Monday, November 17, 2014

Date: 11/17/2014 12:12:31 PM
Subject: Semana de milagres e milkeshakesssssssss...
Boa tarde minha família linda,
What a wonderful week I have had before my eyes! It started out with a great FHE (if you haven´t done it yet recently or at all this year, call your missionaries and tell them you want to host a FHE at your house for any investigators that they have, or better yet invite your own friend/neighbor! The missionaries would die of happiness) in João Rossi. Their little front room/kitchen was bursting with gente and we were all squeezed in on the ground and in every available cranny. That is the way it is supposed to be.
Then the next day way had Conselho de Liderança with everyone. I love those meetings so much. I always feel the Spirit so strong and feel super motivated to go out and give it my all again. They just keep getting better and better. At the beginning I honestly was super intimidated by them but now after about 6 conselhos I am one of the oldies. I feel way more comfortable now to make comments and feel somewhat worthy to be amongst so many important people. The organization of the mission truly is remarkable. This is such an inspired organization. I know that the Lord is leading this work.
We did some practices about the Restoration and talked about how to have more effective first lessons, especially when we do contatos de oração (make a contact and just offer to say a prayer with them but then actually sneak in some really inspirational doctrine of truth afterwards). Right afterwards we went to visit Brianda´s family. She was the only one home but it turned out to be possibly the very best Restoration lesson of my life. She cried and we cried and were just full of the Spirit and happiness. This lesson actually was never supposed to happen because she had texted us earlier saying that she wasn´t actually able to meet that day, but we didn´t get the message until we were already there in her prédio. We got there at about 4:15 and she had to leave at 4:30 but we got started with just a little introduction and teaser and she got so excited and asking so many questions that we didn´t leave until 5:30. She is very smart and has been visiting many churches and searching for the truth for a long time. She understood apostasy and continued revelation really well and said she always wondered why everything good should stop in our day after Christ. In the middle of the lesson she said "Eu sou da Igeja dos Mórmons!" and hugged the pamphlet! She is a spunky little thing. In the middle of the lesson também, her paster called and said he wanted to come visit the next day...didn´t see that one coming. She has had a super busy week so unfortunately has canceled a few of our compromissos for the rest of the week, but we are really looking forward to visiting her whole family again this week. I have never been so happy and jubilant after a lesson. Síster Sperry e eu were jumping up and down and just couldn´t stop talking about it, so we had to go get milkshakes (you would be surprised how delicious these little baby milkshakes are here). I keep thinking that this is too good to be true and I really hope I don´t get trasfered now. We´ve only taught her one real lesson but have huge hope that she will progress into much more. Now the only question is that her husband is a famous tattoo artist...
We also met an amazing new investigator named Edilene. She actually lives in Irajá but stopped the Elders in the Centro to ask for help with English. How convient that both of us are Americans here. Worked out great. (we are really using our engilsh skills a lot lately). We visited her real fast saturday morning to get to know her a little bit and she invited us back sunday night. She actually made us this feast of chicken and potatoes and pinapple juice (you would not believe the homemade fruit juices they have here. To die for), and then we started teaching the Plan of Salvation. She has a crazy backstory. About two years ago her 15 year-old daughter died of cancer. Then shortly after her husband went crazy and divorced her so now she is living alone and feeling very alone. She said she is searching for purpose in life and doesn´t know at all what to do with her future. She started out last night by saying, "Alight I have a really hard question for you and you probably don´t know the answer but I want to know what you girls think, Where do we go imediately after death? Is there a waiting period or do we go straight to heaven?" Well my dear, we have all the answers that your heart could desire. We taught her the whole Plano de Salvação with our little gravurinhas and beared our testimony strong. It was a really neat experience because once again the Spirit was super forte and we could feel help from heaven. It was really cool for me because Edilene said that when she looks at me I remind her of her daughter Marcela and that she could feel her presence in the room when we taught. Edilene and Brianda jokingly (but not) said that they feel like they have known us for a super long time. Quem sabe...It is an honor to be here as a servant of the Lord for these wonderful people. I LOVE teaching intelligent people who understand what we teach and have real, honest questions. This is such a wonderful place to be.
Síster Sperry also gave a talk this week that was super great and the church was stuffed full of people. Better frequency than we´ve had for a while. It was a very sucessful week.
Love you,
Síster Marchant

P.S. Another Irmã took us out to this super chique health shake place today called HerbalLife. Ever heard of it? It was a very interesting experience. I´ll tell you about it when I have more time, but honestly the shakes were pretty good. There has got to be some secret combinations going on there...

Boa tarde Presidente,
Tivemos uma semana ótima. Não ensinamos muitas lições, mas as lições que ensinamos foram ótimas. Tivemos duas das lições mais espirituais de minha missão esta semana. A primeira foi com a Brianda, e foi terça-feira depois o conselho quando ligamos para o senhor. Ensinamos a Restauração para ela e ela chorou e perguntou tantas coisas que não conseguimos falar suficiente rápido. Ela tem uma família linda e um desejo muito sincero e real para saber a verdade. Eu já achei muitas vezes que aquela família é boa demais ser verdadeira. Espero MUITO que tudo dê certo e que consigamos visitá-la muito mais. Sentimos que já conhecemos Brianda faz muito tempo. Foi uma milagre aquela lição porque ela ligou antes para falar que nosso compromisso não daria para ela mais, mas não recebemos a ligação até estávamos entrando o prédio. Decidimos ir mesmo e tudo ficou perfeito. A Síster Sperry e eu estávamos gritando e abraçando com alegria depois no elevador. Que dia perfeito.
Também encontramos um novo pesquisador de ouro. Se chama Edilene e mora sozinha. Duas anos atrás a filha dela de 15 anos morreu de câncer, e logo depois, o marido dela separou dela. Ela estava escondendo muito tristeza e falou que está buscando propósito na vida. Ensinamos o Plano de Salvação para ela, e ela chorou e falou que ela sempre acreditou isto mas nunca achou uma lugar que explicou como explicamos. O Espírito foi forte e ela disse que podia sentir que isto é o que a filha dela quer para ela. Eu amo ensinar o evangelho verdadeiro. A primeira vez que as pessoas ouvem a verdade é tão gratificante.
Fizemos uma divisão aqui em Irajá. Eu saí com a Síster Sena e a Síster Sperry foi com a Síster Bezerra. Elas são missionárias ótimas. Síster Sena ainda parece jovem para mim e tem medo de algumas coisas, mas estava disposta a tentar qualquer coisa comigo. Achamos uma família de menos ativos/não membros que foi uma milagre e mostrou para nós duas que o Senhor realmente está vigiando a gente. A Síster Sena está muito bem. Eu não gosto de pensar que algumas áreas são mais difíceis do que outras, mas a área delas é realmente muito mais fechada, e é difícil entrar casas e encontrar novos porque quase todas as casas são de interfone e ricas. Nossa área não é como assim. Mas ainda conseguimos ensinar algumas lições muito boas e me sentia o Espírito muito forte com ela. Eu amo a Síster Sena e amo ver de fora as maneiras que ela está progredindo e mudando. Ela realmente já é uma pessoa diferente e mais forte do que quando chegou aqui em Irajá. Eu sirvo com as melhores Sísteres.
Obrigada para tudo! O conselho foi ótimo e bem tranquilo. Gostei bastante aprender e desfrutar o Espírito que sempre está lá. Me sinto muito abençoada por todas minhas experiências aqui na missão. Sei que o senhor molda nossas missões individualmente para nossas necessidades e como podemos ajudar as pessoas mais. Vida é boa.
Até quarta!
Síster Marchant
English Translation (not very good this week)
Good afternoon Chairman,
We had a great week. We teach many lessons, but the lessons taught were great. We had two of the most spiritual lessons of my mission this week. The first was with Brianda, and it was Tuesday after the board when we turn to you. Restoration to teach her and she cried and asked so many things we can not talk fast enough. She has a beautiful family and a very real and sincere desire to know the truth. I've often thought that this family is too good to be true. I hope it all works out MUCH and we can see her more. We feel we already know Brianda long ago. It was a miracle that lesson because she had called earlier to say that our commitment would not give her more, but did not get the call till we were entering the building. We decided to go the same and everything was perfect. The Sister Sperry and I were screaming and hugging with joy after the lift. What a perfect day.
We also find a new prospector. Called Fabiana and lives alone. Two years ago her daughter of 15 years died of cancer, and soon after, her husband away from her. She was hiding much sadness and said he is seeking purpose in life. We taught the Plan of Salvation for her, and she cried and said she always believed this but never found a place that explained how to explain. The Spirit was strong and she said she could feel that this is what her daughter wants for her. I love teaching the true gospel. The first time people hear the truth is so rewarding.
We did a split here in Irajá. I went with the Sena and Sister Sister Sister Sperry was with Heifer. They are great missionaries. Sister Sena still seems young to me and afraid of some things, but was willing to try anything with me. We find a family of less active / non-members it was a miracle and showed us both that the Lord is really watching us. The Sister Sena is fine. I do not like to think that some areas are more difficult than others, but the area is actually much more of them closed, and it is difficult to enter and find new homes because almost all the houses are rich and intercom. Our area is not as well. But we can still teach some very good lessons and I felt the Spirit so strongly with her. I love Sister Sena and love seeing out the ways that she is progressing and changing. She really has a different and stronger than when you arrived here in Irajá person. I serve with the best Sisters.
Thanks for everything! The advice was great and very quiet. I liked enough to learn and enjoy the Spirit that is always there. I feel very blessed for all my experiences here in the mission. I know you do shapes our individual quests for our needs and how we can help more people. Life is good.
Until Wednesday!
Sister Marchant

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