Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feliz Dia dos Pais, Pai!!!!
I just want you to know, you are MUITO, MUITO FANTÁSTICO E ÓTIMO E MARAVILHOSO E LINDO!!! I am super super grateful to have you as my Dad. I have learned SO much from you and your example and continue to think about you often and the things you taught me such as hard work and dedication, "if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear", and how willing you always were to do whatever the Lord or your leaders asked of you. I am not as good at you yet, but I am striving to sacrafice more of myself like you always do and to be willing to submit myself to the will of the Lord. Thanks so much for making my life so wonderful Dad! No matter what I´m doing or where I am way far away on the other side of the world, I will always be your baby girl!
This week was a little unnormal. We had the world cup terça-feira (which we won by the way) and so we stayed inside that day and everything else got a little mixed up. It´s fun to walk down the streets and see Brazilian flags EVERYWHERE and everyone dressed in green and yellow jerseys. We have two giant flags set up in our apartment as well and are super excited and ready for Brazil to win the whole thing. I am really proud of our Brazilian missionaries. The Cup only happens once every four years, and this might very well be the only time in their lives in takes place in their country (the last world cup was here in the 60s). I know some of them are dying to watch it, but aparently we found out that every one of the missionaries in our mission obeyed the rules and stayed inside to study on Tuesday. I hope muito that this continues as Brazil moves on to the bigger games. The French are camped out in Ribeirão Preto in some hidden place that we will never see them, and I think there might be one game here in the city, but not much. What an adventure this is to be here at this time!
We are teaching a man named Carlos now who had a stroke I think or some kind of accident and understands a little slower. He is always home though and always lets us in. He loved the Plan of Salvation and is learning quickly. Last time we went there he opened the Book of Mormon in the middle of Alma and read all the war chapters until 3 Néfi 11! He is really doing his part. He is still searching for an answer to know about authority of the Priesthood because he was already baptized twice in other churches, but I know with his diligence and faith he will get an answer. The Elderes had a baptism this week that he was able to attend and he liked it a lot. He originally came to the Church because of our english class which is still going strong, especially with four duplas with Americans agora. I hope I can see Carlos be baptized before I leave Campos Eliseos!
We are also still teaching our old friend Anália. She is currently not going to move to the nursing home like we before thought and we are continuing to teach her and perpare her for baptism. She has lots of dificuldades remembering things and doesn´t understand our Portuguese very well so we have to teach everything two or three times and very slowly, but she has a huge desire to follow the teachings of Christ the best that she can. She is always asking us when we can come back and loves it when we come. I hope she can understand well enough to pass the baptismal interview because she is keeping the commandments and is ready for baptism!
I am loving life and ready to follow the will of the Lord wherever he sends me from here. Life is great! Time goes way too fast. Síster Hoggan is beginning her "twelve week program to get trained back to normal life" here soon! How fast time goes!
Love you lots and lots e muitos,
Síster Marchant

Muito obrigada pelas suas palavras Presidente,
Eu sempre sou edificada e aprendo algo mais com seus emails. Esta semana fez divisões com Síster Freitas e Síster Morales. Eu saí com Síster Freitas. Foi muito bom conhecê-la melhor e falar sobre nossas forças e fraquezas. Eu amo minhas Sísteres muito e sou muito grata por esta oportunidade conhecê-las tão bem. Elas são maravilhosas e trabalhando com fé. Síster Freitas e Síster Morales estão ensinando muitas famílias agora. Acho que a divisão foi muito boa para nós duas. Eu continuo aprender muitas coisas com estas divisões. Demos um treinamento sobre felicidade e como mostrar mais alegria em nossos rostos durante lições e em contatos. Convidamo-las ler o discourso de Elder Bednar na Conferência Geral sobre aprender de nossos fardos e submeter-nos à vontade do Senhor.
Eu continuo aprender muitas coisas esta semana de meus estudos e os estudos de Síster Hoggan. Ela é maravilhosa e tem muita paciência comigo. Nós duas estudamos muita esta semana dos atributos de Jesus Cristo e os discursos da Conferência. Eu amo esta Conferência, e o lendo esta me ajudando em Português também.
Nós temos dois pesquisadores com muito potencial agora. Se chamam Anália e Carlinho. Eles são um pouco velhos e aprendem devagar, então estamos ensinando muito basicamente. Eles estão aceitando bem e estão cumprindo compromissos, alem de ir a Igreja. Quando os dois foram a Igreja mais uma vez, elas estarão prontos para batismo. Espero muito que posso ver pelo menos um deles ser batizados antes do que eu saio Campos Elíseos. Eles são muito maravilhosos, têm muito fé, e querem fazer o que é certo seguir o Senhor. Minha vida é muito abençoada agora.
Estou pensando muito sobre paciência, fé, e gratidão recentemente. Realmente, todos os atributos de Cristo são ligados, e todos apontam à Expiação. Eu sei que qualquer dificuldade ou fardo que encontro na missão ou depois tem propósito, e que com a Expiação de Cristo posso vencer tudo. Tudo vai ser maravilhosa e vale a pena nesta obra. Nada poderia melhor.
Eu amo minha vida!
Síster Marchant

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