen well to our lessons. We taught the Restoration this week to their family which is made up of a couple and their son and grandson as well as their other daughter and husband. In total we are teaching six adults at once! I have never taught so many people the Restoration at once and was a little nervous, but it went really well. We are just beginning to teach them but are super excited and they are excepting well. It has been such a wonderful week!
I love you all tons! Thanks so much for everything.
Síster Marchant

P.S. Mom, your package of shoes came in this week! I was so happy I almost cried. These other shoes are wearing out faster than the first ones and I was thinking that I really will be needing another pair to last me to the end. That package was an answer to prayers and came right on my year mark! Thanks so much for always sending exactly what I need and then more. I love you!

Obrigada Presidente,
Obrigada, Obrigada, Obrigada!!! Esta semana excluindo só algumas partes pode ser a melhor semana de minha missão. Não acredito as bênçãos que estamos recebendo! Primeiro, muito obrigada por sua confiança e o confiança do Senhor para permitir que Síster Hoggan e eu fiquemos mais uma transferência juntas! Eu não acreditei quando ouvi a primeira vez. Estamos muito animada trabalhar MUITO juntas e eu a ama demais. Temos muitos pesquisadores bem chiques agora que estão só começando aprender do evangelho, e estamos tão gratas e tão felizes continuar a ensinar estas pessoas maravilhosas. Vai ser a melhor transferência de minha vida.
Tivemos algumas lições ótimas esta semana, especialmente com as pessoas do bairro João Rossi. Tem prédios do governo lá e as pessoas são humildes e dispostas a ouvir a verdade. Tivemos uma experiência super chique quando começamos bater portas terça-feira. Não sabíamos aonde ir então fizemos uma oração. Sentimos bater em duas portas especificas no outro lado do prédio. Fomos lá e as duas abriram para a gente e deixaram que entrássemos. O Senhor realmente está em nosso lado todos os momentos, e estou sentindo a influência Dele ainda mais em minha vida. Eu amo esta obra!
Nós estamos tendo boas lições com os membros esta semana. Eles estão animados e ajudando muito. Levamos uma família à Igreja esta semana com crianças pequenas e os membros os acolheram muito. Vamos esforçar-nos falar mais nos domingos com os membros para organizar lições, mas precisamos aprender mais maneiras contatar os membros. Muitos deles estão dispostos a ajudar quando pedimos e nos estendemos a eles.
Obrigada por sua ajuda! Coisas estão continuando muito bem.
Síster Marchant
English Translation
Thank President,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This week only excluding some parts may be the best week of my mission. Do not believe the blessings that we are receiving! First, thank you for your confidence and trust the Lord to allow Sister Hoggan and I transfer us more together! I could not believe when I heard the first time. We are VERY excited to work together and I love her too. We have many very chic now that researchers are just beginning to learn the gospel, and we are so grateful and so happy to continue to teach these wonderful people. Will be the best transfer of my life.
We had some great lessons this week, especially with people from the neighborhood John Rossi. Has the government buildings there and people are humble and willing to hear the truth. We had a super chic experience when we started knocking doors Tuesday. We did not know where to go so we made a prayer. Felt hit two specific ports on the other side of the building. We went there and the two opened up for us and left us to enter. The Lord really is on our side all the time, and I feel His influence even more in my life. I love this work!
We are having good lessons with members this week. They are excited and very helping. We took a family to church this week with small children and the members welcomed too. We will endeavor to talk more on Sunday with members to organize lessons, but we learn more ways to contact members. Many of them are willing to help when asked and we extend to them.
Thanks for your help! Things are proceeding well.
Sister Marchant

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