Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I hope your day last week was absolutely wonderful. I have thought about you lots this week and hope you are feeling super young--because you are! Let me know when my letter comes through. Yesterday was also Dia dos Pais here in Brasil so I have been thinking a lot about you too Dad. It´s interesting, Dia dos Mães is the same day as the states, but dia dos Pais is completamente diferente. I guess they wanted to spread out the love a little bit.
This has been a very normal week. We have had a few really great lessons and are mapping everything out for divisões and reuniões and such for this transfer. It is going to fly by!
We had a neat experience of service this week. Síster Kunkel and I like to run as vezes for exercise in the mornings. We were running on Friday morning this week in the street and ran past a senhora sweeping up a huge pile of leaves in front of her house into garbage bags (yeah, they don´t have a lot of trees here in the city but there are a few planted in front of peoples houses in the concrete). She just cut down one of her trees so there was a GINORMOUS pile of leaves. We stopped and turned around and asked (or more like didn´t ask and just started helping) if we could help. We ended up stuffing leaves in giant garbage bags for the next hour. It was a beautiful morning and a super fun, spontaneous service project. It brought me back to all those years of raking leaves in the backyard with the old brown garbage can. I am very grateful Dad that you taught me how to work. I have found it immensely important and useful on my mission to be able to happily work for a long time (sorry if I wasn´t always super happy to do it back in the day. I´m changing now:)) It came in handy knowing the tricks like stepping on the leaves to squish them down and picking out all of the sticks. Who knows when you are going to use skills you learned at home again? Love you two.
The Sísteres had a baptism this week! It was the mom of one of the strong members of our ward. She was 86 could hardly hear and walked really slowly. They had to do the baptism at least four times. I wasn´t sure if she was going to make it. In the end her son in law (who was baptizing her) held her in his arms like a baby and went almost all the way under with him. Whatever works. It was neat to see how alive and happy she was afterwards. We asked her how she felt and she said, "I´m just so happy. I just feel happy". It is never too late to change your life. I love the example of this tiny, humble woman who was willing to do whatever the Lord asked of her. We should all be a little bit more like Alice.
Things are going well and I´m feeling healthy and strong! Have a great week!
Síster Marchant

P.S. Thanks so much for the amazing giant package from the Family Reunião! I wish I could have been there! Your notes were super sweet and I felt very loved. I have the best family in the world.

Obrigada Presidente,
Esta semana foi cansativa mas boa. Ensinamos muitos novos esta semana e encontramos muitos pessoas chiques pela primeira vez. Estamos trabalhando mais em João Rossi agora que tem muitos apartamentos do governo, e as pessoas lá são muito aceptivas e gentis. Estamos ensinando uma família de cinco filhos lá. A mãe se chama Alessandra, e três dos filhos estão aprendendo e lendo também. Eles são de ouro e os amamos muito. Esta semana fizemos uma peça de 1 Néfi 1-4 com eles na sala deles. Agimos como Néfi, Lamã, Labão, etc, e prestou bem porque tivemos muitos caráters que particaram. Foi muito divertido e acho que as crianças entenderam melhor. Também tivemos uma lição muito especial com a Irmã Ana Paula. Ela é um membro de um pouco mais de um ano, e tem um testemunho SUPER forte. Não vi muitas pessoas mais animadas sobre o evangelho do que ela. Ela prestou testemunho como ela foi batizada e mencionou como ela está preparando ir ao templo. Alessaundra perguntou e explicamos muito basicamente que é um templo. Ela falou que em dezembro ela tinha um sonho muitas vezes que ela estava vestida completamente em branco ficando fora de um edifício muito grande olhando dentro. Eventualmente ela entrou e viu um áltar, e tinha muitas pessoas vestidos em branco no seu redor. Na verdade, Irmã Ana Paula tinha sonhos semelhantes e podia falar muito com ela. O Espírito é muito forte na casa de Alessaundra e estamos animadas a vê-los progredir. Acho que a coisa mais difícil por ela é que ela trabalha todos os domingos menos um por mês. Se ela puder obter folgas nos domingos, acho que vai ser batizada. Estamos tentando ter uma reunião familiar com ela hoje anoite. Têm muitos membros legais que moram perto dela em João Rossi, então temos muita ajuda.
Estou estudando dos evangelhos recentemente e fazendo a atividade em capítulo 10 onde escreve todas as perguntas que Cristo faz. Estou gostando muito de ler a Bíblia como assim e estou aprendendo muitas coisas. Eu amo Pregar Meu Evangelho!
Estamos animadas sobre nossas novas Sísteres e a começar esta transferência com poder. Vamos trabalhar firme até o fim!

Obrigada por tudo,
Síster Marchant

English Translation
Thank President,
This week was tiring but good. We teach many new this week and found many chic people first. We are working harder in John Rossi now that the government has many apartments, and the people there are very kind and aceptivas. We are teaching a family of five children there. The mother called Alessandra, and three of the children are learning and reading as well. They are gold and love them very much. This week we made a piece of 1 Nephi 1-4 with them in their room. We act as Nephi, Laman, Laban, etc, and paid well because we had that many caráters particaram. It was really fun and I think the kids understood better. We also had a very special lesson with Sister Ana Paula. It is a member of a little more than a year, and has a super strong evidence. Not seen many more people excited about the gospel than her. She testified how she was baptized and mentioned how she is preparing to go to the temple. Alessaundra asked and explained very basically it is a temple. She said that in December she had a dream she was often dressed completely in white getting out of a very large building looking inside. Eventually she came in and saw an altar, and had many people dressed in white on around you. In fact, Sister Ana Paula had similar dreams and could talk to her a lot. The Spirit is very strong at home and we Alessaundra animated to see them progress. I think the hardest thing for her is that she works all Sundays least one per month. If she can get time off on Sundays, I think it will be baptized. We are trying to have a family meeting with her today anoite. Have many loyal members who live near her in John Rossi, then we have a lot of help.
I am studying the gospels recently and doing the activity in chapter 10 where he writes all the questions that Christ does. I'm really enjoying reading the Bible as well and I am learning many things. I love Preach My Gospel!
We are excited about our new sisters and starting with this transfer power. We will work firm to the end!

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