Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello there you guys in your cold life,
Síster Sperry and I say that we know we are doing a good job when we feel like we are just floating along from appointment to appointment. That is how I was feeling this week just floating through without a worry in the air. We teach and do contacts without stress and without freaking out about what time it is in each place or what we are doing wrong. It makes missionary work quite enjoyable and we are still able to grow and improve without focusing on anything bad that is going on. It all will turn out alright in the end! Síster Sperry is so wonderful and a great example to me. We are learning together and becoming the people we want to be.
This Brazilian culture is making me a lot more relaxed and easygoing. On a mission it is really easy to get stressed but now I think I am figuring out not to care about the little unimportant things so much, especially the parts of life that I have no control over. I hope I can keep that part of this culture with me when I go home.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am greatly missing all the thanks going around as well as Aunt Jalane´s banana cream pies, choosing between light and dark meat, the universal nap after lanch, playing cards past midnight (with five layer PBandJ´s at times), turkey football, and the family movie trip each friday. There are just some traditions that should never be changed. Enjoy Thanksgiving tons and don´t let these traditions die! Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite holiday of the year. It is sad that the day passes here just like any other day. Celebrate extra hard for me this year.
I am thankful for so many things in my life, especially for YOU my great family! I am so grateful for a traditional, stable family. That is such a rare thing in the world. I could count on one hand how many missionaries I know here who have a normal family with a father and mother married and without any wayward kids. Thanks so much for all you do and for always supporting me. You are very rare in this world and bring me so much joy! I always have forces to keep going because I know you are cheering me on and loving me no matter what. Family is the most important thing in this world.
Clarice is ótima. It just never ceases to amaze me how wonderful she is. This next Sunday will be the Primary Program in our ward. Clarice is now bringing her two grandkids to church every Sunday, Kaué (4) e Kauan (7). They are little firecrackers. But they love church (especially now after a few weeks) and are loving Primary. Clarice says that by tuesday or Wednesday each week they start asking her, "Are we going to your church tomorrow?" They are hard to deal with in Sacrament Meeting but are super cute. We were able to print off on of the songs for them and Clarice is practicing with them in her tiny house all the time. It is the cutest thing. We have practiced with them a few times too and they are learning the words well. They will be great up there next Sunday.
Our amazing investigators have been really sick lately so we have not been able to visit them as much as we would like. There are a lot of bugs going around. But don´t worry, I´m feeling great right now. I have been really blessed and lucky on my mission to have very few health problems, which is super rare out here, especially for sisters. The Lord is protecting us and taking care of us. I am very lucky to be here and to be doing well for so long. I have huge trust and faith in the Savior that He cares about even our smallest needs and desires. He always answers our prayers. Even for you.
Love you,
Síster Marchante

P.S. Our wonderful Bishop Caio gave us a little surprise this week. He told us to come to the chapel real fast Thursday night because he had a gift for us. When we got there he gave us 4 and the elders an entire tube of peanut butter! We screamed with delight. Our bishop is wonderful and super funny. I am very grateful for the chance to serve in this ward. There are so many wonderful members. It makes a HUGE diference the relationship that we have with the members. Even if the work is not exploding with baptisms and visible success, if the ward members are happy and greet us excited each week it makes it all worth it. Please greet your missionaries with love and do what they ask whenever you can. A simple ride for an investigator is often very difficult to find and can bring much peace and tranquilidade para os missionários.

Olá Presidente,
Esta semana fizemos uma divisão muito boa com as sísteres em Bebedouro. Eu saí com a Síster Morales e Síster Sperry saiu com a Síster Serdoski. Eu estou cuidando a Síster Morales quase todas as 7 meses que estou uma Síster Treinadora e a amo muito. Ela está mudando e melhorando com cada divisão e é muito mais forte do que ela acha. Ensinamos algumas lições boas e conversamos muito sobre a dupla dela e como elas podem trabalhar em mais união. Eu amo estas sísteres tanto. Vamos voltar lá de novo a próxima semana para ver como as coisas e todas as 4 sísteres estão. A Síster Auna é uma ótima missionária. A Síster Sousa está melhorando bastante e é um pouco preocupada sobre sua saúde, mas está feliz com a Síster Auna. Vida é boa.
Em Irajá coisas são boas e normais. Na verdade muitos de nossos pesquisadores estão doentes então não conseguimos visitar todos. Porém, temos ótimos pesquisadores como Josiane. Visitamos ela sábado e ela teve muitas perguntas difíceis e ótimas. Foi bem legal ver alguém que tem tanto interesse e sede ouvir a verdade. Oramos e jejuamos que ela vai ler e orar. Temos fé que muitos milagres estão para vir aqui em Irajá. A ala está pronta para receber as pessoas eleitas.
Também estamos fazendo muitas reuniões familiares com as famílias aqui. Tem um rodízio agora em João Rossi onde uma família diferente tem a reunião em sua casa cada semana. É uma ótima oportunidade trazer pesquisadores e menos ativos. Esta ala é maravilhosa.
Obrigada Presidente!
Síster Marchant
Translation Into English
Hello President,
This week we made a very good division with the sisters in Trough. I left with Sister Morales and Sister Sperry came out with Sister Serdoski. I'm taking care of Sister Morales almost every seven months I'm one Sister trainer and love her very much. It is changing and improving with each division and is much stronger than she thinks. Teach some good lessons and talked a lot about double it and how they can work more unity. I love these sisters both. Let's go back there again next week to see how things and all 4 sisters are. The Sister Auna is a great missionary. The Sister Sousa is improving a lot and is a little worried about his health, but is happy with Sister Auna. Life is good.
Irajá things are good and normal. In fact many of our researchers are then patients can not visit all. But we have great researchers as Josiane. We visited her Saturday and she had many difficult and great questions. It was really nice to see someone who has so much interest and thirst to hear the truth. We pray and we fast it will read and pray. We have faith that many miracles are to come here in Irajá. The wing is ready to receive the elected people.
We are also doing a lot of family reunions with families here. Has a rotation now in John Rossi where a different family having meeting in your home every week. It's a great opportunity to bring researchers and less active. This wing is wonderful.
Thank you President!
Sister Marchant

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