Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello, hello,
This was a pretty normal week. Nothing too crazy happened. But then as a missionary there is no such thing as a normal week. Divisões went really well and everyone is em paz just working along. We have some great sísteres, and I love serving and getting to know them. 
The big news of this week was that we found two new families! One was a contact knocking doors. We went back saturday and taught the Restoration which went really well. The father was actually not super interested and was making jokes half the time, but the mom was really focused and was almost defending us lots of times. They have a 22ish year old son who is really quiet but seems pretty interested too. I really think they will read the Livro de Mórmon and pray. The only problem is that they work DEMAIS and are only available weekends, and this next weekend they will be out of town. They will have a slow progression but I think they really will progress. If you don´t have about Valdir, Josiane, e Eduardo for a few weeks don´t worry, they should be alright.
We also visited for the first time Brianda e Márcio. Brianda actually stopped us a few weeks ago in the supermarket and asked us to come by. They are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. Márcio is a famous tatoo artist so they have tattoos all over their bodies and live in a really chique apartamento. They also have a 1 and a half year old son, Thor, who is one of the cutest kids I´ve seen in this whole country. They are some of the kindest most open people I have ever met. I have never seen a couple treat their son so well. Everything he does is adorable to them and they treat him with such love. They are a huge example to me. It is interesting because their tattoos and few peircings don´t seem to fit at all. They never smoke or drink or go to parties and are very religious. They are super kind to everyone (for example, they gave us dinner last night after our lesson and were inviting literally every person who walked by their apartment door to come in and eat with us) and want to help in any way possible. Síster Sperry is even planning on taking her family to stay in their "city flat" when they come out to visit Brazil. They are sincerely searching for truth and have visited many churches but haven´t felt completely satisfied in any one specifically. I don´t really know how this is going to work out, especially because Márcio´s entire profession and all of their income is contrary to the prophet´s counsel, but I think we are going to be able to bring a lot of light into their lives. They don´t know what they are missing, but I think will understand quickly and really try it out. We´re going to have to teach them very gently, but I am excited to keep visiting them.
Life is good. We are always tired and full of good Brazilian food (especially desserts, every house we enter likes to feed us cake). I believe that this transfer is just going to float by in hot bliss. Yes, vish! some of these days have been smoking hot. Next time you go out in the cold and think "wow, my body is a bit chilled right now", think of me and be grateful your clothes are not soaked in sweat. But you know, I think it goes along with the warm Brazilian welsoming. We are able to enter lots of doors asking for water! We literally do that at almost every house we knock on. Things aren´t scary anymore. We have been through a lot and it doesn´t phase me to knock on any single door or talk to any hooligan in the street. João Rossi is always an adventure!
Love you lots. Keep up the good work livin your life right and know that I am happy and safe.
Feelin good,
Síster Marchante

Olá Presidente!
Esta semana foi tranquila e normal. Tivemos muitas milagres e estamos muito felizes trabalhar aqui em Irajá. A liderança desta ala é muito boa e eles estão ajudando a gente bastante.
Fizemos uma divisão em Bebedouro esta semana. Eu saí com a Síster Auna e a Síster Sperry saiu com a Síster Sousa. Foi uma divisão muito boa. Conversei muito com a Síster Auna e a ajudei sentir-se melhor sobre seu progresso na missão. Acho que é muitas das Sísteres não conseguem ver a diferença que já aconteceu em se mesmas e nas vidas das outras pessoas durante suas missões. Todas delas estão mudando tanto, e é importante focalizar nas coisas boas que estão fazendo. Fizemos uma lista juntas depois do almoço (almoçamos em uma restaurante) de todas as coisas que aprendemos na missão, e demorou muitas páginas. Nosso progresso nunca termina! Foi bom para nos duas. A divisão foi muita boa e ensinamos algumas lições ótimas. A Síster Auna traz o Espírito muito rapidamente. Ela ensina e lidera com muito amor. Ela está ajudando a Síster Sousa em maneiras incríveis, e elas estão muitas felizes juntas. Foi difícil ir embora de lá!
Nossa área melhorou bastante esta semana. Achamos duas novas famílias que são inteligentes e escutam bem. Também planejamos projetos de serviço e várias reuniões familiares com membros e menos ativos na ala. Sempre tem pessoas para visitar e coisas para fazer. Eu amo esta área. A Síster Sperry e eu estamos muito felizes estar juntas!
Obrigada por tudo!
Síster Marchant
English Translation:
Hello President!
This week was quiet and normal. We had many miracles and we are very happy working here Irajá. The leadership of this wing is very good and they are helping us a lot.
Made a division Trough this week. I left with Auna and Sister Sister Sister Sperry came out with Sousa. It was a very good division. I talked to Sister Auna and helped her feel better about your progress in the mission. I think it's a lot of Sisters fail to see the difference that it has happened in the lives of themselves and others during their missions. All of them are changing so much, and it is important to focus on the good things they are doing. We made a list together after lunch (lunch in a restaurant) all the things we learned in the mission, and it took many pages. Our progress never ends! It was good for us two. The division was much good and taught some great lessons. The Auna Sister brings the spirit very quickly. She teaches and leads with love. She is helping Sister Sousa in amazing ways, and they are many happy together. It was hard to leave there!
Our area has improved greatly this week. We find two new families who are smart and listens well. We also plan service projects and meetings with various family members and less active in the ward. Always have people to see and things to do. I love this area. The Sister Sperry and I are very happy to be together!
Thanks for everything!
Sister Marchant

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