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Date: 04/14/14 11:17:46
Subject: Debora is the best!
Feliz Páscoa gente!
It really is hard to spend holidays without you all, but there are lots of new traditions and exciting things happening here to experience! Instead of Easter baskets they sell tons of these giant chocolate eggs. All the kids get a giant chocolate egg with toys inside. There are hundreds hanging from the ceiling of the supermarket here in town--it kind of makes me clostrophopic. But it is exciting and gets me in the Easter spirit. We have been studying a lot about the Resurreição this week and searching the story from all the four gospels. The Resurrection is such a wonderful, miraculous gift, and it is way neat to learn about all the details surrounding it. I encourage you to deeply study it again this Easter season if you haven´t already.

We had our first divisions this week with Sister Casperson and Sister Rodriguez! I went with Sister Rodriguez and had a blast. She is an excelent teacher and doesn´t really need any advice from me, but it was really cool at the end to talk to her a lot about how it is to be a new American learning Portuguese. It really is feelings and frustrations you will never understand unless you experience it. Sister Casperson has only been here for about a month and has no language background, so I can only imagine what it must be like for her. Spanish helped me SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much. I am so grateful that I chose to stick with Spanish all the way until the end of high school. Who know it would come in handy so much? It´s funny though, now I remember hardly nothing of Spanish at all. If I try to think or speak of Spanish it all comes out in Portuguese. I want to study Spanish again though when I come home. I LOVE languages!

Biggest news of the week--our recent convert Debora received a calling! I am so grateful to still be in this area to see her grow so much and to help her with this. She has been called to be the Ward Young Women´s President! She has only been a member for two weeks and hardly has even heard of Young Womens. It is going to be an adventure and an awesome challenge for her. Luckily, Sister Hoggan and I went all the way through the Young Womens program so we can get her started with even the most simple things such as what does it mean to have councilors and what are the Laurels. She is nervous but very willing and ready to go. I have huge faith in her and know that this will really solidify her testimony in the gospel as she studies and teaches the doctrine to this small group of Young Women. Debora is my hero! (She keeps giving us way too much free food too. That girl)

The other day we were doing exercises outside (we often descer until our apartment´s parking lot to do exercises in the fresh air :)) and I was just really anxious to get out and teach! There are so many people here in need of the gospel! We always have tons of people to visit and never enough to time to help all of the people on our lists. Our investigators are having a hard time keeping commitments this week for different reasons, but we had some powerful, determining lessons this week with some of them and we are excited to really go for it this next week.

We also were able to watch the General Women´s Conference this weekend! You were right Mom, that second vid really hit me too. I thought of you! Life goes super fast, especially a mission life. Time is a funny thing. Thank goodness we get to have endless time together in the eternities! We watched the Conference in Portuguese which was a really neat experience. I could understand almost everything! I didn´t retain a lot of it because I was focusing so hard on the language but I tried to take good notes and we should get the Conference edition of the Liahona soon! The Church is so great with all of these neverending resources to study. I am going to study the gospel until my brain explodes.

I love you all tons! Go eat another chocolate egg--especially those ones filled with the white cream (what are the called? It starts with a C). Thanks for writing such long emails this week! Love you!

Sister Marchant

Olá Presidente,
Estamos trabalhando muito e estamos cansadas mas felizes. Somos muito ocupadas organizando todos as coisas para nossos Sísteres e tentando aprender como ser bons líderes. Tivemos nossas primeiras divisões com Síster Rodriguez e Síster Casperson esta semana. Eu sai com Síster Rodriguez. Ela está fazendo ótima e está muito feliz. Ela ensina com poder e autoridade e faz contatos muito bom. Eu acho que ela vai ser um líder muito bom na missão e um exemplo grande para outras Sísteres. Ela já é uma treinadora muito boa com Síster Casperson, e elas estão felizes trabalhando juntos. Ajudei ela começar um plano de estudo de inglês; ela está animada estudar e fazer a prova em fim com a ajuda de Síster Casperson. Síster Casperson também é muito inteligente e sabe como fazer todas as tarefas de uma missionária. Ela só precisa mais ajuda com Português. Para nossa treinamento da manhã seguinte nós falamos muito sobre trabalhando igualmente. Síster Casperson não tem medo, mas como qualquer outra Americana nova, é difícil entrar conversas quando ela não sabe como fazer transições ou comentar. Encorajamos que Síster Casperson lidere mais e Síster Rodriguez fale menos. Mas elas são muito poderosas e não precisa mudar muitos coisas. Não precisamos preocupar sobre sua dupla.
Nossa semana foi bom mas um pouco desapontada. Nós tivemos algumas lições muito boas e tivemos muitos pesquisadores quem prometeram ir a Igreja, mas ninguém estava lá ontem. Vamos correr atrás todas estas pessoas esta semana e tentar explicar com testemunhos mais forte sobre a importância de frequentar a Igreja. Mas a Igreja domingo ainda foi muito boa. Nossas recém-conversas em nossa ala, Debora e Tiago, ambos receberam chamados! Debora é a nova Presidente das Moças e Tiago e o Líder da obra missionária da ala! Nós estamos muito animadas trabalhar com eles. Os dois estão muito dispostos e animados (e um pouco nervosos) ter estes novos chamados. Vamos trabalhar muito com eles para ajudar eles entender como servir em seus chamados e realmente que significa todas estas coisas e palavras novas. Estou muito animada para Debora especialmente porque eu sei que isto é exatamente o que ela precisa para permanecer ativa todos os domingos na Igreja e conhecer muitas mais pessoas. A obra está continuando forte aqui! Eu amo esta obra.

Obrigada por tudo,
Síster Marchant

P.S. Eu muito mais fácil escrever rápido em Português agora!
Translation into English
Hello President ,
We're working hard and we are tired but happy . We are all very busy organizing things for our Sisters and trying to learn how to be good leaders . We had our first divisions with Sister and Sister Casperson Rodriguez this week . I hung out with Sister Rodriguez . She is doing great and is very happy . She teaches with power and authority and makes very good contacts . I think it will be a very good leader in mission and a great example for other Sisters . She is already a very good coach with Sister Casperson , and they are happy working together . I helped her get a plan of study English ; she's excited to study and take the test in order with the help of Sister Casperson . Sister Casperson is also very smart and knows how to do all the tasks of a missionary . It just needs more help with Portuguese . For our training next morning we talked a lot about working also . Sister Casperson has no fear, but like any other young American, is difficult to get into conversations when she does not know how to do transitions or comment . We encourage Casperson Sister Sister Rodriguez lead more and talk less. But they are very powerful and do not need to change many things . We need not worry about his double .
Our week was good but a little disappointed . We had some very good lessons and many researchers who had promised to go to church , but nobody was there yesterday. Let's go after all these people this week and try to explain with stronger statements about the importance of attending church . But to Sunday Church was still very good . Our new converts in our ward , Debora and James both received calls ! Debora is the new Young Women president , and James and the Leader of the ward mission ! We are very excited to work with them . The two are very willing and excited ( and a little nervous ) to have these new calls . We will work hard with them to help them understand how to serve in their callings and really that means all these things and new words . I am very excited to Debora especially because I know that this is exactly what she needs to stay active in church every Sunday and meet more people . The work is continuing strong here! I love this work .

Thanks for everything,
Sister Marchant

PS I fast a lot easier to write in Portuguese now !

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