Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Obriagado por tudo família! It was wonderful to talk to and see you all yesterday. Happy Mother´s Day once again Mamãe! You are looking so good and beautiful every one! I love you guys more than anything and am so grateful for your constant support. I will never take for granted the importance of family in my life. I am so blessed to have a family who is all active and going strong in the gospel. It is the best thing in the whole world! Thank you so much Mom and Dad for teaching us the gospel and showing us the way since the very beginning. I never wavered because you never did.
This week was absolutely wonderful. We had two meetings this week with an Area Seventy, Elder Moroni Torgan. On Thusday we had a training in our leadership council. It was composed of all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. He had us put the numbers for the zone of new investigators, investigators in sacrament meeting, and batismos on the board. He burned us a little bit (because there were a lot of unknown numbers) then taught us some great lessons and really built us back up. He talked a lot about excuses and repentance. He said that there is never any reason for excuses and that when we make excuses we are denying the Atonement and repentance. We need to be accountable for our actions and numbers and instead of responded with excuses (such as "our investigators are using their free angency against us!") say "I´m sorry my faith was not strong enough. I will repent and do better next week." He talked a lot about faith and told stories of how if we truly trust in the Lord we can baptize weekly. Christ has the power to do all things. If we have sufficient faith we can see the miracles daily and have success sem fim. I have been thinking a lot about faith lately and want to increase my faith to the point that I can completely rely on the Holy Ghost and devote every second of my time to the Lord. I know that improvement is a process and I am learning to trust more in the Holy Ghost daily.
At the end of the training he asked us to have a mini testimony meeting where each one of us spoke of what we had learned that day. The Spirit was SO strong and lots of us were in tears. It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life and gave me a completely new outlook on my work and priorities. I will be a completely different missionary because of this training. Elder Kimball was working in the escritório upstairs above where we were having the training and he said that even he could fear that something really special and amazing was happening down below. I am SO grateful for the opportunity to repent and learn new things from our leaders. I have complete confidence in Presidente Brum and all of our leaders aqui. They are a huge blessing in my life and lead us in righteous and power.
On Friday we had another training from Elder Torgan with three zones here in Ribeirão Preto. The Spirit was super strong again and we learned a ton. He taught us the qualities of a Celestial missionary and lots of new ways to find new investigators. I am excited to apply these things and to have the chance to continue to work hard in Campos Eliseos. We had two AMAZING lessons, one after each training, when we had the Spirit with us strong. I know that with Him we can do all things and truly change hearts. The only way to do this work is through the way of the Holy Ghost.
For those of you who don´t know, transfers were this week and...I am once again staying in Campos Eliseos! This is still my first area in Brazil and I love it to death. I am staying with Síster Hoggan and still living with Síster Casperson and Síster Rodriguez. As Síster Training Leaders we are only in charge of four duplas now instead of six, so we will have lots more time to work in our area. We also gained another dupla of elders in our ward! The zone leaders, Elder Pacheco and Elder Baker will be moving here too. With the office elders Elder Kimball and Elder Johnson, we will have 8 missionaries in one ward! Presidente said that this was the only ward in Brazil to have four sets of missionaries assigned. The Lord and the Presidente have a lot of faith in this area and our ward is on fire to help out as well. I am excited and ready to see lots of success here!
I love this area and love the work. Our Savior continues to shower lots of blessings upon us, especially when we have the Spirit extra forte with us. I know that this work is led by the Lord and that with Him all miracles are possible. I am excited to continue to find the elect in this bairro. This is the best job in the world.
Love you lots!
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente,
Uau, é difícil pensar que esta transferência já terminou! Ela foi tão rápida. Estou muito animada continuar trabalhar aqui em Campos Eliseos com Síster Hoggan. Há muito trabalho para nós fazer aqui ainda e estou muito grata por minha oportunidade ficar aqui nesta lugar que eu amo. Vamos ter muito mais tempo esta transferência e temos fé que vamos conseguir ter milagres e batismos.
Esta semana foi maravilhosa. As reuniões com Elder Moroni Torgan literalmente mudaram minha missão e minha vida. Eu aprendi tantas coisas importantes que quero aplicar em meu trabalho. Sei que preciso mais fé e confiança no Senhor e que com Ele tudo é possível. Quero rededicar me mesmo ao trabalho e ao Senhor. Esta tour da missão veio no momento perfeito. Sou grata que tenho ainda muito tempo usar as coisas que aprendi. Quero encontrar mais novos e provar minha fé mais. Não vai ser fácil ainda, mas minha visão é diferente agora e quero dar tudo para meu Salvador e Mestre.
Mais cedo na semana visitamos Síster Freitas e Síster Morales em Batatais. Elas estão fazendo muito bem. Parecem felizes e sabem como trabalhar com a ala. Eu saí com Síster Morales. Usamos muito tempo andando para encontrar pessoas, mas tivemos um milagre com um novo pesquisador. Estávamos batendo portos e encontramos uma mulher que falou que ela já falou conosco mas que ainda nós pudemos entrar e orar com ela. Ela continuou falar e explicou muitos coisas difíceis que aconteceram em sua família. Nós ensinamos o Plano de Salvação completo e ela chorou MUITO. O Espírito foi forte e foi uma experiência muito especial para nós duas. Síster Morales e Síster Freitas continuam ver milagres lá e estão animadas receber uma outra dupla para ajudar com a área grande. Acho que elas vão continuar ter muito sucesso. Damos um treinamento sobre planejamento diário e como elas podem usar seu tempo com mais sabedoria. Elas são missionárias muito fortes e dedicadas. Eu também falei com Síster Morales um pouco sobre seu estudo da língua. Mostrei como usar os recursos do CTM que ela tem e como dividir seus estudos para aprender mais coisas do que só aprendendo hinos todos os dias. Ela vai continuar melhorar rapidamente.
Estamos animadas trabalhar mais arduamente esta semana. Foi muito bom falar com nossas famílias e ver elas em skype. Só grata por este tempo cada seis meses e tenho um testemunho que realmente esta é a quantidade certa para falar com elas. Eu só MUITO grata por minha família maravilhosa e o apoio que elas sempre dá para mim. Sei que não é muito comum para missionários ter famílias quais são completamente ativas na Igreja e percebe ainda melhor a grande importância de famílias agora por causa de meus estudos e experiências aqui. Tenho muitos bênçãos do Senhor em minha vida e quero compartilhar elas com mais pessoas. Vamos continuar em fé! Precisamos encontrar mais pesquisadores para alcançar o ânimo da ala aqui. Vamos ter batismos esta transferência.
Muito obrigada por tudo e por seu exemplo para nós,
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President ,
Wow, it's hard to think that this transfer has ended ! She was so quick . I'm very excited to continue working here in Campos Eliseos with Sister Hoggan . There is much work for us to do here yet and I am very grateful for my opportunity to stay here in this place I love . We'll have much more time this transfer and we have faith that we will achieve miracles and baptisms .
This week was wonderful . Meetings with Moroni Torgan Elder literally changed my life and my mission . I learned so many important things that I want to apply to my work. I know I need more faith and trust in the Lord and with Him all things are possible . I want to rededicate myself to work and the same Lord . This tour of the mission came at the perfect time . I am grateful that I still have much time to use the things I learned . I want to find newer and prove my faith more . It will not be easy yet, but my vision is different now and I want to give everything to my Saviour and Lord .
Earlier in the week we visited Sister Sister Freitas and Morales in Batatais . They are doing very well . They seem happy and know how to work with the ward . I went out with Sister Morales . We use a lot of time walking to meet people , but we had a miracle with a new search . We were hitting ports and found a woman who said she talked with us but still we were able to come and pray with her . She continued talking and explained many difficult things that have happened in your family . We teach the Plan of Salvation and she cried VERY full . The Spirit was strong and it was a very special experience for us both . Sister and Sister Morales Freitas continue to see miracles there and are excited to receive another pair to help with the area . I think they will continue to have much success . We give training on daily planning and how they can use their time more wisely . They are very strong and dedicated missionary . I also spoke with Sister Morales a little about your language study . Showed how to use the features of MTC she has and how to divide their studies to learn more things than just learning songs every day. She will continue to improve rapidly .
Animated We work harder this week . It was very nice to talk to our families and see them on skype . Just grateful for this time every six months and have a testimony that this really is the right amount to talk with them . I just VERY grateful for my wonderful family and the support they always give to me . I know it's not very common for missionaries to have families which are fully active in the Church and even better realize the great importance of families now because of my studies and experiences here . I have many blessings of the Lord in my life and want to share them with more people. We will continue in faith ! We need to find more researchers to achieve the mood of the ward here . We will have baptisms this transfer .
Thank you for everything and for your example to us
Sister Marchant

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