Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello there fam!
I hope things are going great and are very cold where you are. Eat lots of vegetables and stay chilled for me. I miss those things.:) This week we have met some very interesting people. We started out with one of the best Restauração lessons de minha vida. We met a man named Rafael and his girlfriend Maria. She wasn´t very interested, but he was super interested and super inteligente. He understood everything perfectly, especially about apostasia and the need for a Restoration. When we asked him if he would pray to know it is true he looked at us directly and imediately said "Yes!" (in english). We invited him to get baptized and he said that he totally would when he gets an answer. We kind of had to rush out of there because Maria was getting impatient but we were super excited to go back and teach him again.
So we went back on Saturday and Maria answers the door. She says "nope, we´re busy, we already have a religion and don´t want to talk to you mais." Rafael is trying to talk to us in the background but we don´t get a chance to get his phone number or anything because Maria closes the door too fast. We are pretty sad about this one because Rafael really is an elect! I could see him getting baptized in two weeks if we had the chance to teach him. But, he has our number and one day he will remember us and call again. It was a good experience to see someone understand the first lesson so well and to be so excited about it. That is how I wish every first lesson would go in the beginning. He for sure is reading the Book of Mormon right now.
We also met another Maria yesterday. We were looking for alguns ex-pesquisadores in João Rossi when we made a contact with a Senhora Maria. She has back problems and mentioned that she had tons of things to do like ironing and making dinner and other chores. We were like, "well great! Lets go do your ironing for you" She resisted at first, but Síster Hoggan and I are really good at pushing our service on people, so we were able to go in and iron a bunch of clothes. It is crazy what Brazilians iron. Basicamente every single article of clothing that they have! I have never ironed jeans in my life but I learned how pretty well yesterday. I love ironing so it was really great for me and we had an opportunity to talk to her for a long time. She basically told us her life story. She had a horrendous childhood and said she has never felt what real happiness is like in her life. She said she had seen us entering her prédio to visit another family (Alesandra) várias vezes and had a good feeling about us. We were able to really bear our testimonies of the power of the Atonement yesterday and how there are wonderful, happy blessings waiting for her to discover. I am very excited to keep teaching her and think it will be easier to find her em casa. She is really needing the gospel in her life right now and will be able to see a new world through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
We as missionaries have so much to offer. I never realized how much knowledge we have in this Church. We know SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much about this life and the purpose of life and about our Heavenly Father. He has given us so much proof and so much explanation for everything that happened and will continue to happen. I love how everything in the gospel fits together so well. There are so many details and blessings from the true doctrine of Christ, and all of it fits together so well. Each commandment and teaching compliments the next and there are no contradictions at all in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This HAS to be His true Church! Where else can you get every single question of your life answered? There is no need to fear anything! God is in such control and will always take care of us. No matter what happens, everything will work out for our good in the end when we keep our faith focused on the Savior. I know that He lives and continues to lead His Church in righteousness. He is the only thing that matters. I love Him with all of my heart and want to do what He asks. I have many things to improve and change still, but I know that with Him, my tiny all can be enough.

Com um MONTE de amor,
Síster Marchant

P.S. Te amo muito muito muito pais:)

Bom dia Presidente!
Que batismo lindo! Síster Kunkel e Síster Sena tiveram um batismo de um homem solteiro esta semana que foi perfeito. Não sei se já visse alguém tão eleito como Jovelino. Ele não entende toda a doutrina perfeitamente e não lê bem, mas ele tem muita fé no Senhor e sabe as coisas importantes bem. Ele quer fazer qualquer coisa possível para seguir os mandamentos do Senhor. Ajudamos durante o batismo e muito nos domingos quando ele vai, então o conheço um pouco. Jovelino vai trazer muita felicidade e luz a esta ala.
Visitamos as Sísteres em Franca esta semana. Eu saí com Síster Kelly e Síster Hoggan saiu com Síster Palomino. Elas estão ótimas. Elas tiveram alguns batismos recentemente de uma família muito forte. Elas não têm muitos outros pesquisadores além deles agora então Síster Kelly e eu usamos muito tempo para encontrar novos. Senti o Espírito forte na divisão e senti guiada até casas prontas. Entramos muitas novas casas através de bater portas, mas não só bater todas as portas. Andamos uma rua até sentimos que uma casa foi certa e batemos lá. Encontramos muitas pessoas bem legais, e estou animada ouvir do progresso delas. Síster Hoggan e Síster Palomino usaram muito tempo para atualizar o Livro de Área. Isto é algo que significa MUITO para mim. Nas casa de todas as Sísteres eu sempre mostra meu amor para o Livro de Área, e as ajudamos a consertar ou mudar algo se necessário. Eu amo o Livro de Área! Se faço nada mais, quando sair uma área, meu Livro de Área será muito bonito. Síster Kelly e Síster Palomino são bem tranquilos e trabalham bem juntos. Elas têm alguns dificuldades com a obra (por exemplo com a ala e encontrar novos), mas conseguem vencer bem juntos. Vejo muito paz e felicidade na casa delas. Acho que as duas vão continuar ser rochas para a missão.
Tivemos uma noite familiar muito chique com um casal na ala (o Irmão Windor e a Irmã Girlaide) que foi muito excelente. Os membros foram perfeitos e acolheram o nosso pesquisador imediatamente. Quero ser um member como eles são quando não sou missionária.
Estamos animadas para a próxima semana porque sabemos que milagres estão prestes a acontecer. Oramos e jejuamos e sabemos que o Senhor nos ajudará a ganhar pesquisadores que vão progredir. Esta área tem muito potencial.
Amo servir com as pessoas aqui! As outras Sísteres e os membros da ala são maravilhosas. Espero que continue a ser tão bom aqui!
Obrigada Presidente,
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Good morning Chairman!
That baptism beautiful! Kunkel and Sister Sister Sena had a baptism of a single man this week was perfect. Do not know if I ever saw anyone so elected Jovelino. He does not understand the whole doctrine perfectly and does not read well, but he has great faith in the Lord and know the important things well. He wants to do anything possible to follow the commandments of the Lord. Help during baptism and many Sundays when he goes, so I know a little. Jovelino will bring much happiness and light to this wing.
We visited the sisters in France this week. I went out with Kelly and Sister Sister Sister Hoggan left with Palomino. They are great. They had some baptisms recently from a very strong family. They have many other researchers beyond them now then Sister Kelly and I used a long time to find new ones. I felt the Spirit stronger in the division and felt guided to ready homes. We entered many new homes through slamming doors, but not only beat all ports. We walked up a street feel that a house was right there and hit. We found many really nice people, and I'm excited to hear them progress. Sister Sister Palomino Hoggan and used a long time to update the book area. This is something that means a LOT to me. In the house all the sisters I always show my love for the book area, and help to fix or change something if needed. I love the Book Area! If you do nothing else when you leave an area, my book will be very beautiful area. Sister Sister Kelly and Palomino are very quiet and work well together. They have some difficulties with the work (for example with the ward and find new ones), but they can win together. See much peace and happiness in their home. I think the two will continue to be rocks for the mission.
We had a very chic family home evening with a couple in the ward (Brother and Sister Windor Girlaide) which was very excellent. Members were perfect and welcomed our researcher immediately. I want to be a member as they are when I am not a missionary.
We are excited to next week because we know that miracles are bound to happen. We prayed and fasted and know that the Lord will help us win researchers who will progress. This area has so much potential.
Serve with love the people here! The other sisters and ward members are wonderful. I hope it continues to be so good here!
Thank President,
Sister Marchant

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