Monday, September 15, 2014

What just happened?
Trasferências are here! After nine months juntas Síster Hoggan is officially leaving for the States. I cannot believe the time went so fast! I will be here for another few transfers that I am sure will ZOOM by as well. Sabe por que? I am staying here in Irajá! Woooo! Mais um pelo menos. And...I am companions with Síster Sperry!!! WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I could not believe the news. If I could choose transfers exactly how I wanted I would choose to stay here and be companheiras with the one and only Síster Sperry. I love her so much! I don´t know if you remember her but we passed Christmas togeher lá em Campos Elíseos. I have been dreaming of being companions with her since then. God has blessed me so much with transfers so far and I am stoked for these next few weeks. We are going to have so much fun and work super hard. One of the best things about being a Síster Treinadora is that you always have the best companions. We will also be living with Síster Jales again! It is really good to see her again and I know we will be able to help each other a lot. Sister Sena also ficou, which I am SUPER excited about. I love her to death. She is hilarious and makes me super happy all the time. This is going to be a very happy house and a very excellent transfer. I am ready to work hard.
Yesterday we visited Campos Eliseos again for Síster Hoggan to say goodbye to everyone. It was super fun and great to see everybody. The best part was visiting Analia. We baptized her the very last day we were in Campos Eliseos. She is absolutely adorable. She is getting old and has the beginnings of Altzheimers now, but she remembered us super well. We taught her from the beginning to the end. This week she said she was completely planning on going to church in the morning, but then started doing things and completely forgot until later and felt really guilty. She is so sweet, and we told her that God looks on her heart not on her mind. She is actually also moving to another city nearby so I will probably never see her again. It was so hard to say goodbye! I love her to death and felt very loved in her tiny home as well. If I changed anyone´s life in this country it was Dona Analia. I will never forget walking away from her gate and waving until the end of the street late last night. She is going straight to the Celestial Kingdom.
We found dear Clarisse again this week. We had taught her the Restoration about a month atrás, but then she was remodeling her apartment so we couldn´t go back for a month. We had kindof given up on her, but decided to go back one more time. She is amazing. She had been reading the Book of Mormon this whole time and still wants to learn more. She is almost always em casa então it will be really easy to find and teach her. She came to Church this Sunday! (see details below). I have never seen a mulher so beautiful and changed in my life. She cleaned herself up so well and looked like an angel when we went to pick her up. I really hope she and her family will continue to let us help her change her life.
I am excited to keep going strong! I love this place and I love being a missionary. Keep living the gospel strong and tell me lots of news!
I love you tons,
Síster Marchant

Olá Presidente!
Uau. Que semana ótima! Eu sou muita abençoada Presidente! Foi difícil ver Síster Hoggan sair. Eu a conheço agora melhor do que qualquer outra pessoa no mundo afora de minha família. Basicamente somos família agora. Eu a amo e sei que ela serviu até o fim com muito poder e honra. Eu sempre vou ser um missionária e pessoa diferente por causa dela. Muito obrigada por tanto tempo que tivemos juntas.
Eu estou com Síster Sperry! Isto é vida real? Eu estou tão animada. Eu a amo já e sei que está transferência será muito feliz com muitas milagres. Vai ser muito bom estar com ela em nossa casa em Irajá. Ela tem uma coração enorme e ajudará muitas pessoas aqui, especialmente Síster Jales e Síster Sena. Muito obrigada por esta oportunidade aprender dela e trabalhar arduamente. Ela está preocupada sobre a pé dela, mas cuidarei dela o melhor que eu sei. Além disso tudo vai ser ótimo, eu estamos muito animadas começar trabalhar juntas aqui.
Esta semana foi um pouco diferente ao ajudar Síster Hoggan terminar e arrumar tudo para ir embora. Não trabalhamos tanto, mas tivemos milagres ainda. A melhor parte foi que nosso pesquisador Clarisse visitou a Igreja pela primeira vez! Sábado a noite tudo estava caindo e ninguém ia na Igreja, e orei muito para uma milagre. Pai Celestial com certeza ouviu a  minha oração. Clarisse anda de cadeira de rodas e não gosta de sair, mas domingo da manhã ela ligou e queria ir! Arrumamos uma carona rapidinho e ela chegou lá lindíssima. Ela gostou e reparou que foi diferente do que qualquer outra igreja que ela já visitou. Ela tem muitas dificuldades para vencer ainda (como Palavra de Sabedoria), mas ela está lendo o Livro de Mórmon muito. Estamos animadas por ela!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President!
Wow. What a great weekend! I am much blessed President! It was hard to see Sister Hoggan out. I now know better than anyone else in the world besides my family. Basically we are family now. I love her and I know she served until the end with a lot of power and honor. I will always be a missionary and different person because of it. Thanks so much for so long that we had together.
I'm Sister Sperry! Is this real life? I'm so excited. I love her already and I know that is transferred will be very happy with many miracles. It will be great to be with her at our home in Irajá. She has a huge heart and will help many people here, especially Jales Sister and Sister Sena. Thank you for this opportunity to learn it and work hard. She is worried about her foot, but take care of her the best I know. Also everything will be great, I are very excited to begin working together here.
This week was a little different to Hoggan help Sister finish and pack up to leave. Do not work so hard, but we still miracles. The best part was that our researcher Clarisse visited the church for the first time! Saturday night everything was falling and no one was in the church, and prayed for a miracle too. Heavenly Father surely heard my prayer. Clarisse walks wheelchair and does not like to leave, but Sunday morning she called and wanted to go! We arrange a ride real quick and she got there beautiful. She liked it and noticed that was different than any other church she has visited. She has many difficulties still to overcome (as the Word of Wisdom), but she is reading the Book of Mormon too. We are animated by it!
Thank you,
Sister Marchant

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