Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello bonitas!
This week was very busy but very wonderful. First of all...we had three batismos esta semana! Finally the três meninas made it to the agua. We have been teaching them for quite some time now but the past two weeks they have really got their act together and prepared to be baptized. On Saturday, May 24th (two days before the day I was baptized :)) Geovanna, Bianca, and Mariana were baptized. Our Ward Mission Leader, the good ole Tiago, helped lots and it turned out to be a wonderful meeting. With 8 missionaries in one ward and a ward on fire for missionary work, there were lots of people eager to help. Debora sang a special musical number and Tiago conducted the meeting (for the first time in his life) and the Bishop gave an awesome testimony/welcome to the ward at the end. Then we had a nice little reception in the back with lots of good little treats and everyone stayed and talked lots.
This was great especially for our new investigator Sna. Anália. She is about 75 and the mom of a less-active. She had never been to our Church before, although her son was super active many years back. She agreed to come to the baptism last minute and liked it a lot. Now she has a baptismal date and is learning very quickly to get there. She said she has always wanted to visit our Church and really likes the good morals it supports, but has never had anyone to go with or to invite her in the past 10 years. We found this family actually looking for a different less active completely unrelated to them, but it turned out really great. I think her son Arnoldo will be a little harder to get to Church, but with the good example of his mom great things will happen! She came to Relief Society yesterday and said she wants to come to more next week but had a compromisso later on in the morning so she couldn´t finish the meetings. It is sometimes hard to find her em casa, but if she is home lots of days this week I think she could be next!
We also did divisions with Batatais this week. Those Sísteres are great and we had lots of fun. We had a bit of a scare coming home though. We were waiting at the bus stop in Batatais when an old woman alone came up to us and started talking to us really quietly. She looked really weak and tired and suddenly collapsed in Síster Hoggan´s arms! At that exact moment the bus (which only comes once every hour) showed up. Luckily there were lots of people close by to help out. There were two guys there with a car who helped her get in and took her to some hospital nearby. We were very blessed there was so many people there because we were in a foreign city and didn´t know anyone or anywhere to take her. It worked out well and just shook us up a bit.
Then we got on the bus and started on our way back to Ribeirão (about a 45 minute trip). We had just gotten to the outer limits of the city of Batatais when Síster Hoggan turns to me and says "I think I´m going to be sick". So we yell to the motorista to open the doors and we hop off at the last bus stop and the bus drives away. Síster Hoggan really was sick so it was good we got off...but our phone had died ealier and we didn´t know where we were. We started walking down the street looking for a supermarket or something to buy crackers and water and luckily found one really fast. We went back to the bus stop and another bus for Ribeirão showed up before long, and we finally made our way home. It was an interesting morning and one to remember, but in the end didn´t actually turn out too bad. We had our baptisms that day too so we were happy and safe. Síster Hoggan is feeling better already and we are going to be fine. What an adventure!
We continue to do contacts like crazy and have way too many people to visit. What problems we have in Brazil. We have trouble helping people keep commitments (especially coming to Church), but there are always TONS of people to visit and not enough times in our days! These days are zooming by and I am very happy. I am learning more about the Atonement and repentance and forgiveness lately. Elder Torgan said something very interesting about repentance when he was here. He said that none of the general authorities are perfect yet and they still sin, but the difference between the apostles and us is that when they make a mistake they repent istantaneously, and don´t hold on to it for anything. I want to learn to repent and forgive myself and others immediately, and to understand the Atonement better in my life. There are so many things I still want to learn and change about myself. Good thing I still have many months as a missionary!
Love you lots,
Síster Marchant

Obrigada Presidente!
Esta semana foi maravilhosa. Estamos tentando encontrar novos esta semana e temos MUITAS pessoas visitar. Fizemos muitos contatos com endereços então temos muitos pessoas contatar de novo em casa e compartilhar nossos testemunhos. Nossos números esta semana foi melhor e estamos animadas melhorar mais. Síster Hoggan e eu estão trabalhando duro e bem juntos, e conseguimos vencer qualquer problema rapidamente. Ela é uma companheira e missionária maravilhosa e estou muito abençoada estar com ela ainda. Estamos continuando aprender e crescer.
Tivemos 3 batismos em Sábado! Foi um dia cheio de amor e felicidade. Nossas três meninas, Geovanna, Bianca, e Mariana foram finalmente batizadas, tudo mundo no mesmo dia. Trabalhamos muito com elas para chegar neste dia, e elas estavam prontas e muito felizes. Foi uma reunião muito feliz e bem organizada. A ala, especialmente nossa líder da missão da ala, ajudou MUITO, e tivemos muitas pessoas para ajudar. Também tivemos um outro pesquisador Anália que gostou muito e está preparando para ser batizada próximo! Nós estamos vendo as bênçãos de nossa fé. Eu ainda tenho que ganhar muito mais fé em Cristo, mas cada dia aprender mais e amo Ele mais. Eu sei que com a Expiação de Cristo tudo é possível, mesmo que pareça bem difícil.
Fizemos divisões com Batatais B esta semana. Eu saí com Síster Sidon e Síster Hoggan saiu com Síster Kelly. Foi uma divisão muito boa. Síster Sidon é uma missionária de poder. Ela fala Português quase perfeito e está começando o programa de inglês agora. Ela ensina muito bem e tem um espírito calmo e feliz. Me sentia muito segura e alegre como a companheira dela e acho que ela seria muito boa com qualquer Síster. Elas começaram de nada em Batatais mas têm muitas pessoas visitar agora e estão fazendo uma obra maravilhosa. Foi um pouco difícil esta semana para elas ao elas buscarem uma casa nova, mas parece que elas encontraram uma boa e que tudo vai ser mais normal em breve. Fizemos um treinamento sobre fazendo perguntas de poder e pelo Espírito, porque nós duas sentimos como estávamos falando demais durante nossas lições. Tenho confiança que elas vão continuar melhorar e ter muito sucesso em Batatais. Elas são um bom exemplo para mim.
Estou muito feliz estes dias! Estamos estudando muito e trabalhando ainda mais. Eu sempre amo estudos e especialmente amo este programa de níveis de uma missionária de Pregar Meu Evangelho. Espero que eu consiga terminar o primeiro nível em breve. Vida é fantástico!
Obrigada por tudo,
Síster Marchant
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Thank you President !
This week was wonderful . We are trying to find new this week and we have MANY people visit. We made many contacts with addresses so many people have contact again at home and share our testimonies . Our numbers this week was better and we Animated improve more . Sister Hoggan and I are working hard and well together, and we managed to win any problem quickly . She is a wonderful companion and missionary and I am very blessed to be with her still . We are continuing to learn and grow .
We had 3 baptisms on Saturday ! It was a full day of love and happiness . Our three girls , Geovanna , Bianca , and Mariana were finally baptized , all the world on the same day . We are working hard with them to get to this day , and they were ready and very happy . It was a very happy and well organized meeting. The wing , especially our ward mission leader , helped A LOT , and we had many people to help . We also had another researcher who liked Anália and is preparing to be baptized next ! We are seeing the blessings of our faith . I still have to earn a lot more faith in Christ , but every day more and learn love Him more . I know that with the Atonement of Christ all things are possible , even if it appears very difficult .
We did divisions with Batatais B this week . I went out with Sidon and Sister Sister Sister Kelly Hoggan left with . It was a very good division . Sister Sidon is a missionary power . She speaks Portuguese and is almost perfect English program starting now . She teaches very well and has a calm and happy spirit. I felt very safe and joyful as the companion of her and think she would be very good with any Sister . They started from nothing in Batatais but have many people visiting now and are doing a wonderful work . It was a little difficult this week for them when they seek a new home , but it looks like they found a good and everything will be normal soon . We did training on asking questions of power and the Spirit , because we both felt like we were talking too much during our lessons . I am confident that they will continue to improve and be very successful in Batatais . They are a good example for me .
I'm very happy these days ! We are studying hard and working even more . I always love studies and especially love this program a missionary levels of Preach My Gospel . I hope I can finish the first level soon. Life is fantastic !
Thanks for everything,
Sister Marchant

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