Monday, October 6, 2014

It´s the most wonderful weekend, of the year! I love General Conference so much! There were so many miracles. Síster Sperry and I were talking that Conference is one of the most special things for us because it is perhaps the only time in the whole year when we know that our families are doing the exact same thing. We sustained with you and wrote with you and sang with you this weekend. I hope that you watched every session so that I could share this special time with you all! It was a weekend full of happiness.
We watched all four sessions in the Stake Center in Planalto Verde which is about 30 minutes away. We were able to watch it almost all in English (except for the Portuese talk! What a wonderful gift!) in a little room on the side with all of the Americans in our stake. It was so fun and the Spirit was strong. Síster Sperry and I were super excited and wanted to do something special to remember so we brought in a bunch of mini sandwich fixins like the good ole days in the nasty Nati. It was simple and fun and a success. Then on Sunday we brought in brownies that went super fast. There was only us two and Síster Shipp as sisteres (yay! She is back in Ribeirão so I see her all the time:)) so we did our part as the Relief Society. I love Brazilians so much, but every once and a while it is wonderful to be with a bunch of Americans as well. This was a very memorable conference for me.
I saw so many miracles there! I loved the talks by the 70s this conference. My favorite talk was probably by Jorg Klebingat of the 70 who talked about the 6 ways you can feel good about yourself and find peace in this life. I really want to read this talk again and apply it in my life. I thought of Grandpa when I saw Clay Christianson playing on the orgão, and I also saw one of the brothers who Síster Shipp and I taught in the TRC in the MTC who sings in MoTab. It was a great treat. Allan F Packer of the 70 really reminded me of Dad too, só seu jeito, and when he started talking about Family History I almost did a double take to make sure it wasn´t Dad for real. And the final talk by Elder Bednar was perhaps the best. It was such a miracle because the Sunday Afternoon Session was the only one that our investigator Clarisse came to (see more deats below). She is progressing so well and it brings my heart such joy every time I see her! The only thing left to teach her is tithing and she will be ready for baptism. We are doing a fast with her today to help her officially stop smoking. She called hoje da manhã and said "ok I´m calling to tell you that I´m am starting my jejum." She is only doing it for two hours but she is very serious about it and is very devoted. We reminded her to start and end with a prayer and she said, "claro que já fiz". She is the best pesquisador that I have ever had. I love her tons and cannot wait to see her make it to the water.
It was a huge joy for me to see the conference in Portuguese! And the other languages too. Who says that Americans should get all the blessings of hearing all of the speakers speak in their own language? There have been various Brazilians who have told me that they want to learn English just so that they can hear the prophets and apostles speak in their own language. And the Americans who translate into English are EXCELLENT. Although the Portuguese translators are amazingly great as well, usually in Portuguese it doesn´t come through quite so calm and perfect (we watched the Women´s Conference in Portuguese last weekend. I understand all of it now (wahoo!) but I don´t remember very much because I am more focused on the words than the message). It really touched my heart to hear Elder Godoy speak in Portuguese and it was much easier to understand than the talks that are translated into Portudues. I don´t think we appreciate the added affect of having the talks in the intonations and personalidades of the speakers. It makes a huge difference. This Church really is an international Church and is the Church of God, not of America or of the prophet. I love being a part of this wonderfully divinely inspired organization. It is such an honor to share the truths of Jesus Christ with all the world.

Love you tons! Tell me all you learned from Conference!
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Minha vida é maravilhosa! Estamos sempre feliz e estamos sempre aprendendo. Esta semana foi um pouco diferente porque não tivemos muito tempo para trabalhar na nossa área. Tivemos uma ÓTIMA divisão com as Sísteres em Jaboticabal. Eu saí com a Síster Huamani e a Síster Sperry saiu com a Síster Corrêa. Foi um dia maravilhosa. A Síster Huamani trabalha muito arduamente e está muito disposta a tentar coisas novas, mesmo que seja difíceis. Fizemos muitos contatos diferentes e bons e achamos uma família de ouro. A Síster Huamani tem um testemunho muito forte e sabe porque está aqui. Uma dos melhores qualidades dela é que ela é humilde e quer melhorar muito. Ela aceita qualquer conselho facilmente e está buscando maneiras para melhorar. Tenho muito respeito dela e sei que terá uma missão de poder. Ela está muito bem com saúde. Ela é uma missionária jovem ainda e tem muito aprender no trabalho, mas está melhorando rápido e vai saber fazer tudo logo.
A Síster Sena está fazendo maravilhas com A Síster Jales. Ainda tem alguns dias ruins, mas elas estão trabalhando muito bem e vendo sucesso. Elas são semelhantes em muitas maneiras e estão ajudando uma à outra. Amo morar com elas!
O treinamento da historia da família foi ótima e ajudou muito. Estamos muito animadas aplicar isso mais com nossos pesquisadores e com os membros. Acho que ajudará muito.
Conferência Geral foi maravilhosa! Tivemos tantos milagres. Nosso pesquisador a Clarisse foi no último sessão, qual também foi minha preferida. Ela estava planejando ir Sábado anoite, mas não deu certo. Depois, estava planejando ir domingo da tarde, mas tinha que votar. Finalmente ela conseguiu ir domingo da noite. O discurso do Élder Bednar foi perfeito para ela. Imediatamente quando ele falou, "Quero dirigir meu discurso para as pessoas que não são membros da Igreja," tudo mundo na nossa sala de Inglês gritou, e estávamos quase chorando pelo fim. Amo Conferência Geral! Realmente foi uma resposta de orações. O Élder Bednar também recitou quase toda a história de Enos, que nós se sentimos que devemos dar para Clarisse na verdade DUAS vezes para ler. Estamos fazendo um jejum especial com ela hoje para ajudá-la parar de fumar completamente. Ela parou de beber café já e está lendo o Livro de Mórmon mais do que qualquer outro pesquisador que já tinha. Amo ela tanto! Quero ver seu sucesso até o fim tanto. Não conseguimos trabalhar com muitas pessoas esta semana, mas com aqueles que trabalhamos, estamos vendo muito progressão.
Amo esta área e amo a Síster Sperry. Estou muito abençoada aqui. Tivemos um estudo do sacramento muito especial esta semana e depois dois discursantes falaram tanto sobre ele na conferência. Também estávamos estudando no "Adjusting to Missionary Life." Naquele parte atrás do livreto (página 52 in inglês), me sinto finalmente que estou na parte de "stage 4 de adjustment: Emotional Self-Reliance". Eu continuo a aprender todos os dias e estou amando meus dias aqui. O tempo passa rápido!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President!
My life is wonderful! We are always happy and we are always learning. This week was a bit different because we have not had much time to work in our area. We had a GREAT room with Sisters in Jaboticabal. I went with Sister and Sister Sperry Huamani left with Sister Corrêa. It was a wonderful day. The Sister Huamani works very hard and is very willing to try new things, even if it is difficult. We made many contacts and good and find a family gold. The Sister Huamani has a very strong testimony and know why you're here. One of her best qualities is that she is very humble and wants to improve. It accepts any advice easily and is seeking ways to improve. I have much respect for her and I know that will have a quest for power. She is very well in health. She is a young missionary and still has much to learn on the job, but is improving rapidly and will soon learn to do everything.
The Sister Sena is doing wonders with The Sister Jales. Still has some bad days, but they are working very well and seeing success. They are similar in many ways and are helping to one another. Love living with them!
The training history of the family was great and helped a lot. We are very excited to apply this more with our researchers and members. I think it will help a lot.
General Conference was wonderful! We had so many miracles. Our researcher Clarisse was the last session, which was also my favorite. She was planning to go Saturday night, but it did not work. Then I was planning to go Sunday afternoon, but had to vote. Finally she was able to go Sunday night. The Elder Bednar's talk was perfect for her. Immediately when he said, "I want to address my remarks to people who are not members of the Church," all the world in our room shouted English, and we were almost crying by the end. Love General Conference! It really was an answer to prayers. Elder Bednar also recited almost all the story of Enos, if we feel we should give Clarisse actually TWICE to read. We are doing a special fast with her today to help her stop smoking completely. She stopped drinking coffee already and reading the Book of Mormon more than any other researcher who had. Love her so much! I want to see your success as much to the end. Not many people were able to work with this week, but with those we work with, we are seeing much progression.
I love this area and love Sister Sperry. I am very blessed here. We had a very special study of the sacrament this week and then two Ranters talked much about it at the conference. Were also studying the "Missionary Adjusting to Life." That part behind the booklet (page 52 in English), I finally feel that I am part of the "fourth stage of adjustment: Emotional Self-Reliance." I continue to learn every day and I'm loving my time here. The time goes fast!
Thank you,
Sister Marchant

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