Monday, February 2, 2015

Boa tarde gente!
So that statement in my email title could apply to almost every other person here in Brazil, but this week we really did have a miracle with an Irmã Maria. She is a menos ativo that we have been working with for about a month now. She is a small, old widow who still has a lot of spunk. This week she finally came to Church! She was baptized about two years ago and doesn´t remember much of what she learned, but she is super sweet and wants to do just what God asks. We are starting over from the beginning and teaching all of the 5 lessons very simply. She trusts us a lot and always lets us right in (and has the best tasting water da cidade. I would know, we try the water at pretty much every person´s house. Yes, this was a hot week). It is so rewarding to see people progress. I almost died seeing her out in the congregation this Sacrament Meeting (I was up on the stand playing piano), I was so happy. I might not be changing cities or nations, but I am helping to change individuals.
The Lord is so good to us. He keeps us safe and sends lots of little blessings to always let me know that He is there and cares a ton about us. I have been VERY blessed over my mission to have been very protected physically. I have never been assaulted and I have stayed in three apartments, not houses, which are some of the safest mission housing on the mission. I also haven´t been sick much and have never had any major problems with health like many other missionaries have. I couldn´t count how many missionaries that I know have already gone and continue to go home for health reasons. This mission beats you up a little physically, but the Lord is really blessing me to continue strong until the end, and then some. I am very grateful for this blessing and do not take it for granted.
We are traveling up a storm. This week we have our final Conselho de Liderança. I love those so much! I will miss it a lot. If there is anything I will miss tons from the mission, it is the other missionaries. We have such great missionaries on this mission that just makes every day a great day. I love working with Síster Palomino and all of the other Sísteres. It is sometimes exhausting (and it is always good to come home to "lar, doce lar" at the end of a divisão), but so worth it. I have had so many wonderful experiences from traveling that I will never forget. I know these onibus like the back of my hand. I am very excited to learn from the wisdom of Presidente Brum mais uma vez in this setting. There is something very special and sacred about meeting with all of the leaders of the mission assim. I have been very blessed to have this responsibility for so long.
This week in Fast and Testimony Meeting at Church I bore my testimony about alegria. The gospel truly brings more happiness and joy than anything else in the whole world. It is true happiness that cannot be found as deep anywhere else. I am so happy every day as a missionary. Yes, it is for sure the hardest thing that I have ever done, but it is as well the best thing that I have ever done and I have never felt such deep, true happiness so many times. I will keep this testimony and the experiences that I have had here for the rest of my life. D%C 128:19--new favorite scripture.
I love this work! I love you guys!
Síster Marchante

Olá Presidente,
Esta semana foi tranquila e muito boa. Estamos trabalhando muito, mas não tanto em nossa própria área na verdade. Fizemos uma atividade com a zone aqui em Araraquara onde visitamos muitos menos ativos de Ala 2 com todas as duplas. Foi muito boa e conseguimos visitar muitas pessoas em pouco tempo. Foi cansativo mas sinto que nós realmente ajudamos Ala 2 muito. Senti mais união na zona também. Temos líderes muito bons. Élder Jake é um Líder de Distrito muito bom também. Quando ele dá treinamentos e ligações para nós posso ver que ele realmente importa conosco. Ele importa mais com nosso progressão espiritual e nossos necessidades do que se nossos números são incríveis. Com isso estou ainda mais motivada alcançar metas pessoais e nas números. Esta transferência está trazendo muito esperança e paz para mim. Sinto que realmente Síster Palomino e eu estamos fazendo a vontade do Senhor até nosso melhor.
Visitamos as Sísteres em Iguatemi esta semana. Saí com a Síster Illu e a Síster Palomino saiu com a Síster Sousa. Síster Illu está fazendo a transição até a vida missionária muito bem. Acho que ela está um pouco em choque como qualquer novinha, mas está muito calma e tranquila. Não reclamou de nada e está se esforçando muito para fazer coisas novas e difíceis. Vai ser difícil, mas vai ajudá-la a crescer muito e ser um bom líder pelo resto da missão dela. Ela tem muito amor pela Síster Illu e quer fazer tudo certo. As duas vão crescer bastante esta transferência.
Tudo está bom e tranquilo aqui. Estamos de boa saúde e continuando normal. Vamos viajar muito esta próxima semana (para Franca! wahoo!). A Síster Palomino é muito boa para mim e nós rimos todos os dias. Não consigo imaginar a Síster Palomino tendo raiva. Tenho muito respeito e amor por ela. É uma bênção grande tê-la como minha companheira. Ela é muito pura de coração e quer fazer sempre o certo. Estamos muito bem aqui.
Com amor,
Síster Marchante
Englisth Translation
Hello President,
This week was quiet and very good. We're working hard, but not so much in our own area actually. We did an activity with the zone here in Araraquara where we visited many less Winger 2 assets with all double. It was very good and managed to visit many people in a short time. It was tiring but I feel that we really help Ala 2 much. I felt more unity in the area too. We have very good leaders. Elder Jake is a District Leader also very good. When he gives training and links to us can see that he really cares about us. He cares more about our spiritual progression and our needs than our numbers are incredible. With so I'm even more motivated to achieve personal goals and in numbers. This download is bringing much hope and peace for me. I feel really Sister Palomino and I are doing the Lord's will to our best.
We visited the Sisters in Iguatemi this week. I left with Sister Illu and Sister Palomino went with Sister Sousa. Sister Illu is making the transition to the missionary life very well. I think she's a bit in shock as any young, but is very quiet and peaceful. Not complained about anything and is working hard to make new and difficult things. It will be difficult, but it will help you grow a lot and be a good leader for the rest of her mission. She has so much love for Sister Illu and want to do everything right. The two will grow quite this transfer.
Everything is nice and quiet here. We are in good health and continuing normal. We go traveling this next week (for France! Wahoo!). The Sister Palomino is very good for me and we laugh every day. I can not imagine Sister Palomino with anger. I have much respect and love for her. What a blessing to have her as my mate. She is very pure of heart and always wants to do right. We are very well here.
With love,
Sister Marchante

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