Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oi é,

The sun is shining in Ribeirão. Oh wait, it always does! The heat is back and the heat of the world cup is continuing strong. I am so happy we don´t get to watch it! We will just study all night long. What a great life.
We traveled to Franca this week! Síster Hoggan has served three trasfers there in the past so it was a little dejavu for her, but it was a new adventure for me. We took this fancy charter bus with giant, comfy seats and foot rests and overhead baggage. It was a little under a 2 hour bus trip to Franca where lives Síster Castro, Síster Palomino, e Síster Ferreira. Síster Palomino is training Síster Ferreira in a trio with Síster Castro who actually finishes her mission next week. It was a great division. The best part was a lesson with a woman named Carmen. We were doing contacts and she had just barely gotten home. We started talking to her as she stepped out of her car and she let us right in. Brazilians are so nice. She started talking to us and as we asked her more questions she opened up her heart to us about her problems and concerns in her family. The Spirit was strong and she started crying and was really excited to read the Book of Mormon. I am working on trying to ask better inspired questions and it is slowly but surely making a difference in my lessons. I love talking to these people and getting to know all of their stories. There are so many wonderful people in this world just waiting for the gospel!
Yesterday we had a giant stake conference for all of the stakes in our area do Brasil. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake, and Elder Ballard and Elder Scott spoke! The Spirit was strong and we had two investigators there. What a blessing to have modern prophets and revelations! It was neat to watch in Portuguese too. Did you know Elder Scott speaks Portuguese? It´s hard to remember a lot of what they say when I am focusing on the Portuguese, but I can understand everything now and think that Portuguese is more beautiful than ever. I am so blessed to be speaking this wonderful language. They talked about missionary work and basically everything we need to do in the gospel: scripture study, prayer, family history work, temples, and family, family, family. I love you guys so much! Thanks for literally being the best family in the world. I have taken for granted all of my life how wonderful my family is and how rare it is to have a stable family where we all love each other very much! Thanks for all of your constant support.
I´m studying right now a ton about atributos de Cristo em Pregar Meu Evangelho. It is amazing to me how perfect Christ is. There are so many things I need to change and improve still, and I am learning a lot from the example of Christ. There are about 9 Christlike attributes in Pregar Meu Evangelho I think, and all of them can be learned from studying the Atonement. I never noticed really before how Christ had such perfect faith in God, hope, charity, humility, obedience, etc. when he fulfilled this ultimate sacrafice. I love the doctrine and material of the gospel because there is always TONS more to study and learn. I will continue to learn for the rest of my life.

Obrigada Presidente,
Esta semana terminou ótima com a Conferência da Estaca com o reunião de satélite de Salt Lake. Eu AMO ouvir as palavras dos profetas. Mesmo que eu não lembre todas as coisas que eles falam em Português, eu amo sentir o Espírito que eles têm e aprender as doutrinas do evangelho em uma nova perspetiva. Eu quero sempre estudar e entender as palavras dos profetas.
Esta semana fomos para Franca para visitar Síster Castro, Síster Palomino, e Síster Ferreira. Síster Castro estava muito triste para ir embora logo, mas nós (incluindo ela) sabemos que é seu momento e que ela serviu uma missão excelente. Eu tenho muito respeito e amor para com Síster Castro e tenho aprendido muitas coisas dela. Eu fiz divisões com Síster Palomino enquanto Síster Hoggan saiu com Síster Castro e Síster Ferreira. Síster Palomino é maravilhosa. Ela tem um espírito muito calmo e tranquilo. Ela sabe as lições MUITO bem e ensina com seu coração. Me senti o Espírito Santo muito forte em nossas lições, especialmente quando encontramos alguns novos pesquisadores. Fizemos bons contatos também e tivemos um dia maravilhoso. Gostei de Franca muito e sei que tem muito potencial lá. Síster Palomino é uma líder muito amoroso e vai ajudar Síster Ferreira muito. Síster Ferreira já está fazendo muito bem e parece confortável na vida missionária. Tenho confiança completa nas três. Demos um treinamento sobre fazendo perguntas e ouvindo durante lições. Síster Palomino e Síster Ferreira não tem tanta experiência na missão mas têm o desejo forte para trabalhar e fazer a vontade do Senhor. Eu amo elas muito!
Nossa área em Campos Eliseos está bem e os membros estão continuando ajudar. Vamos continuar correndo atrás pesquisadores e buscando para novos. Tivemos alguns contatos bem chiques esta semana e estão sentindo o Espírito forte. Eu estou amando estudar e estou aprendendo coisas novas em meus estudos todos os dias. Pregar Meu Evangelho realmente é um livro inspirado por Deus, e tenho confiança completa em tudo que é escrito lá. Eu amo estudar!
Obrigada por tudo,
Síster Marchant
Thank President,
This week ended with great Stake Conference meeting with the satellite from Salt Lake. I LOVE hearing the words of the prophets. Even though I do not remember all the things they say in Portuguese, I love to feel the spirit they have and learn the doctrines of the gospel in a new perspective. I always want to study and understand the words of the prophets.
This week we went to France to visit Castro Sister, Sister Palomino, and Sister Ferreira. Sister Castro was very sad to leave soon, but we (including her) know that your time is and that she served an excellent mission. I have much respect and love for Castro Sister and I have learned many things from her. I did divisions with Sister Sister Palomino while Hoggan left with Sister and Sister Castro Ferreira. Sister Palomino is wonderful. She has a very calm and quiet spirit. She knows very well the lessons and teaches with his heart. I felt the Holy Spirit very strong in our lessons, especially when we find some new investigators. We made good contacts and also had a wonderful day. Franca liked very much and I know you have a lot of potential there. Sister Palomino is a very loving leader and will help Sister Ferreira much. Sister Ferreira is already doing very well and seems comfortable in the missionary life. I have complete confidence in all three. Demos training on asking questions and listening during lessons. Sister and Sister Palomino Ferreira is not so mission experience but have a strong desire to work and do the Lord's will. I love them too!
Our area is well Eliseos Fields and members are continuing help. We will continue chasing and searching for new researchers. We had some pretty fancy contacts this week and feeling the Spirit strong. I'm loving study and am learning new things in my studies every day. Preach My Gospel really is a book inspired by God, and I have complete confidence in everything that is written there. I love studying!
Thanks for everything,
Sister Marchant

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